Leading Instagram Growth Services to Try in 2020

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A strong Instagram presence is essential to any successful brand, business, or individual. But, you already know that, so I’m going to cut to the chase and show you how to get there. Three words – Instagram growth service – that’s what you need.

If this term is new to you, don’t worry, I’ll explain all about it in a minute. I’ve picked out a few of the best ones in the biz and laid them out for your convenience. Our top pick is Nitreo, which is the best growth service we’ve tried.

Coming in close second is Upleap, which has been around for years but still going strong.

KENJI is a new entrant since their recent update. Other honorable mentions include Kicksta, Ingramer, and a few others.

What are you waiting for? If you want to read more about our top picks, read the heck on!

An example of an Instagram growth service

What are Instagram growth services?

An Instagram growth service helps its customers increase the number of their followers. Many different companies are doing this, and they employ various strategies. However, the goal is always the same – more followers, more engagement, more reach.

“Wait a second, buddy. Are you talking about buying followers?”

No, not at all. 

This is a completely different game. Bought followers are usually bots, and Instagram can recognize that and get your butt banned. If you’re serious about your account, don’t ever do this.

Top Instagram Growth Services of 2020

What’s the best Instagram growth service of 2020? 

That’s a tough one. 

There are many companies out there and their strategies can differ a lot, so figuring out which one is the greatest is an individual matter. Here are my top six picks. Give them a look and see which one you like the most.

Best Instagram Growth Service – Nitreo.com

Nitreo is one of the most prominent Instagram management services currently on the market. Thousands of users join it every month for help with growing their accounts. Karen covered Nitreo in-depth with a Nitreo review article which you can read here.

It has a reputation of being very secure, and they’ve even created their own APIs so nobody can find out that you’re working with them. Also, it’s an excellent choice for those who want to waste as little money as possible.

A screenshot of the best Instagram growth service


They’re attuned to their user’s requests, mentioning a quick response time on their homepage. Story views, likes, comments – Nitreo’s got it all.

The setup is quick and so smooth that even your grandma could do it for you. Unlike many other IG growth services, Nitreo does not have a free trial. Before you start frowning, wait, know that they’ll provide you with a money-back guarantee if you end up being unsatisfied. You don’t see that often these days, trust me.

Runner Up – Upleap.com

If you like having someone tending to you all the time, then Upleap might be the Instagram marketing service for you. We covered this service before with an Upleap review that you’re able to read if you please!

They offer personalized attention via a dedicated account manager that’ll do all the dirty work for you. The company claims that it can help users achieve 300% faster growth. Not bad, eh?

Similar to many such services, Upleap finds and engages with real accounts. No spamming or fake followers involved. No matter if you’re trying to build a personal, business, or any other type of account, these guys can deliver the goods. 

Here’s how Upleap works 

You sign up and receive an account manager. Then, by joined forces, you’ll work out a list of hashtags, competitors, and similar brands that’ll get you those sweet, juicy followers. Once the manager has all they need, your work is done. Go back to posting your regular content, and watch your account grow.

Upleap’s smart targeting uses any resources it can to boost your engagement.

A cool thing it does is view your target audiences’ IG stories so that your account seems like an active follower.

a screenshot of an organic instagram growth service called Upleap


When your audience receives notifications from your account, it generates exposure for your brand and encourages your target audience to visit your profile. If they’re impressed by your content, then they’ll likely follow you and engage with your posts.


Another key element to Upleap’s Instagram growth hacking abilities is its audience targeting features. Depending on which Upleap subscription you choose to sign up for, you can target your ideal audience based on a variety of factors including:

  • The hashtags they use
  • The users they already follow
  • Their location

Using these criteria to find your target audience on Instagram helps your account manager to make the most of the that he/she spends interacting with users.

Upleap only targets users that are likely to follow and engage with you on Instagram.

Additionally, Upleap provides fast organic growth without jeopardizes your Instagram account’s status. You see, Instagram has several guidelines in place regarding how many interactions you can perform from your account on an hourly basis.

With Upleap, you won’t have to worry about crossing these boundaries and having your account flagged.

This tool can help you increase your followers over time!

It’s been tried and tested by several top brands including BMW, Gold’s Gym, and Ikea.

KENJI.AI – An affordable Instagram bot

Humans are overrated. Present-day AI can do the job of an “real” Instagram manager faster, more efficiently, and without restroom or coffee breaks. Kenji employs such technology to grow people’s Instagram accounts, and it sure brings results.

