Snap Inc.’s ‘Spectacles’ are now available everywhere

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You heard it here first – you can now get your Spectacles for Snapchat directly from Snap Inc – and they’re awesome!

What’s new with Snapchat Spectacles

What’s new with them since the last version? Well, they don’t look silly, they look pretty cool actually (although that’s subjective). Your spectacles can now take photos, and uploading your snaps is a simple and seamless process. Clips transfer in HD as well, and you can connect your Spectacles via its own native WiFi network. This means it’s faster than ever and takes a mere few seconds to import a clip.

They cost a little more ($20 more if you’re in the US) but that’s a markup probably worth paying if you’re a serial snapper.

You can also dive with them in shallow waters, the specs on how deep you can go aren’t known. If you ever do find out your Spectacles’ breaking point, let us know.

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They also charge wirelessly (magnetically).

Snapchat Spectacles – Our Verdict

Overall, we think the new Snapchat Spectacles are fun to use, they look snappy (and you get way less weird looks than before). Recording clips that are more than 10 seconds are a pain, as you need to keep pushing the record button. Understandably, they’re still Snapchat only.

4 out of 4 SUEScore Rating

Snap’s Spectacles are a definite upgrade to its predecessor, so we’re giving it a 4 out of 5. There are still some kinks to iron out, but that’ll come in good time, right Snap Inc.?



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