Top 4 Instagram Growth Services to Grow Your Account and Followers

With over 500 million people using the app each day, Instagram reigns as the top social media platform. In addition to its high number of daily users, it’s been proven that Instagram content gets more engagement than content posted on any other social media site. 

Although Instagram is the most popular social media platform, many brands struggle to capture their target audience’s attention and grow their Instagram following.

Some blame it on the algorithm, while others simply struggle to find time to post consistently and connect with their audiences. But, there are quite a few tools that you can use to hack Instagram growth.

In this post, I’ll share four of the best Instagram growth services for growing your account. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

Instagram Growth Service #1. Upleap 

Upleap is an innovative social media automation tool that you can use to hack Instagram growth and grow your following organically.


This tool can help you increase your followers, your engagement rate, and your overall reach. It’s been tried and tested by several top brands including BMW, Gold’s Gym, and Ikea.

How Upleap Works

Upleap grows your Instagram account by interacting with members of your ideal audience on your behalf. When you sign up for an Upleap account, you’ll get paired with a dedicated (human) account manager who interacts with your target audience throughout the day.

Your Upleap account manager can like posts, leave comments, and view Instagram Stories on your behalf. 

When your audience receives notifications from your account, it generates exposure for your brand and encourages your target audience to visit your profile. If they’re impressed by your content, then they’ll likely follow you and engage with your posts.

Another key element to Upleap’s Instagram growth hacking abilities is its audience targeting features. Depending on which Upleap subscription you choose to sign up for, you can target your ideal audience based on a variety of factors including:

  • The hashtags they use
  • The users they already follow
  • Their location

Using these criteria to find your target audience on Instagram helps your account manager to make the most of the that he/she spends interacting with users.

Upleap only targets users that are likely to follow and engage with you on Instagram.

Additionally, Upleap provides fast organic growth without jeopardizes your Instagram account’s status. You see, Instagram has several guidelines in place regarding how many interactions you can perform from your account on an hourly basis.

With Upleap, you won’t have to worry about crossing these boundaries and having your account flagged.

If you want to give a Upleap a try, check out their free trial.

You can test out all of Upleap’s features for free for up to three days. After that, they have three affordable plans that you can choose from

Upleap Subscription Plans

  • Upleap Lite

This plan works best for aspiring influencers, new businesses, and other Instagram users who are just getting started with boosting their Instagram presence. For just $39 a month, you can work with an Upleap account manager and start gaining new followers quickly.

With this plan, you’ll have access to basic targeting functions like hashtag targeting. You can also target Instagram users who already follow similar accounts in your niche.

  • Upleap Standard

Up and coming influencers and businesses will get the most out of Upleap Standard. At $69 a month, this subscription option includes basic features like an account manager, hashtag targeting, and similar user targeting. You’ll also enjoy faster organic growth. 

Another cool function that Upleap Standard gives you access to is the ability to view Instagram stories. This works as a more personal interaction method to build relationships with your target audience.

  • Upleap Premium

If you’re a business or influencer who’s ready to really level up your Instagram game, check out Upleap Premium.

This plan is pretty affordable considering all of the features it gives you access to. Not only will you enjoy all of the perks of Upleap Standard, but you’ll get access to plenty of useful upgraded functions.

Upleap Premium lets you target users by their location, which is a must for businesses with physical locations. You can also exclude keywords. And, you’ll have access to Upleap’s premium support team!

Instagram Growth Service #2. KENJI.AI 

With Kenji, you can grow your Instagram account with the help of artificial intelligence. This A.I. powered Instagram bot works around the clock to help you increase your following and boost your Instagram engagement rate! 



How Kenji Works

Growing your account with Kenji is easy. You don’t need much technical knowledge to put this bot to use. To get started, all you need to do is sign up and connect your Instagram account. Then, you can customize your preferences to make sure that the Kenji bot targets the right users.

You can use Kenji from any device, so it’s a convenient option for Instagram users on the go.

Unlike a lot of popular Instagram bots on the market, Kenji doesn’t require you to download any extra software or servers. You can use it directly in your web browser!

Kenji picks up new followers for your Instagram account by working day and night to interact with your ideal audience.

The tool offers many features including hashtag targeting, location targeting, and more to help you gain more followers in no time! You can keep track of your Instagram growth with the clean, clear charts that Kenji provides.

Just like Upleap, Kenji doesn’t waste time targeting users with no interest in your niche. Its focus is on targeting the right followers.

Plus, Kenji is machine-learned which means that over time it can predict which users are the most likely to follow you and engage with your Instagram content.

Another perk to hacking Instagram growth with Kenji is that it’s uber affordable! 

KENJI Subscription Plans

  • The Samurai Plan

For only $19 a month, you can get a monthly subscription to Kenji’s Samurai Plan. This plan becomes even more affordable if you choose to pay annually.