KENJI has a machine learning algorithm that gets more sophisticated with time. The more it watches your account, the more specific its targeting gets. It learns which accounts to follow when to engage, and it never wastes time on users who aren’t interested in your niche.

How KENJI Works

As for setting up, KENJI is super simple to use. You go to their website, sign up, and connect your IG profile with it. You don’t even have to download a separate app, as Kenji can be used directly in the browser. 

After you sign up, set your preferences so the algorithm can target the right accounts. Besides the conventional niche targeting, this service offers hashtag and location targeting too.

You can use KENJI from any device, so it’s a convenient option for Instagram users on the go.

Unlike a lot of popular Instagram bots on the market, KENJI doesn’t require you to download any extra software or servers. You can use it directly in your web browser! And it picks up new followers for your Instagram account by working day and night to interact with your ideal audience.

The tool offers many features including hashtag targeting, location targeting, and more to help you gain more followers in no time! You can keep track of your Instagram growth with the clean, clear charts that Kenji provides.

Just like Upleap, KENJI doesn’t waste time targeting users with no interest in your niche. Its focus is on targeting the right followers.

Another perk to hacking Instagram growth with KENJI is that it’s pretty affordable, with prices of $47 for their starter’s plan.


Got no money to invest in a growth service? Socialfollow has got you covered as it is entirely free. But wait, how’s that even possible? Just keep reading, fella’.

Now, since you’re a man (or woman) of the internet, the words “free” and “easy” probably raise a red flag for you. So, is Socialfollow really free, and if yes, what do they get out of it? Yes, the service won’t cost you a single dime, and I’m not entirely sure what’s their gain. 

Guaranteed Followers

The service guarantees at least 50 free followers, and they don’t specify if they’ll ask you to pay for their services after that.

If you’re worried about your security, don’t be. The website is safe to use, and you don’t even have to give them your login details, which is something other services ask for.

While you can definitely pick up more followers with Socialfollow, the follower quality leaves a lot to be desired.

Other well known services

There are so many Instagram growth services out there – and this list could be endless if we wanted it to be. We’d like to feature two more that have had good reviews in the past, but are apparently affected by more changes with Instagram.


Kicksta is a potent organic Instagram growth service. It can help you boost your followers without fake accounts, bots, or that dirty, dirty spam. It has a way of reaching out to the right people and guiding them towards your account.

The service uses sophisticated AI to track down your potential followers and then “pitch” them what you have to offer. The sign-up process is easy; you’ll list out names of influencers from your niche, your competitors, and a few other things. Then, it’ll use this info to work its magic.

Kicksta works under the assumption that followers of those profiles (competitors, influencers) will like your stuff too. The algorithm will follow, like, and engage with those people’s posts, giving them a slight push to follow or engage with you back.

This automated tool has the potential to organically grow your account in a relatively short time. However, the extent of its success may depend on the plan that you buy. A standard plan will give you basic targeting, while a premium plan provides more advanced features and customer support.


Ingramer is the last and the cockiest Instagram growth service on today’s list.

The cockiest? Why did I say that? Well, the company has a bold claim that they can grow one’s account two times faster than any other service on the market. 

According to some of its user reviews, it is, but I’ll let you be the judge; given that you try it, of course. Ingramer can take care of many important marketing tasks for you. For example, it’ll do bulk direct messaging, scheduled posting up to a week. Ingramer will also find the optimal hashtags for your rapid growth.

On top of this, you’ll get access to detailed statistics and gain complete control over the targeting settings. Smart unfollow features and advanced filters trim all the fat and engage only with the most suitable potential followers.

The sign-up process is extremely simplified and takes mere minutes to complete; seven minutes, according to the company. The base price for their services is $37, but it can go up to $57 if you want more advanced features. 

If you have any dilemmas about Ingramer, the extensive FAQ page on their website should clear them.

Which growth service you should pick

That’d be all I prepared for you today, folks. Before I go, I’d like to summarize a few main points about Instagram growth services. 

First off, Nitreo is probably the best Instagram growth service we’ve tried – ever. Upleap is a close runner up and is one of the most well known brands we’re aware of. KENJI seems to keep changing their service – but based on user reviews look good.

Kicksta and Ingramer look good too and make bold claims. Their TrustPilot scores seem to be hurting lately though, which we suspect have to do with recent changes to the Instagram detects automation.

If you decide to use one of these services, the top 3 will guarantee you increases in engagement and followers. Such growth will be counterproductive and might even get you banned in the long run. 

I assure you that the companies featured in this article are reliable and have stood the test of time. Of course, if you’d like to do more research, I encourage you to do so!

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