Create An Amazing Instagram Username

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There are over 1 billion Instagram users, so it’s safe to say that a lot of the good Instagram usernames are already taken. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a brilliant name to use on the app! We’ll help you create an awesome username for your account.

Good Instagram Usernames

As mentioned, a lot of the good names are already taken. We’ll cover some of the best Instagram usernames and what makes it good.

@aspynnovard Instagram

Of course, the easy option is to use your full name! It’s on-brand and lets your account be a collection of your personal moments. If you’re wanting to post about all aspects of your life, use your name. This works especially if you have a unique name, like @aspynovard. However, if someone has the same name as you, you can easily add in your middle initial or even the year you were born after your name.


On the other hand, you can always add a ‘.’ in your username to use your full name. The ‘.’ is a lot cleaner than using an underscore (_) so if you are going to use a symbol in your name, we recommend the period.

@maeves_waves Instagram

Of course, you want your Instagram username to be memorable. @maeves_wavesmade her username rhyme! If you’re able to incorporate a rhyme or alliteration, or another memorable technique, into your username, you’re in for the win!

@urbanjungleblog Instagram

Above all, a good Instagram username is one that relates to the pictures on the account. As pictured here, @urbanjungleblog took what they literally do and made it into their username. It keeps everything on brand, so whether you’re a company, artist or influencer, make sure your username matches your work.

Another great idea is to combine your name with another word. A lot of great Instagrammers go for this trend because it’s both personal and easy!



@bethsbookshelf Instagram

Hopefully, these good Instagram usernames have started to inspire you for when you’ll create your own! If not, stay tuned, because we have plenty of more tips.

Look At Your Theme

To create a good Instagram username, you need to look at your theme, your brand, your work. Of course, if you create photos only about plants, then you would look great with a plant related Instagram username!


This Instagram account is dedicated to plants, therefore, their username @plantthatplantis perfect. Plus, it’s easy to remember because of the alliteration and easy-to-say username.

So whether you dedicate your Instagram to plants, food, books, traveling, architecture, or even socks, choose a username on brand.

Get Creative

Because there are over 1 billion people on Instagram, it’s hard to find the exact username you want. It’s likely that someone already uses it. However, now is your chance to get creative with your username! In order to do so, dust off your thesaurus, because we’re about to look for alternatives.

For example, the username @booksandtea was already taken so Elizabeth looked up another word for books: “tomes”.

Thus was born the Instagram account, @tomesandtea.

@tomesandtea Instagram

Within your brand, find other words that suit your content. Or you could even find a popular phrase and change words within it to fit your brand.

For example, there’s a popular phrase “Keep Your Chin Up”. All you’d have to do is change the word “chin” to something that suits your account. Try “Keep Your Travel Up” or “Keep Your Plants Up” and you have a memorable and unique username.

As you go about your daily life, trying to create a good Instagram username, notice the little things around you and let them inspire your new account!

It’s super fun to get creative with this first step on Instagram.

Be Clear

This is almost as important as being on-brand: be clear.

It’s so important that your Instagram username is clear, easy to pronounce and uncomplicated.

A lot of people clutter their Instagram username with symbols and numbers and all things confusing. Not only is a username like this difficult to remember; it makes their account impossible to grow because no one can remember their username.

Existing Instagram usernames that are not clear:

  • dj_harry_1919. This has too many underscores and numbers.
  • b__070. This has two underscores in a row which is hard to determine because on Instagram they merge together to look like one. This makes it difficult for people to search their account.
  • books.theworldof. Not only is there an unnecessary period in this username, but the phrase is also backward which makes it hard to remember.
  • okurgezeruyurr. This name is pretty much impossible to pronounce.

Those usernames are great examples of what not to do. The more complicated your username, the fewer followers you will gain.

Good Instagram Usernames For Business

If you’re starting a business, Instagram is arguably one of the best places online to promote your business. It’s a great tool for free marketing since hashtags and the discovery page can help expose you to a lot of new people and customers!

Of course, when creating a business Instagram account, you want to have a great username.

The number one thing to do is to make sure that the business name you’ve come up with is actually available on Instagram. It would be very frustrating if you created your business name and logo only to find that it wasn’t available on Instagram.

Of course, you can add “shop” or “studio” or something like that to the end of your username, but it’s a better look if you are able to simply have the name.

@breathofyouth Instagram - names their category in their username

On the other hand, you might prefer adding on another word to the end of your Instagram username that clarifies what your business actually is. For example, @breathofyouthclothingadded the word “Clothing” even though the username @breathofyouth is available. This helps new followers to know immediately what the account is for.

Brands like Nike simply use their business name, rather than adding an extra word like “store” or “equipment”. It makes for a cleaner, more on-brand, look.

@nike Instagram - simple username

Creating a business Instagram name is just as fun as creating a personal Instagram username. You can really think out of the box since your products will speak for themselves and help secure your brand.

@tumbleandrose Instagram

Think Outside the Box

When creating a brand name, you can really do whatever you like. In fact, it’s a popular trend right now to choose two unrelated words and use them as a shop name. For example, Tumble & Rose has done just that. You wouldn’t know by that username exactly what Helen creates but with her great products and awesome brand awareness, Tumble & Rose becomes memorable to her customers. So when creating your brand name, try linking two words together!

Another good idea is to whip out the thesaurus again! You want to be clear, of course, but you also don’t want to be basic.

For example, instead of “travel goods”, this company has created a synonym of each word. Their company is called “Atlas Supply”. Atlas, of course, implies travel because you use an atlas to get around. “Supply” is just another word for “stock” or “goods”.

@atlassupply Instagram

Therefore, the company sells versatile travel backpacks, perfect for anyone on the go!

With all these tips, you’ll create a good Instagram username in no time! Be creative, clear and of course, use a thesaurus to stand out amongst the 1 billion people on Instagram.

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