Top 5 Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms – 2019 Update

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In this post, I will review my top 5 Influencer Marketing platforms. Influencer marketing has been on the rise. Therefore, tools are being launched to adapt to the necessities of different clients and audiences.

After very precise research, I’ll be explaining my top 5 in terms of price, quality of data, user-friendliness, and features.

Here are the top Instagram influencer marketing platforms


It hasn’t been easy to choose my favorite Influencer marketing platform. However, after checking all their plans and features, I believe this is the best platform I have tried so far.

First, Heepsy has a free plan. With this, you can have an idea of how the platform looks.

You can use the category and location search to see the number of results that have that specific search options.

I found this very useful because it shows you how many influencers each area and niche has.


  • Largest number of influencers available: 7 million with more than 5K followers.
  • Useful filters: You can find influencers by location (country, city and/or county), category, engagement, number of followers…
  • Hide business accounts: Hide those profiles in case you don’t want to contact them.
  • Insightful metrics: Detailed graphs inside the report about follower growth, follower/following ratio, engagement, etc. You don’t need to know much about analytics because they are well explained and easy to read.
  • Post metrics: To see the cost per post and brand mentions in their content.
  • Contacting influencers: You can find their contact information with the highest plan.
  • Social channels: You can see if the influencer has a channel on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Lists: You can create lists that are very visual and download them in csv or xls.
  • Affordable: They offer plans for every budget, a local business or a multinational company. They also have prorations and you can cancel at any time.


  • No free trial of their paid plans. You always can try their free plan to have an idea of what Heepsy is.

Heepsy - Instagram influencer marketing platform


2.Aspire IQ

If your focus is on offering plans for large companies rather than small and big businesses, Aspire IQ is for you.

Even though it has a high number of influencers, the numbers are fewer than those of Heepsy.


  • Good CRM system to communicate with influencers.
  • Analytics: They offer analytics like engagement, follower attribution, comment sentiment, top-performing, etc.
  • Export data: Like Heepsy, you can export data to send it to the team.
  • Post tracking: Automated post tracking across all platforms.


  • Expensive plans: It doesn’t have the option of proration, and you need to request a demo first.
  • Finding quality influencers has been difficult. So if you are looking for a specific niche, this might not be your platform.


AspireIQ - Instagram influencer marketing platform




Upfluence has become very popular over the years because it is an all in one platform. This means that inside the platform, you can do almost everything you expect to do about influencer marketing.

It still hasn’t convinced me due to the following:


  • You can search for influencers on many platforms: Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, etc.
  • You can search for influencers based on keywords like Heepsy or AspireIQ.
  • They have 3 million influencers, which is a lot, but still less than Heepsy. Their influencers start at 1K followers.
  • You can communicate influencers inside the platform.


  • Bad customer service: We have read on different websites that their customer service is not great.
  • Only annual plans: They don’t have monthly plans and their plans are expensive. You also need to do a demo first.
  • Not user-friendly: It seems to work badly with devices that are not computers.


Upfluence - Instagram influencer marketing platform


This is an easy-to-use Instagram influencer marketing platform with lots of metrics and features you need for influencer marketing.

It also has good visual graphs that make the analysis easier. To use Hypeauditor, you can pay as you go via credits or with a plan. Credit gives you access to a report for a year.


  • In-depth data analysis and audience of the influencer: You can see the gender, language, age, if it is a person or a brand, etc. You also can see audience authenticity.
  • You can also target the right audience by search by location, audience size or audience gender.
  • Basic metrics: You also can filter by engagement, brand mentions or audience quality score
  • Contact influencers: They provide contact information of influencers.


  • Inaccurate metrics: Some metrics on different reports seemed very different from what you can see on Instagram.
  • Plans are more expensive: Here, you can’t see the plan for a business plan, because you have to contact sales. If you want to get the Starter Plan, you have to pay $299, wherein other plans like Heepsy, paid plans start at $49.
  • Some of the features that could be on other platforms easily, are in the highest plan.
  • Less intuitive than other platforms. Sometimes you get lost with the number of buttons and types of search they have.


Hypeauditor - Instagram influencer marketing platform

5. MightyScout

The last platform I will be reviewing is MightyScout, an Instagram influencer marketing platform that was launched several years ago.


  • Notification of posts: You get notified if the influencer that you are collaborating with has uploaded a post. That way you can find out if the influencer is posting early or late in terms of the campaign
  • Analytics: You can check reports with insights like engagement, comments or media value. Good metrics, but not as advanced as others, that is why I prefer to use Heepsy
  • Search based on categories: Like Heepsy, it can help you find influencers based on a field. However, it doesn’t offer other search filters like engagement rate or location. On the other hand, it offers an engagement calculator
  • Monthly plans: The monthly plan starts at $499


  • Plans for small companies: It seems that they don’t offer plans for small businesses or startups.
  • A low number of influencers: Since they don’t have that many, it seems difficult to select the most suitable ones for a campaign.


MightyScout - Instagram influencer marketing platform


As you can see, there are many options to creating an influencer marketing campaign. I just selected my top 5, with Heepsy being the best solution I have found so far.

The fact that it is a platform with 7 million influencers, advanced metrics, and affordable plans makes it the best solution overall.

Have you tried any of these ones?

Do you have another option that you prefer? Let me know!


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