Facebook Fundraiser Features Have Been Updated

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Fundraising has never been easier! Facebook recently announced new Facebook fundraiser features that help you make a bigger impact on causes that matter.

Facebook Fundraiser Updates

Updates to the Fundraiser function on Facebook include being able to set up specific categories for fundraisers. You’re able to choose what your fundraising activity is about and justify why your fundraiser matters. More options means your fundraiser will be more specific and telling of the cause.

You can also match donations to nonprofit fundraisers and Facebook has eliminated the fee on all fundraisers. A philanthropic social media platform indeed. So much so that every fundraising event receives maximum support in the form of keeping all the funds.

Facebook Fundraiser Availability

Currently, the fundraiser feature is only available to citizens in the U.S. This is likely to change in the near future with a pending global rollout.

Social good is important, and we’re glad to see Facebook take it seriously. Perhaps the tradeoff will be the death of websites like gofundme, although we doubt it.

More announcements came from Facebook’s recent F8 conference, including the addition of a privacy-focused Facebook Clear History feature.

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