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Why Linktree Doesn’t Matter Anymore And What To Use Instead

I’m always on the lookout for new Instagram tools. So, as someone who creates a lot of online content on a daily basis, I was very intrigued when I first learned about Linktree. Linktree is a free tool that you can use to create a landing page of links to your most recent content. Instagram only allows one link in your profile’s bio section. So, I often find myself struggling to decide which link I want to promote: Should I post a link to my latest blog post or link my audience to my YouTube channel?

With this application, all you have to do is create a Linktree page and add links to your most recent content. From there, you can add your Linktree URL to your Instagram bio. When people click on this link, it takes them to a landing page filled with links to your online content.

This is a very useful concept if you’re a blogger, YouTuber, or other content creator who markets themselves via Instagram. However, it’s possible that this platform is not really necessary. In this article, we’ll give you the rundown on this tool. We’ll fill you in on its key features, pricing options, and its pros and cons. You’ll also learn about a few better alternatives to using Linktree.

Linktree: The Basics

According to Linktree’s website, their platform strives to provide a space that “let[s] your content live longer than the feed.” In a nutshell, Linktree provides you with a bio link that leads to a landing page. This page includes links to all of the content you want to drive traffic to. Despite the drawbacks of using this tool, it’s a great concept for those who create new content on a regular basis.

linktree home page

With Linktree, you can give your Instagram followers a one-step method for discovering all of your most recent content. You can share links to your recent blog posts, YouTube videos, event invitations, your website, and more. Linktree also allows you to share links to your other social media profiles as well.

One of the most positive aspects of Linktree is that it’s easy to use and manage. All you have to do sign up, choose a theme and paste your URL links. You can easily change the order of the links using the drag and drop function. With this function, you can put your links in any order that you want.

Linktree’s Plans and Pricing

This tool can be used for free for an unlimited amount of time. They also have a paid plan that offers a variety of additional features. Let’s take a deeper look into Linktree’s plans:

Linktree’s Free Plan

Linktree has a Free Plan that gives you access to its basic functions. There is no limit to how long you can access the free plan. On Linktree’s Free Plan, you can enjoy unlimited links for your personal Linktree. You can also view how many times each of your links has been clicked.

Linktree’s Free Plan also allows you to personalize your accounts. It gives you the option to choose one of Linktree’s themes. You can also upload a personalized or branded profile photo. Linktree also allows you to integrate Amazon affiliate links with your Linktree page.

Linktree’s Pro Plan

Linktree also has a Pro Plan that you can access for $6 per month. With this plan, you can take advantage of all of the Free Plan’s features. You’ll also enjoy additional features like priority support, more themes to choose from, and post scheduling. With this tool, you can also use the Leap Links feature to temporarily direct your audience to a particular link that you’re promoting.

For users who are focused on building their email lists, Linktree’s Pro Plan allows you to capture your visitors’ email addresses by integrating your email or newsletter signup form. You can also track the daily traffic of each link. If you have links that are more important than others, you can highlight them with priority links. Linktree also allows you to retarget your visitors using Facebook’s Pixel ID.

The Pro Plan also offers a few different options for personalization and branding. Not only are there more themes to choose from, but you can also remove Linktree’s logo from your tree. You can also customize the title, colors, button designs, and fonts included on your Linktree. The Pro Plan also allows you to add thumbnails to each link.

The Downsides of Linktree

With so many positive aspects to mention regarding this tool, it can be difficult to understand why you don’t need it. However, there are several downsides and better alternatives to using this tool. Here are some things you should consider before making a Linktree account.


While Linktree’s Pro Plan gives you a few options for customization, if you want to stick to the Free Plan you won’t have these options. One of the biggest complaints that people have about this tool is the lack of variety amongst the backgrounds. If you have a certain color or image that better represents your brand, you won’t be able to use it with the Free Plan.

linktree background theme options
Photo Courtesy of Lipstick and Pixels

Another issue with Linktree’s Free Plan is the fact that their brand’s name and logo will be present on your profile. If maintaining a consistent brand across all of your platforms is important to you, then you’ll have to purchase Linktree’s Pro Plan. With Linktree, you also give up the opportunity to showcase your domain name in your bio. Because there are several alternatives to using Linktree, it doesn’t make sense to sacrifice your branding.

If you purchase the Pro Plan, then you won’t have to deal with as many branding issues. But, I’d suggest checking out a few free alternatives before investing in Linktree.


