Flock Social Review – Instagram Organic Growth Service Reviewed and Tested in 2020

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Instagram has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout the second half of 2019. As you’ve probably heard, most “botting” companies had been shut down last year.

Or as Instagram likes to call them – “Third-party services.”

Although the market was always a slippery slope – Instagram’s new policy was the one that hit the final nail on the coffin. And just like that, most of them were gone.

Well, most, not all.

And what does that tell us? Well, those who stayed must have been the real deal, huh?

Our thoughts, exactly. But we decided to put the odds to the test. And speaking of who survived in 2019, let us introduce you to Flock Social.

We caught wind of these guys on Instagram, as allegedly, they are “unbelievably” amazing.

Or so say their clients.

Flock Review Summary

In this blog, we’ll review one of the best organic Instagram growth services, previously known as FlockMgmt.

With 5000 active clients and counting, we want to know what the fuss is all about.

Image showing Flock Social Website

Naturally, we will have an in-depth review of all the features, along with the Flock Instagram tool. We’ll then take you through the process of signing up. And have a close look into the pricing as well.

And at the end, we’ll examine the results, discount codes, and the magic behind a real organic Instagram growth service too.

But before we do, we have to say the following.

After the storm that occurred in 2019 on the platform – 2020 seems to have promising sunny skies when it comes to organic growth on Instagram.

Let’s see if Flock Social are the ones creating it.

The Basics and Features

Since we’re starting at the basics, let’s see who Flock Social is.

This flock of experts has designed a 100% organic Instagram growth service that offers real Instagram followers.

Anyone and everyone that ends up targeting your page is a real person with genuine interest and interactions. It’s the way you’d traditionally grow your page, only 10x the speed.

Sounds very intriguing.

“Your security and results are our top priority.”

And with that, we’ll take a close look at the features. Mind you; the following lists consist of 100% unique and never-before-seen features that set Flock apart from the competition. That’s one of the first things we’ve noticed when browsing their website.

Are we looking at the best Instagram organic growth service? Let’s ask the list!

  • Organic Following/Unfollowing – following only the most delicate targeted profiles genuinely interested in what you do.
  • Filtering Options in Targeting – Filtering your preferred and interest targeting. Create your audience the way you want to.
  • Advanced Analytics – A complete insight into your profile’s growth process. We have detailed metrics and numbers.
  • Instagram Tools Access – An in-depth view of your profile’s insights.
  • Competitor Targeting – The followers of your competitors are your friends! And Flock helps you identify and target them.
  • Gender and Location Targeting – Find the who and the where now easier than ever before.
  • Hashtag Targeting – Find the best-suited users for your profile by targeting them through relevant hashtags.
  • Interaction Scheduling – Scheduling interactions on your Instagram profile are both safe and helps boost the activity on your page.

And if you think that it doesn’t get better than that, you’re wrong.

In addition to this blockbuster list, you will also get:

  • No credit card, 7-Day Free trial.
  • Team of expert Customer-Care agents.
  • Immediate results from Day 1.

Now that we’ve seen who Flock Social are – let’s watch this flock fly.

How To Use The Flock Social Instagram Tool?

Here’s the real tea right here. This Instagram growth service is not a system. Not in the traditional and computer-like way you would think it is.

It’s a system of real people. Working behind actual smart-phones and bringing your Instagram profile real Instagram followers. From one human to another. It’s for people by people. That is how you get Instagram followers fast!

And they are completely honest about how they operate. Would you like to see these words and activities in 3D motion? Just check out the video they’ve made on the topic on their website.

We liked how open they were about, well, everything. It’s essential to know all the details before jumping head-first into something like this. Transparency all the way!

Sign Up

Thus far, if the content hasn’t inspired you to give Flock a run for their money – allow us to visualize that process for you.

Signing up for the service won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. Only 5 minutes for hundreds of followers a month? Flock Social doesn’t play games when it comes to time. Nor followers.

So, all bs aside – this is how you can sign up for the service.

    1. Go to flocksocial.com
    2. Choose a plan! Are you Instagram’s next rising star, or are you a business on the rise? Whatever the case, Flock Social has got room for you!
    3. Enter your name, email, and phone number.

Screenshot showing how to sign up to Flock Social Instagram Growth Service

    1. Enter your Username.

Adding your Instagram username in Flock Social

  1. Enter your Instagram password. And we’ll have you know; Flock uses first-class encryption tech. They also make sure you know that when signing up. Your Instagram password is entirely safe and stored – so no worries there!

Five steps in less than five minutes! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way – let’s get down to business! A.k.a, the Target filtering.

Flock Social pretty much allows you to sculpt your perfect audience that they would end up pursuing.

After you sign-up, you would get a call from one of Flock’s growth experts. Even during the free trial!

You can ask them anything and everything. They were incredibly patient and helpful, and are more than happy to help!

Add Hashtags

Discovering and targeting users through hashtags is a super useful growth strategy. It’s great that Flock has managed to include it as part of their service.

When you find yourself at this step – it’s important that you have done your research beforehand.

Every industry on Instagram has its specific hashtags. You have to find what works for you.

A lot of people look for and find businesses through hashtags. Especially when they’re looking for a specific product or service, this is why adding one of the most relevant hashtags in your niche is so essential. Clients just might find you that way!

Since the interactions are so genuine, you are bound to get real Instagram followers with Flock.

