Facebook Clear History Feature is Coming Soon

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Good news to all the privacy buffs of social media. Facebook recently announced at their F8 conference that there’ll be a new privacy feature in town. Users will be able to take advantage of a Facebook clear history feature. This new feature is similar to what you’re typically able to do with your internet browser.

Privacy is now at the center of social media debate. Zuckerberg made it clear that he understood that privacy was a core priority for every social media user. This seems to be a direct response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The feature was recently listed on Product Hunt by a Product Hunt employee. Unfortunately, contributors were less than pleased.

“Erm, why is this ‘product’ listed on ‘Product Hunt’ when it’s neither available, working, or launched?”

Another user commented about the new Facebook clear history feature:

“Why do they even have ‘off Facebook’ data? Who allowed them that? Oh yeah, we probably did…”

While the more tech-savvy lament or critique Facebook’s every move, increasing privacy measures are very welcome. Facebook have made a great move here pre-GDPR.

What Happens When You Use the Facebook Clear History Feature

As it stands we can only speculate what happens. Assumingly, by clearing your history you’ll be able to make sure Facebook no longer “knows” certain aspects of your life. Facebook won’t know what your interests are. The Facebook clear history feature will come at a trade-off, though. Advertisements tailored to you will be less relevant than before. One Product Hunt marketer specifically mentions this too:

“For myself, awesome. As a marketer: welp, there goes my business analytics.”

Whether you like seeing relevant ads is an entirely different issue, but the new Facebook clear history feature will certainly be welcomed by many!

Expect roll out in a couple of months, with other social media tools likely to follow suit.

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