Cute Instagram Bios: Inspiration For a Brilliant Instagram Bio

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Want to create some cute Instagram bios?

You’re in the right place.

Here at, we know how difficult it is to stand out on Instagram and give your followers the information they need to fall in love with your brand. Unlike most of the other social media networks available to businesses and brands today, like Facebook and LinkedIn for instance, Instagram doesn’t give you a lot of space to attract followers.

Beyond the option to design videos, images, and other regular content that capture your audience’s attention, Chances to make your mark on Instagram are somewhat limited – particularly when you only have a tiny Instagram bio to work with.

The good news? Just because something is small doesn’t mean that it can’t be amazing too!

We’ve explored a handful of cute Instagram bios for 2019, to bring you this list of tips you can use to transform your presence on Insta.

Let’s get started!

Cute Instagram Bios to Inspire You

A successful Instagram Bio is a space where you showcase your company’s personality and give your customers a great way to connect with your business. You can also include some necessary call-to-action information that encourages consumers to interact further with your brand.

A great bio features everything from interesting details about your brand to a compelling photo and carefully-chosen call-to-action buttons.

Here are just some of the best cute Instagram bios to inspire you.

1.    Marie Forleo: Highlight Who You Are

Your Instagram bio is the first introduction that your followers have to you, and your brand. With that in mind, it’s important to make your content as intriguing as possible and provide plenty of information (or as much as you can). For instance, the first thing you see when you click onto Marie Forleo’s Instagram bio is her smiley profile picture, and a quote that defines her: “Thought leader for the next Generation” – Oprah.

Forleo shows today’s Instagram users that you don’t need a lot of space to tell people what you’re all about. With a few branded hashtags to drive people to other parts of her online presence and a handful of highlights brimming with useful information, Marie gives you all the info you need. What’s more, the colorful styling of Forleo’s Instagram profile, combined with the emojis in her bio ensure that you know what kind of personality you’re dealing with.

2.    Lush: Clickable #Hashtags are a Must-Have

Want to encourage more interaction between you and your Instagram followers? Of course you do! Engagement is what Instagram and social media marketing is all about. That’s why it’s so important to put some of your Instagram bio efforts towards helping people connect with your brand.

Hashtags used to be the lifeblood of Twitter, but now they’re one of the most important elements of any Instagram campaign. Users on Insta can follow the hashtags that they like most to see the posts that appeal to them, which is great for brands in search of additional exposure. What’s more, using a clickable hashtag in your profile can help to drive user-generated content for your brand.

Lush’s clickable tag leads customers to the #LushCommunity:

If you pop through to the hashtag, you’ll find plenty of exciting content shared by the Lush community, including pictures from Lush’s own staff, which is great for giving more of a human touch to the brand. There’s also plenty of fantastic content shared by people who love the Lush brand, which the company can use to its advantage in the form of social proof!

3.    Mariella Frostrup: Get your Profile Pic Right

Cute Instagram bios are all about the aesthetics. Before you can wow your followers with amazing videos, Stories, and pictures, you need to start by blowing them away with a great profile picture. Your profile pic is one of the first chances you have to show your customers your style and personality. With that in mind, it’s important to get your aesthetic right.

The key to an incredible profile picture is knowing what kind of visual appeal you want to have. Do you want to show off your favourite colours with a background and clothing that highlights your brand tones? Are you looking to introduce your followers to something quirky and interesting about your personality?

Mariella Frostrup’s profile picture certainly makes you look twice, with it’s highly professional appeal, and it’s unique design.

Remember, the great thing about a profile picture on Instagram, is that you can always change things up now and again if you get bored. Changing your profile picture to suit a particular time of year, like Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas is always a good idea.

Just make sure that you don’t change your image so much that people start to get confused.

4.    Wonder Forest: Make the Most of Your Link

One of our favorite cute Instagram bios for home décor inspiration is the one belonging to Wonder Forest, a Swedish company that makes hand-made dolls. This delightful bio tells you everything you need to know about the company from the moment you click onto the page.

You’ll also notice that the brand makes the most of that single link that all users can have in their Instagram profile, to drive people back to the most important location it has – it’s store. If you’re not an eCommerce company, then linking back to your store might not be the best option for you.

Some businesses want to drive people towards their blog or encourage customers to sign up for their email list. In this case, it can be challenging to decide which link you should include in your bio. One option is to switch up your bio link every so often, changing the URL depending on the item or page that you’re promoting each week.

