Nitreo – Is This The Best Instagram Tool? + DISCOUNT

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Nitreo is all the rave at the moment with thousands of users flocking to their platform. We caught wind of it early last year but thought Nitreo was geared towards enterprise businesses. Apparently not! Boasting over 70 thousand happy users, it’s only right we go ahead and review Nitreo for all they’re worth and give them a (patent pending) SUEScore! Let us know in the comments if you agree.

So, what’s Nitreo exactly?

Nitreo is an Instagram growth service that helps ‘businesses, creators, and influencers’ grow their Instagram accounts. Their pitch is similar to many growth services out there – get more Instagram followers organically. It looks like they’ve been featured on loads of reputable sites – even Cosmo (eek) and Buzzfeed! This seems to be the norm for most Instagram growth services nowadays.

In any case, when you land on the Nitreo home page, their website looks pretty slick. Here’s how their site looks like:

A screenshot of the Nitreo homepage


We’re pretty sure they look better than most of the tools we’ve tried… but what’s under the hood? This wouldn’t be a fair analysis if we didn’t look into how their service actually works. So we decided to sign up.

How does Nitreo work?

What grabbed our attention is how Nitreo actually works. Real phones and real people behind the brand (as opposed to other automation tools) are used to grow your Instagram account. This hooked us in – automation or growth that isn’t done on a phone typically gets your account banned. So we don’t really expect any major repercussions when using their platform, and we certainly don’t expect any dreaded action blocks (we’ve all had those before).

Before we run you through all of their features, it’s good to mention they’re one of the few companies that showcases their platform in a how it works video.

Feel free to watch How Nitreo Works:


It also seems like Nitreo openly mentions it performs tasks for your programmatically. This means your account grows on autopilot. In the past we’ve had issues with services that claimed to grow with automatic likes and follows. Again, with this being done on phones, we don’t really think we’ll encounter any issues (we’ll get more into that later). For the time being, let’s give you a quick run through of some of Nitreo’s features.

Some Nitreo Features

So we generally know how Nitreo will work, but at this stage we weren’t 100% certain what types of automation their growth service would cover. According to their website, some major features of Nitreo are:

  • Smart following & unfollowing
  • View stories throughout the day
  • Targeting and filtering settings
  • Gender targeting
  • Location targeting (woohoo)
  • Advanced parameters
  • Comment Liking
  • Instagram Live Reactions
  • Whitelisting and Blacklisting

Looks good, with following & unfollowing being their coveted growth tactic. Two features stick out like a sore thumb – gender targeting and advanced parameters. We’ve not seen these on any Instagram service before. First off – no service we’ve ever tried before Nitreo ever offered these options. Gender targeting is something we’ve seen in the past… but it never worked. We had the same woes with location targeting, it never worked with any other service, i.e. we’d never get followers.

At this point we’re asking ourselves does Nitreo actually work? Well – we put it to the test for you. Let’s take you through each step:

Getting Started

Signup was as smooth as butter at first! I could input our email directly on their homepage, which brought me to their app with some prefilled information. Basically, you’ll first have to add your email and name, and after you’ll have to add your Instagram username and your password.

Note: It’s always a little risky adding your social media password anywhere, but they’re apparently using SHA-3 for security. We looked into what it meant briefly and basically it’s the equivalent of NASA encryption. So we felt pretty safe to say the least!

Hashtags and similar users on Nitreo

After adding my Instagram details to Nitreo, I was prompted for 3 hashtags relevant to my account, as well as 3 accounts similar to mine. This felt oddly familiar to some other growth services we’ve tried in the past. Honestly, this took a bit of time – so if you need to find accounts that look like your own, be prepared to write them down BEFORE you sign up – emulating your favorite Instagram accounts should be part of your growth strategy, so this is a great thing to practice.

Note: Make sure accounts similar to your own are larger in size. This holds especially true for any follow/unfollow method.

Nitreo Pricing

As a quick aside, Nitreo’s pricing doesn’t look too shabby compared to other Instagram growth services. Specifically, they charge $49 per month for an “essential” plan, which gets you all the features you need. If you’re looking to get gender-specific followers you’ll have to upgrade to their $79 “Speed” plan, which is meant to work faster. We used the Essential plan for this Nitreo review.

They market their pricing model as less than a cup of coffee per day, which is pretty much the case if you’re a busy bee buying your coffee from Starbucks (or any old coffee place really).

nitreo pricing examples


Nitreo becomes especially cheaper if you pay for an annual plan, but we’d recommend paying for a month first and seeing how it works for you. Learn more about our payment experience:

Payment and Aftersales

Unlike other Instagram services that offer a free trial, Nitreo doesn’t. They mention they don’t offer a free trial due to a limited amount of phones. Fair enough, although we were pretty worried this might be an intricate scam. We proceeded to pay anyway. We signed up to a 1 month Essential plan, which was the cheapest option available at $49 a month. Heads up – there’s a discount code later on in this review, don’t you worry about that!

After subscribing, we hit a small snag. They couldn’t log in to our account without accepting a login request. If you’ve used any Instagram service before, you get these warnings on Instagram’s app that you need to confirm an account login. See the screenshot below to see what I mean. In any case, we reached out to Nitreo’s support team and got a response within an acceptable 6 hours, informing us that this was regular protocol by Instagram (which we are aware about, see reviews of similar services).


screenshot of login attempt by nitreo


We sent the security code and put it in our Nitreo dashboard and it seemed to work! I received an email shortly after mentioning that they’re warming up our account.

