How Often To Post On Instagram

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It’s important to understand the Instagram algorithm and how often to post on Instagram to increase your engagement.

Especially if you are a brand or influencer, it’s vital to understand your audience to get the best results and sales!

In this article, we’ll talk about all the ins and outs of how often to post on Instagram.

Be Consistent

The most important piece of advice is: be consistent with how often to post on Instagram.

You might be tempted to post ten times one day when you’re releasing a new product. This is a great idea! However, it won’t work out so well if you usually only post three times a week.

If you want to increase or decrease how often to post on Instagram, then definitely do it gradually.

Your followers, as well as the Instagram algorithm, will get used to your posting style. Too many or too little posts will confuse both your followers and the algorithm and change your stats! This won’t be good for your numbers or your business.

So above all, be consistent with how often you post to Instagram.

Quality Over Quantity

With that being said, the next best tip is to post quality over quantity.

It doesn’t matter how often you post if all of your posts are unappealing, low-resolution, disengaging photographs.

These days, your Instagram game relies on aesthetic. That needs to come miles before figuring out how often to post on Instagram.

For example, Instagrammers that post twice or three times a week still have amazing engagement despite the infrequent posting schedule.

@withlovelinh Instagram account

@Withlovelihn has only posted four times in March. Four! However, she has amazing engagement and her posts get about 16% engagement compared to the average 5% on Instagram these days. It should definitely be your priority on Instagram to post quality images less often than average photos more often.

Always make sure your feed reflects what you stand for as an Instagram account. When people visit your page for the first time, they’re going to be impressed by your images first, rather than how often you post on Instagram.

How Often To Post On Instagram?

With all that said, how often should you be posting on Instagram?

Well, many studies have shown that the optimal amount to post on Instagram is 1.5x per day.

By that, they mean some days you post once, and other days, you post twice.

An Instagram post now has a lifespan of about 2-4 days, compared to the previous 72 minutes when the chronological feed existed.

When you post on Instagram, the algorithm will push your post for a few days, so posting once a day is perfectly optimal.

Of course, you can post more on some days to give your page that extra boost and noticeability throughout the day. This is a particularly good idea if you are releasing a product, working with a brand or doing a series of posts on a certain topic.

Posting once or twice a day is best for your individual posts. It’s important to know how often to post on Instagram to give your individual posts the best chance of being seen. This is often the selling point for photographers and artsy accounts who would rather have their individual pieces noticed than overall engagement.

However, the story might be a little different for brands.

Know Your Audience

While the optimal amount to post on Instagram is different for brands, influencers and your every day Instagrammer, one thing remains the same: know your audience.

Tip: Switch to a business profile to get insights into the activity of all your followers. With an Instagram business account, you can see when your followers are online, depending on the time and day. You can also see how many impressions each post gets compared to the likes and comments it gets.

For example, with the Instagram business profile, you might discover that your followers are relatively active all day. In this case, you could post a couple of times throughout the day for really good engagement.

But each Instagrammer needs to test this out for themselves as everyone has a unique audience with unique Instagramming habits. So, test how often to post on Instagram before you commit to a consistent schedule.

As A Brand, Take Risks

At the end of the day, as a brand, your aim on Instagram is to sell your products.

To do so, you need to takes risks. You need to stand out from the crowd. You need to do something a little crazy.

Take your time to experiment and find the best marketing technique that works for you.

While you’re at it, take some leaves out of other brand’s books. What works best on Instagram?

For brands, it’s a little different than it is for artists and influencers.

@fashionnova Instagram

For example, the popular brand Fashion Nova has over 15 million followers.

Guess how often they post each day. 30 times! Thirty!

It’s true that defying all of the Instagram rules and stereotypes might just work for you.

Fashion Nova clearly has very active and interested followers. Therefore, posting this often definitely works for them.

Although one post might get more likes, posting throughout the day brings an overall bigger amount of likes, interaction, and impressions to their brand. Ultimately, this helps them sell their products since they are actively online all day long.

For sure, if you’re struggling to get your brand out there, test with how often to post on Instagram and try this technique.

Of course, build up to it. Start by posting twice a day, then three times, until you see a big difference in your Instagram posts and sales.

One More Secret Before You Go

Surprise, we have one more Instagram secret before you go! Clearly, you’re trying to figure out how often to post on Instagram. We have one more tip to try.

This graph was posted by Dash Hudson.

Posting Frequency vs. Reach

Posting Frequency vs. Reach

This graph shows a lot of valuable information.

  1. The more often you post, the less reach your individual posts get. You can see the red line decreasing as you upload more posts, each one gets less reach.
  2. However, the more often you post, the more overall reach your account gets. If you post 5 times a day, your account might get 5 times as much attention as opposed to posting once a day.

For a brand, this graph is extremely helpful as it proves that posting more often might be the best way forward for your sales.

This is a very complicated aspect of being an influencer or brand on Instagram. It’s difficult to figure out how often to post on Instagram but with all of this information, you have lots of tips and tricks to try over the next few weeks!

If something doesn’t work out, don’t worry. You can just try something new next time!

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