SocialMeep Review: Safe Or A Big Scam?

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Deciding which Instagram growth service to use is a task that should not be taken lightly. The reason? Your choices are seemingly endless, and the majority of those “services” are horrible.

Since you’re here, we assume you’re interested in SocialMeep. It’s a somewhat new company that likes to make bold claims. Is there any weight to those claims, though? Or is SocialMeep just another snake oil salesman?

In the following SocialMeep review, we’re going to dissect this company down to the smallest bit. Read on to find out whether it’s worth your time!

What is SocialMeep?

As you already know, SocialMeep is an Instagram growth tool. The best one around, according to their website. Yeah, that’s one of the bold claims we were referring to earlier.

The term “AI-powered automation” is utilized frequently to describe how SocialMeep works. They bash bots and say how they don’t use them, and that you shouldn’t either.

Their website looks great. While scrolling through it, you can read about the tool’s successes and capabilities. Then, you reach the bottom and see a menu option called “Instagram bot.”

Hold up; it’s not what you think.

Clicking on this option won’t lead you to a bot. It’ll take you to a new page where they bash bots some more and offer you a demo. How creative!

It all seems great before you start checking out the menu. You soon learn that most of the clickable links don’t work. Aside from the home page, you can only access three other pages – Pricing, Blog, and Auto Growth.

It’s all downhill from that point on.

Not only is the website faulty, but the entire design and the contents were stolen from Hypeauditor.

a screenshot that shows Hypeauditor's homepage

They didn’t even bother to change the name and photo of the CEO. SocialMeep tweaked the text, logo, and menu a little bit.

a screenshot showing SocialMeep's homepage

Also, we couldn’t help but notice one other thing. The website’s format closely resembles that of Nitreo and Kicksta’s websites. In case you don’t know, the two are established growth tools.

So far, we know that copying other companies is SocialMeep’s strong side. But, what’s the quality of their service like?

Learn all about it in the following section.

How Can SocialMeep Benefit You?

Prepare to enter – the mystery.

I’m referring to SocialMeep’s actions and the lack of information about them. The service is utterly shady about what they do. There’s no mention of the steps they take to grow an Instagram account.

Sure, they use buzzwords like “AI” and “organic growth,” but that doesn’t mean anything. Lots of companies use those terms, but they don’t practice what they preach.

According to the company, there are several features that the tool includes. However, they’re not defined clearly.

The website is bundled with various terms that describe SocialMeep’s actions. The issue is that there are too many of them. There’s no simple, concise explanation of their activities.

We did our best to extract the essential features of the tool. You can check them out below.

Auto Growth

The first and most prominent feature of SocialMeep is Auto Growth. It is (allegedly) the AI-powered process of targeted engagement that’ll get you real followers.

Some of the targeting has to be done manually, and we’ll explain it in a bit. Once that’s adjusted, you let the app roll and do its “magic.”

The tool automatically engages with target accounts. It likes their posts/comments and views or reacts to stories. The company uses the term “micro-interactions” to describe this activity. Other than sounding fancy, the term doesn’t mean anything.

The actions described are a classic example of what a bot does. We’re not sure whether that’s the case with SocialMeep, but it sure looks like it.

If Instagram catches you using it, you know that it wouldn’t like it. The platform has gotten pretty strict about it lately and could action-block or ban you.


Ok, this one baffled us big time thanks to their disorganized website. Still, we were able to draw some conclusions about it.

Here’s what we find out about this feature.

The toll has both automatic and manual targeting. There’s no information about how the former works. As for the latter, you can target using hashtags, competitors’ accounts, geotags, age, and gender. Other filters include the number of likes, followers, and followings of an account.

Does it function well?

We can’t tell you. There’s no user feedback to be found. We scoured the internet and couldn’t find a single review about SocialMeep. For all we know, the whole “AI advanced targeting” is nothing but a cool phrase used to reel in customers.

Activity Overview

SocialMeep’s dashboard contains real-time analytics and growth overview charts. They display the actions that the tool has performed and its results. Again, we don’t know whether any of it works, but it would be a nice feature if it did.


SocialMeep is not the most expensive growth service out there, but it’s relatively pricey. They offer two monthly subscriptions – Basic for $49, and Pro for $99.

an image showing SocialMeep's pricing plan

The same amount of money can get you a subscription with a legitimate company. There’s really no need to try your luck with SocialMeep.

Is SocialMeep Worth Trying?

We covered a lot of information so far. To get a clearer picture of the service, we’re going to weigh the pros and the cons.

First, let’s take a look at the good stuff:

Secure Website

SocialMeep’s website is a copy of Hypeauditor’s page, and some others too. Nevertheless, it is safe to use and holds the necessary certificates.

This means that it (probably) won’t put your money or data at risk.

No Password Required

The service doesn’t require you to give them your Instagram account’s password. This is a positive thing, as it lessens the chance of the company misusing your profile.

Now, the bad:

Stolen Website Design

We have to point out again that SocialMeep stole another company’s website design. Is there a need to add something more to this? What shocks us the most is that they changed very little of the original contents. A business that does such a thing cannot be viewed as credible.

No Real Reviews

There are no genuine SocialMeep reviews. There’s just one “professional” review that can be found on several websites. It’s identical on all the websites, so it’s obviously fake.

We couldn’t find any customer testimonials, save those on SocialMeep’s website. The funny thing is that most of them were taken from Hypeauditor’s page.

Not Cheap

SocialMeep is not the most expensive growth service out there, but it’s relatively pricey. They offer two monthly subscriptions – Basic for $49, and Pro for $99.

The same amount of money can get you a subscription with a legitimate company. There’s really no need to try your luck with SocialMeep.


From all of the above, you can conclude that our opinion of SocialMeep isn’t favorable. First, they stole a website. Second, we don’t know whether they have any users because there aren’t any testimonials. Third, they’re not clear about their actions.

Our guess is that the tool is a plain, old bot. The company’s just trying to make money off of newcomers. We’re certain they couldn’t fool an experienced Instagrammer.

So, our advice is to stay away from this one. There’s plenty more fish in the sea!

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