Note: When we added a second account, we got an account login from somewhere in Eastern Europe. We had to open up our Instagram and click on “This Was Me“. Nitreo’s support staff informed us this is pretty standard and most users won’t have to send a security code via phone/email anymore, which makes it easier for their customers.

Adding Your Instagram Account to Nitreo

Nitreo has a “warmup” mode for every new account added to their system. Again, we asked for a bit of clarification from their support. According to one of their support staff (named “Isabelle”), they do not like or follow on your behalf for the first few days. Instead, they only stay logged in and view the occasional Instagram story, or view a couple of profiles. This ensures they won’t get knocked off of your account so that Nitreo can continue regular behavior. Just like any normal Instagram user.

It was made clear to us that actions would be ramped up over time, meaning they’ll be following users and viewing stories on your behalf as much as humanly possible once the warmup period is completed. Isabelle mentioned that this would take about 3 days, and in the worst case, 7 days.

flow of nitreo emails
The emails we’d received from Nitreo indicating what was happening

14-Day Growth Guarantee

This was a strange one to see – their claim was that you’d get your money back if there was no growth in the first 14 days of signing up to their platform. Considering that the warmup period was 7 days, we weren’t sure whether we’d be asking for a refund. In the same email thread we had with Isabelle about the warmup mode, we enquired about the guarantee. Nitreo clarified we’d have our refund honored if the warmup mode wouldn’t work, although they’d first offer us a partial refund for our month subscription and continue a longer warmup period (effectively extending the growth guarantee to 30 days).

Basically – if your account doesn’t grow within 14 days, you’re meant to be able to claim a refund. And if you choose to give them more time and ask for a partial refund, AND then your account doesn’t grow after a partial refund – you’ll get all your money back.

We hoped it wouldn’t come to that, so we made sure to keep testing.

a snapshot of nitreo's growth guarantee

Day 4: Our Nitreo account is working

On the fourth day we received an email from the Nitreo team, informing us that our account was now active and following other users. Important to know: we were told not to unfollow users, and that they’d follow up to 1000 users at a time. Then, they would unfollow all of them after they hit around that limit. To experienced Instagram growth gurus like yourself – you probably realize that this is pretty standard protocol for the follow/unfollow strategy.

In any case, at this stage we were just waiting for results.

And guess what! We got our first follow back on the same day. And then the second follow back. And then the 20th follow back.

Day 7: Engagement galore

By day 10 we’d picked up 500 new followers, which means we’d been averaging about 70 followers a day when rounded down. That’s an insane haul which we didn’t experience with other growth platforms, keeping in mind Nitreo didn’t actually do anything for the first 3 days.

screenshots of our instagram account getting more followers from nitreo

Good Followers, Great Engagement

14 days in and we obviously didn’t qualify for a refund… but we didn’t need to request one thankfully! Our account had grown by about 900 followers by the end of 14 days. By then, Nitreo had started the unfollow process. We reached out to support one more time, asking them what happens while they unfollow accounts for us. We were told our app would be watching stories in the meantime, meaning we’d still see some growth although it’d be slower for the next day or two.

In terms of follower quality, the results couldn’t be snappier. Our test account is photography and travel related, and since I’m Italian I went for Italian hashtags for our account. We had some photos from the Cinque Terre, so obviously we went for a Liguria related hashtag (which worked the least well actually, but never mind)!

At the end of 30 days, we saw these results:

snapshot of best performing hashtags on nitreo's dashboard


We also noticed an uptick in our engagement, and I’d estimate for every 1 follow we’d get, the account received 8 likes. Unfortunately I have no screenshot to back that up since our test account isn’t a business profile, so I don’t have any access to analytics. They unfortunately don’t show engagement in the form of likes on their dashboard either.

I suspect Nitreo would work best for businesses that are location-based (since that feature does work), and if you’re picky about the gender of your audience, their gender targeting also does work (we kept it on for a week and only got female followers, which is a big plus).

Our Verdict – Nitreo is worth every penny

If I recount the majority of reviews we’ve written in the past, we actually don’t recommend many Instagram growth services, and we rarely endorse an Instagram bot. Nitreo is probably the best organic growth service we’ve come across in the past two years, and we believe it’s worth every penny. As such:

Our SUEScore is… ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you’re looking for a new way to grow your Instagram account, you have to at least try Nitreo, even if there’s not technically a free trial. Customer support was next-level compared to any other experience I’d had, even if they took a little time to reply (weekends weren’t great). They are courteous, friendly, and help you whenever there’s a little technical snag that needs rectifying.

And the best part?

My results on behalf of the SUEVU team were better than anything we’d ever tried.

Discount codes are available too: GROW20

UPDATE: I got a lot of feedback from this post, some mentioning they’d like to see a bit of a friendlier price. $49 may not be steep for this type of tool, but in true SUEVU fashion, we reached out anyway for you guys.

Use the code GROW20 to get 20% off any plan. This includes monthly, 6 monthly, and annual plans, so feel free to pick what’s best for you.

If you liked this article, please drop a comment and shoot me an email about your experience!

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