An alternative is to use something like With this Instagram tool, you can link to a host of different things at once, using the same URL. For instance, you can showcase your YouTube page, top-selling products, and other crucial hidden gems from your online presence.

5.    Beyond Yoga: Use Instagram Highlighted Stories

Since you don’t have a lot of space to share information in your written profile, many cute Instagram bios are now taking advantage of another feature from the Instagram community. Story Highlights are the little circles that appear underneath your bio on your Instagram profile page. These highlights are saved from your Instagram Stories, so you can share unique pieces of information with your customers, without taking up Bio space.

The great thing about Instagram Highlights is that they look the same as a standard Instagram story. The main difference is that they stay on your profile permanently, rather than disappearing within 24 hours. With your highlights, you can draw more attention to your unique personality, and give your customers insights into the value of your brand. Check out all the great highlights on Beyond Yoga’s Instagram page, for instance:

You can create Instagram Story highlights by navigating to your Instagram profile and clicking on the plus button that appears under the Story Highlights header. From there, Instagram will show you a collection of your previous Instagram Stories content, and you can select exactly which posts you want to add to your highlights.

Highlights are an excellent way to beef up the potential of your Instagram bio and show off your best content on your profile. Some of the best ways to use your highlights include providing tap-through tutorials or showcasing customer testimonials. Just make sure you always publish high-quality content.

6.    The Ivy: Use Instagram Buttons

Business buttons might not be the first thing you think of when you’re trying to create cute Instagram bios. However, before you dismiss these features completely, hear us out. When you convert your standard Instagram profile into an Instagram Business profile, you get access to a host of great features, including things like post analytics, and the ability to use third-party scheduling tools.

However, as a business, you’ll also have a unique opportunity to give your customers more ways to connect with you, using something called an “Action Button.” Action buttons added to your Instagram Business profile will allow customers to book reservations with you, email your company, or message your brand. You can also use your buttons to give people access to your phone number. This is a great way to encourage conversations with customers, just like The Ivy does here:

You can choose the action buttons that you want to use on your profile by heading through to your profile and clicking on the “Contact Options” button at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can edit your existing email and phone buttons that are automatically added to all business accounts. There’s also the option to add custom action buttons like “Reserve” for restaurants.

The action buttons on your page might not make your profile much cuter, but they will ensure that you have more opportunities to engage your target audience.

7.    The Bannerie: Don’t Neglect Emojis

For years, businesses and brands assumed that emojis would make them seem unprofessional or informal when connecting with their target audience. However, now we’re beginning to learn that there’s a positive side to using emojis – particularly when you’re engaging with your customers on a platform like Instagram.

Instagram appeals most to a younger audience. These customers have relied on emojis for years as a way of helping them to get their message across to their friends and colleagues. With that in mind, it makes sense to use emojis to make your own impact online. Female entrepreneur Gilit Cooper always makes the most of emojis on her cute Instagram bios:

The key to success with emojis is making sure that you know exactly what each icon means and what kind of audience it appeals to before you start using it. Remember that some emojis can have a hidden meaning that may end up having the wrong impression on your audience.

It’s also important to know whether your audience already uses emojis in their language before you get carried away. If your target customer isn’t interested in emojis, then leave them out of your profile.

Check how this CBD Gummies brand uses the story highlights to showcase all the content from their Blog in an organized way.

Don’t forget to Spice up your Bio in Other Ways

Remember, there are plenty of ways that you can use external apps to spice up your Bio too. For instance, when it comes to creating cute Instagram Bios, apps like Canva offer plenty of templates that today’s users can use to create stunning Instagram highlight cover pictures and unique profile pictures. You can even use external apps to add different filters to your images and posts.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a compelling way to make your bio stand out, then tools like LingoJam will allow you to copy and paste unique Instagram bio fonts for your profile. Just type the words you want into the app and choose the font that you like most. Make sure that you choose a font that’s easy to read on a small screen like a smartphone however!

What’s more, of emoji’s aren’t a good choice for your audience, but you don’t want your bio to be all text, you could also use a website like CoolSymbol to copy and paste fancy text and symbols into your bio with a simple click. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways of making your Instagram bio look as unique as possible.

Creating Cute Instagram Bios

Ultimately, your Instagram Bio is one of the best tools you have for capturing audience attention and showcasing your unique personality online. Since you don’t have a lot of space to work with on Instagram, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the most out of every feature available to today’s Instagram users.

With a little luck, the tips above will have given you the guidance and inspiration you need to design the perfect cute Instagram bios to delight your audience.

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