With yearly billing, you’ll pay $159 per year. This comes out to just $13.25 a month!

Aside from extremely affordable pricing, this plan offers you access to a variety of Instagram growth-hacking features.

You can select an unlimited number of hashtags to use to find your ideal followers on Instagram. There’s also a blacklist feature that lets you keep track of users you no longer want to interact with.

The Samurai Plan also lets you target your ideal audience based on their location. Last but not least, you’ll enjoy high-speed automation that grows your following quickly and easily!

  • The Shogun Plan

For even more awesome features to hack Instagram Growth, check out Kenji’s Shogun Plan. This subscription costs $29 a month if you opt for monthly billing.

With yearly billing, you can pay a one-time price of $243 each year. Like with the Samurai Plan, choosing yearly billing gives you a great discount on the monthly cost.

Even though the plan only costs $10 more, it offers more powerful growth-hacking features. You’ll get to use Kenji’s top feature, HyperTarget, which lets you target users who follow other popular accounts in your niche.

Additionally, the Shogun Plan also gives you the option to select negative keywords. This keeps the Kenji bot from wasting time on users who are highly unlikely to follow you on Instagram.

Before committing to a subscription, you can test out Kenji’s features with their three-day free trial. With the free trial, there’s no commitment and you don’t even have to enter any credit card information.

Instagram Growth Service #3. Later 

If you test out Upleap or Kenji and gain new followers, it’s important to post engaging content to boost your engagement and keep your followers entertained. That’s where Later comes in.

This tool helps you grow your Instagram account by allowing you to create and schedule visually stunning content calendars! 



How Later Works

Since most Instagram users are on the app every single day, they enjoy following accounts that post consistently.

With this tool, you never have to worry about running out of content. You can plan out weeks’ worth of content in under an hour with Later. It makes staying consistent on Instagram easier for busy entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. 

Later comes with a variety of features that make hacking Instagram growth a breeze. Their Visual Content Calendar allows you to see a preview of exactly how your Instagram feed when your content goes live. This makes it easy for you to make sure that your feed is visually appealing enough to attract new followers.

Fine-tuning your Instagram feed is easy with Later’s Visual Content Calendar. All you have to do is drag and drop your posts to change up the order.

You can also upload new images and videos to liven up your feed. Also, Later can connect your account to cloud storage tools like Google Drive and Dropbox.

As an official Instagram Partner, Later is safe to use for posting Instagram. This keeps your account from getting flagged and ensures that your profile remains visible to your target audience.

Later also uses Instagram’s Graph API to publish content directly to your business profile, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with reminders.

To boost your Instagram growth even more and make the most out of your marketing efforts, you can also use Later to:

  • Make your Instagram feed shoppable
  • Analyze your content performance
  • Find and repost content from other users

Another great thing about Later is that it’s completely free to use! They have a free subscription option that you can use to manage one Instagram account.

You can schedule up to 30 posts at a time, so you can plan out your content for a whole month. This plan also lets you upload as many images and videos as you want.

But, if you want to post video content, you won’t be able to with the free plan. Thankfully they have a few paid plans that come with this feature.

Their plans range in price from $9 to $49, so they’re affordable for pretty much everyone. When you upgrade, you can access additional features like:

  • Scheduling for Instagram videos and Stories
  • Location and user tagging
  • Instagram analytics reports
  • Customer support

Instagram Growth Service #4. Instagram Ads Manager

Last but not least, my final tips for hacking Instagram growth is to invest in promoted Instagram ads. Instagram lets you create photo and video ads from feed posts and Instagram Stories.

When you create your Instagram ads, you can expand your reach beyond your following and make sure that your post is visible to your target audience.

Photo Courtesy of Sprout Social.


Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t offer Page Follow Ads, but there’s a way to direct your audience directly to your Instagram profile using ads. Here’s how:

Step 1

Visit Facebook’s Ad Manager to begin setting up your ad. You should define your goal as driving more traffic to your website.

When you select this as your target, you’ll be prompted to enter your website’s URL. You can use the URL for your Instagram profile here to direct those who click on your ad to your Instagram feed.

Step 2

After setting up your ad and defining your target goal, the next step is to define your audience and set your daily ad spend budget.

Here, you’ll want to make sure that your target audience selection consists of people who are the most likely to have an interest in your Instagram content. 

Step 3

Create awesome Instagram content that inspires those who visit your profile from the ad to follow you!


There’s a lot of pressure to grow on Instagram these days. However, this doesn’t have to be a difficult task to accomplish.

By trying out any of the growth services listed above, you can successfully grow your Instagram account and boost your brand’s awareness! 

I suggest starting by scheduling some killer content with Later. Then, use either Upleap or Kenji to boost your following.

Finally, when you must have gained momentum using these tools, test out Instagram Ads.

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