5 Most Effective Instagram Business Tools in 2020

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At SUEVU we cover all things social media. That said, this list has all of the best Instagram business tools lined up for you. These can help you as a brand or influencer on Instagram to completely dominate 2020.

Instagram Business Tool #1. Upleap

Upleap was recommended to us by a few of our industry friends. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed as it topped our best Instagram business tools list.



Upleap Helps You Grow Your Audience

Upleap matches you with a dedicated account manager that helps you get more Instagram followers. In our case – we wanted more readers that loved social media.

To avoid confusion, our dedicated account manager was a real person that simply liked photos on our behalf.

Why Upleap is One of the Best Tools To Grow Your Instagram

We picked up about 2000 followers in a little under a month, which is actually really surprising, considering we didn’t have much content, to begin with.

Our account also received a lot of engagement and even met a few of our new SUEVU writers!

We don’t expect every brand, influencer, or casual ‘grammer to see exactly the same results we did, but it feels like there’s lots of potential in this one.

Who is Upleap Actually For?

We thought about this one carefully… we think it’s for a lot of our readership, but not for casual users that don’t really care about growing their audience. You should be using them if:

  • You’re a business trying to grow your target audience
  • You’re a (micro)influencer looking to drive engagement to your profile
  • You simply want to get more out of Instagram (follows, engagement)
  • You want to grow your Instagram but don’t want to use anything malicious



Our SUEScore is…


We’re giving Upleap a crisp 5 out of 5.

They’re at the top for a reason and we absolutely love their service. It’s definitely one of the best Instagram business tools of the year.

We’d say the best part was not having to constantly worry where our next quality follower would come from.

Where You Can Sign Up to Use Upleap?

There’s a massive free trial button directly on their website, and you can try their service for free without entering your payment details.

They have plans that start as low as $39 per month (we were signed up to the $69 plan though).

A quick Google came up with some coupon sites, so you can probably subscribe even cheaper than we did (woohoo)!

If you’re looking for the best Instagram business tools, we’d say Upleap is la crème de la crème. Try it, or feel free to read our review of their service.

Instagram Business Tool #2. Bio.fm

Bio.fm is something people use in their biographical descriptions across social. What’s the deal with Bio then?

With Bio.fm, you’re able to direct your profile visitors to a separate landing page, and that landing page has multiple calls to action. It’s that simple!

Thousands of brands worldwide use bio.fm and it’s super simple to set up.

Best use cases include e-commerce (if you want to push them to multiple products). But if you frequently use the words “link in bio” in your captions, well – Bio.fm is totally for you.


It’s free but has limitations

There are loads of perks to using Bio.fm, like being able to share multiple links at once and add URLs to your Instagram posts.

The problem it faces is that it’s an extra step to your marketing funnel. This means that your Bio.fm page needs to look top-notch for you to really qualify your website visitors.

Is it one of the best Instagram business tools around? We think it is.


We’re giving it a 5/5 because it does serve a great purpose that makes people’s lives easier. We’d say its one of the handiest tools for Instagram business out there and it’s free to use.

You can sign up for free directly from their website.


Instagram Business Tool #3. Kenji

Kenji is an Instagram bot which helps you get more followers, likes, and engagement. You don’t need any technical knowledge to set it up even though it’s powered by artificial intelligence.

Kenji - Instagram business tool for gaining followers

Why Kenji is The Ideal Instagram Business Tool for You

  1. It works on any device: Kenji can be accessed from any device. You don’t have to install the software
  2. Its targeting is smart: you can use Kenji’s unique HyperTarget feature to mix and match your favorite hashtags.
  3. Cutting edge technology: Kenji uses artificial intelligence to maximize your social media presence.
  4. Performance data: You have access to clean, clear chars that track your Instagram account growth on a daily basis.

You can try Kenji free for 3 days.


Instagram Business Tool #4. Later

We only put Later below Upleap because they’re…already well known among our community. We can say they share the top spot, okay? A few quickfire facts about Later:

  • They recently became an Instagram Marketing Partner so you know they mean business.
  • They used to be called Latergramme so you have probably heard of them before or even used their platform
  • Later is hands-down the number one solution for scheduling posts on your Instagram.



Why Later Is Definitely The Instagram Business Tool For You

Well to put it bluntly – it’s free, and it offers so much that there’s literally no reason to not at least try it out! What you can do with Later includes

1) scheduling your posts on Instagram and auto-publishing them

2) keeping track of your comments with Later Conversations (you’ll need a paid tier for this one) 

3) Search & Repost existing content on Instagram

4) Drag & Drop Media to post in a clean user interface.

But Later moves way beyond just Instagram. You can now manage your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest posts too.

For Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook you’re able to schedule 30 posts per month on the free tier, with 50 for Twitter.

It’s arguably one of the most useful social media tools you can find.

It Doesn’t Cost a Dime

Prices for paid tiers range from 0 bucks (yes, there’s a free forever plan) all the way up to $49 smackaroos per month. It totally depends on your needs.

Our SUEScore is…


Working with Later is a no-brainer – if you take your Instagram remotely seriously you should be looking at using Later.

Just like Upleap, Later is a huge timesaver.

As a reminder – they’d be top of our list if they weren’t already so popular (whether that’s a legitimate reason to put them in second, we’re still not sure!).

Signing Up Takes A Few Seconds

They’ve streamlined their login process so you can pretty much just sign up in 30 seconds. It’s a simple web-based app and super easy to use. They have a native iPhone/Android app too should you want to use it on mobile.

Instagram Business Tool #5. VSCO

VSCO is a hashtag you may have seen all over your Insta feed. They’re one of the most successful brand hashtags around (#vscocam). What you need to know:

  • It’s a photography app that lets you take and upload photos – and then add/edit presets (filters, really).
  • It lets you share your photos around social media.
  • VSCO stands for “Visual Supply Company” – the name of the company that launched the app back in 2012 (yes, it’s been around that long).

VSCO Homepage

Who’s it for?

VSCO can be downloaded for free by anyone and everyone, but their target audience is most likely photographers. But don’t let that scare you away – it’

s used by millions of people worldwide. And needless to say, not all of them are shooting pics for National Geographic mags.

Our SUEScore is…


VSCO is great, but it isn’t crucial to your success on social. Some aspects of the app are monetized (like their presets). Nevertheless, some of the presets are really worth it. And these presets are usually subtle and don’t ruin your photos.  Overall, VSCO is a different way to photo share socially. We like it and tout it as one of the most original Instagram tools around.

VSCO is one of the Best Instagram Business Tools Worth Trying

It’s a good app. Plain and simple. There are some limitations with privacy (everyone can see your profile, for example).

It’s not really a utility-based app, meaning it’s not there to make your life easier. Rather, VSCO is there to prettify your work and it’s a great addition to your mobile photography stack.

You can get it for free from the App Store or get it directly from their site.


These Were Just Some Of The Best Instagram Business Tools – There Are Plenty More…

As we said, our list of what we think are the best Instagram tools definitely isn’t exhaustive!

Upleap and Bio.fm jointly top our rankings and we definitely recommend them first, especially if you’re looking to grow your Instagram account properly.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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