Like with any third party Instagram tool, issues with reliability and longevity can raise a few concerns. At one point in 2018, Linktree abruptly stopped working. For those who relied on Linktree to generate traffic for their content, this was a huge inconvenience. Many users feared that Instagram was banning or blocking the tool.

The good news is that Linktree was back up and running within a short period of time. However, this outage reminded many Linktree users that Instagram has the power to block or ban this application at any moment.

Lost Website Traffic

Another downside to using Linktree is the chance that it could cost you some of your website traffic. It’s no secret that Internet users tend to have a short attention span. When a user clicks on your Linktree URL, there’s no guarantee that they will follow through and visit your website. In those instances, Linktree gains website traffic, but your own website doesn’t.

You can also lose website traffic if your Linktree link doesn’t work (this happens often!). And, because Internet users tend to have a short attention span, they will likely lose interest if the first link provided doesn’t work.

Creating a landing page filled with links from your own domain is relatively easy to do. You can include this link in your Instagram bio and have the traffic come directly to your domain. This way, you’d gain website traffic whether they click through to your content or not. Getting more traffic to your domain will improve your website’s SEO and help you to gain more organic traffic over time.

Analytics and Lead Tracking

If you’re a marketing professional who relies on data from analytics and lead tracking, Linktree can throw off your numbers. When deciding on which channels are bringing in the most traffic, it’s important to know exactly where your website’s traffic is coming from.

Using Linktree causes a break in your analytics. With Linktree’s Pro Plan, traffic from your Linktree can be filed under “Social” in Google Analytics. However, with the Free Plan, this traffic will be listed under “Other.” In this case, you won’t be able to tell how much traffic is coming from your Instagram audience. This information is very important if you need to know how well your ads are performing across the web.

With Linktree’s Free Plan, the only information you’re given is the number of clicks that each link on your tree receives. The Paid Plan offers a variety of additional options for accurate lead tracking, but, in my opinion, it’s not worth it. You’re better off using a free alternative that provides more detailed analytics or a landing page on your website.

Why People Like Linktree

Linktree was the first tool of its kind that allowed Instagram content creators to showcase more than one link in an easy format. Linktree’s design is simple and easy to navigate. For people and brands who don’t have their own websites, Linktree provides a space to display links to their online content in one place.

Despite the many downsides of using Linktree, you probably still see many people recommending this tool. For those who don’t understand the simplicity of creating a landing page, Linktree seems like a needed tool. However, we have a few suggestions for more cost-efficient options for sharing your content links.

The Best Linktree Alternatives

If your brand has its own website, then you already have everything you need to create your own “Linktree” without paying for this service. You see, Linktree is nothing more than a landing page. It’s relatively simple to create your own Instagram landing page hosted directly on your website.

In order to do this, you need to first make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Then, you can create a blank page that isn’t linked on your website. Finally, you can create a design for your landing page and add your links. It’s a good idea to keep your design simple and easy to navigate. When you’re done creating your landing page, you can add the link to your Instagram bio!

If you’re already paying for a registered domain and website hosting, then you can create this landing page at no additional charge.

Use Instead of Linktree

If you don’t have your own website, or you’re not comfortable with creating your own landing page, is a great alternative to Linktree. This platform allows you to share links to your YouTube videos, Twitter feed, blog, or other online content with one link.  This is a completely free service that offers a better design and similar features in comparison to Linktree.’s landing pages are easy to customize. With this tool, you’ll have access to dozens of blocks and styles. It’s easy to capture your brand’s unique style with You can rearrange your content links by dragging and dropping the blocks. is easy to use and easy to set up. My favorite feature is “display latest media” setting. When you choose this option, your latest content will be magically updated to your Bio,fm page.

Whether you choose to create your own landing page using your website or to give a try, you’ll enjoy an easier and more cost-efficient alternative to using Linktree.

The Final Verdict: Linktree Doesn’t Matter Anymore

After reading this article, I hope you have a better understanding of why Linktree doesn’t matter anymore. When this tool first came onto the scene, it was the first of its kind. While Linktree served a great purpose in its prime, most of us began to notice that Linktree is nothing more than a landing page.

With easy website builders like Wix and Squarespace, it’s relatively simple to create your own landing page. Creating your own Instagram landing page gives you complete control over the branding and traffic.

If you insist on using an online service for your Instagram landing page, there are better options than Linktree. I gave you an example of my personal favorite, but there are a few other good platforms available.

Linktree itself isn’t a bad tool, but I would stick with the free plan, especially if you’re already paying for your own domain. With so many free options available, there’s really no need to pay for a service of this type.

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