Add Similar Users

Admit it, we all like to check up on our competition every now and then. Instagram is no different.

Flock Social has managed to utilize that to the advantage of their clients completely.

But why is it so important to name “your enemies”? Because their audience is your friend! Or on Instagram, your future followers, or customers.

Adding people within your lane can help with the user targeting by looking through their followers. If the two businesses are similar enough, they are bound to share a pretty high percentage of followers.

Let’s face it, everyone likes Nike – but also loves to buy the occasional Adidas tracksuit.

Add Location

This step is incredibly useful when it works – and boy, oh boy, does it work in this flock.

Targeting users based on interest is good. But targeting users based on interest who are in your area is even better. Especially if you own a physical store or shop, imagine what this could do for your business.

Many Instagram users like to scroll through visually pleasing products of businesses on Instagram. That’s how most of them even find the brands they end up visiting physically.

But whether you have a physical store or not, targeting a specific city or region is a trick every Instagram brand should have up their sleeve. Or, in this case, allow Flock to do the magic for you.

Flock Pricing

The step that makes the world go ‘round. With two plans in this flock’s nest, you can choose a more suited one for your brand. Plus, it’s super affordable!

First, we have the Instagram Rising Star plan, up for $49 a month. This star-to-be is more suited for the influencers of the bunch. And it includes the following features:

  • Schedule interactions on your profile
  • Location Targeting
  • Hashtag targeting
  • Competitor targeting
  • Access to advanced insights & analytics
  • Access to Instagram tools.

Along with all of these useful tools, you would gain around 600 new followers, or more, each month.

$49 for 600 new faces each month? It sounds like a steal, but as you’ve probably already guessed, it just keeps getting better with this company.

Image showing Flock Social pricing table


The second plan Flock offers is Instagram as a Business. This one provides extra tools and more followers each month. For a staggering $69 a month, you would be getting more than 1000 new followers!

And the extended Instagram tool list? Here it is:

  • Everything from the first plan

Along with:

  • Gender targeting
  • Monthly call with a growth strategist
  • Advanced filtering options

It’s both great and true, and you’ll see how in a moment.

Sign Up for a Free Trial

It wouldn’t be fair only to talk numbers and not show them. So, here’s the first jaw-dropping fact about your Instagram growth when you sign up to Flock for a free trial: You will see results from Day 1.

That’s right! You will see results immediately.

The very literal “human-touch” this company offers in its Instagram growth service is beyond amazing. This way of growing an Instagram account isn’t only great for targeting and finding real Instagram followers.

It’s also incredibly safe to use. Since there is no artificial Instagram automation tool, you won’t have to worry about having your profile banned. You are completely in the clear!

Here’s how the timeline will go after signing up for the free trial

Your profile will start following a lot of users from Day 1. But not to worry! Their team explained everything in detail to us, and it’s not what you think!

To gain more followers, you have to reach out first. Or signal them, if you will.

Since these users have been carefully targeted, they are more than likely to follow you back. Out of interest, similarity, or even your pretty cool content. The science behind it is super beneficial.

You can always read more about their free trial here.

The Results

Following users first is really useful when you want to acquire customers. Plus, the more time passes, the bigger your number of followers will be. And as the list of people you follow gets smaller and smaller, your results get bigger and better.

Here’s what happened after 7 days with Flock Social. We were a bit shocked when we saw the results.

By day 7, we’ve managed to pack up 577 new followers. That means that we have been gaining around 80 real Instagram followers every single day. That is absolutely insane.

The number kept getting higher and higher as we decided to give it more time. But it doesn’t stop there.

To say we are satisfied is an understatement. But we’ll get into details in a moment or two. Let’s discuss how authentic these profiles really are. But we think you already know what we’re about to say.

Get Organic Instagram Followers

The bad thing about gaining a lot of followers fast is usually the engagement. Or, lack thereof.

But, that was not the case here at all. Not in the slightest. And we’ve had our fair share of downs on Instagram.

In comparison to other Instagram growth services we’ve worked with – Flock has completely put them to shame. Why? Because the engagement level on our Instagram profile has been off the charts ever since.

We didn’t just get the 500+ followers as visual numbers. We got engaging real Instagram followers that like, comment, and occasionally DM us. And by the looks of it, they are here to stay.

In all honesty, we were not expecting Flock Social’s promises to come to life. But in turn, we were greeted with a sweetened victory and a bit of shock – both for this flock and our own.

Discount Codes

Even though Flock Social’s prices are generally affordable – they have also created options for those who don’t have such budgets.

Since we’ve already been getting questions about these guys from our community – we asked, and Flock Social delivered! Here’s how you can access the Flock discount codes!

To get a discount for one month, six months, or an entire year’s worth plan – simply use the code FLOCK20 to get 20% off.

With a company that offers so many features and options, you genuinely are bound for Insta-stardom.


Since the sad yet forgettable failure of Flock Social’s competitors has left a bad taste in our mouths in 2019 – Flock has managed to bring back the core value of organic growth on the market. Many businesses greatly benefit from services like this. Especially when the results are this visible and even tangible.

From the service performance to the unique features – the affordable prices and the A-Team that is the Flock Customer-Care team, it is safe to say Flock Social is exactly who they claim to be on the flock login page:

An incredibly rare group of experts that make your Instagram journey 5x Better, 10x Faster, 100% Safe. We would also add, they are one heck of a ride that was so worth the hype. But don’t just take it from us; try it out for yourself!

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