Snapchat Ads You Can’t Skip

Snapchat is awesome. While Snap Inc. recently had issues with their recent redesign – they also recently announced a revamped Snapchat Spectacles. One of their latest iterations are Snapchat ads – ones that you potentially can’t skip:

What’s the fuss with Snapchat Ads

They work, they’re great, and they look native. But sometimes people don’t want to consume ads and simply want to watch a few Snapchat stories. Unskippable video ads may become an issue. On May 15th, Snapchat began running ads you couldn’t skip, promoting major advertiser content like the new Deadpool film.

According to Digital Trends, Snapchat sees “six seconds as the sweet spot” for both the user and the advertiser. What this could mean for Snapchat ads is that you’re not going to be able to skip a video ad for at least six seconds.

While the time seems a minuscule trade-off, we may expect a small backlash from already disgruntled users.


Our Viewpoint about Snapchat Ads

Nevertheless, we’re sure many understand the need for Snapchat to monetize, especially after Instagram allegedly *ahem* copied some of their features. The platform is still unique, Snapchat ads are different to other types of ads you’ll find on other social networks, and they seem far more fun.

Snap Inc also recently opened up their ad platform’s doors to self-serve advertisers, allowing users to get started easily with modest budgets.

Time will tell!

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