Is SocialCaptain Safe To Use? Our Verdict – Review

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These days, everyone’s trying to grow their Instagram following. Whether you have a business or you’re trying to grow your personal brand, building your Instagram following can lead to money and success. That’s why so many people are searching for ways to gain free Instagram followers.

Many people are looking to gain sponsorships and customers from Instagram. That’s why there’s such a variety of tools available that promise to help you grow your audience. These tools can help you grow your account faster and easallut, not all these tools deliver on their promises. There are some that work wonders and others that fall short.

One of the most popular Instagram automation tools on the market today is SocialCaptain. Many Instagrammers swear by this tool, but, is it safe?

In this SocialCaptain review, I’ll give you the details on this automation tool’s key features and pricing options. I’ll also discuss some of SocialCaptain’s pros and cons, and give you my final thoughts on whether or not this tool is safe to use.

SocialCaptain: The Basics

According to the website, SocialCaptain can help you grow your Instagram following “automagically.” This tool promises to help you gain real followers and engagement. SocialCaptain accomplishes this through automated targeted marketing and artificial intelligence.

This tool connects you with a personal Instagram assistant who will help you with growing your following organically. They’ll get started as soon as you sign up with SocialCaptain.

SocialCaptain makes a variety of promises when it comes to the results that it can provide. They claim to be able to grow your following by 85%. This tool also claims to connect you with 100% real and organic followers.

Free Instagram Followers? Getting Started With SocialCaptain

It’s important to note that SocialCaptain is not a tool that promises free Instagram followers. This tool promises to help you increase your following and engagement rate organically.

It’s easy to get started with SocialCaptain. You can sign up and start your free trial without using a credit card or any other payment method. The first thing to do when you sign up is to define your target audience. SocialCaptain allows you to define your target audience by username, hashtags, and location. You can customize your settings using the dashboard.

This tool is completely automated, so you can configure your settings and let it run.

SocialCaptain’s Key Features

SocialCaptain includes quite a few interesting features that promise to help you grow your account quicker and easier.

Automatic Growth

With SocialCaptain, you can configure your settings and let your Instagram growth efforts run on autopilot. You’ll also have access to a personal Instagram assistant that will take care of all the time-consuming tasks for you.

AI-Optimization Module

This feature is only available with SocialCaptain’s Turbo plan (more details on SocialCaptain’s pricing plans later). Nonetheless, SocialCaptain’s AI-Optimization Module uses artificial intelligence to mimic natural human-like activity on Instagram. SocialCaptain claims that this feature is unique, but there are several automation tools that use AI.

SocialCaptain’s AI-Optimization Module is able to learn and adapt to your behavior in order to avoid robotic actions. This type of automation reduces your risk of triggering Instagram detection tools. You won’t have to worry as much about having your account disabled or banned with this feature. This feature also promises to deliver a higher average growth rate than other automation tools.

Sleek Web Dashboard

SocialCaptain touts its dashboard as being beautifully designed. It’s not too bad. However, there are several other automation tools with similar designs.

socialcaptain dashboard review
Photo Courtesy of Craig Cherlet

Real-Time Results

With SocialCaptain, you can keep track of your growth in real-time via the dashboard. This is a cool feature for marketers who like to stay on top of their analytics.

Auto Direct Message (BETA)

This feature is still in development, but it allows you to send automatic direct messages to your new followers. You can also send targeted messages to a specific list of usernames.

Automation Speed

SocialCaptain allows you to customize your automation speed. This feature is good to have if you’re concerned about repeatedly crossing Instagram’s interaction limits. It’s also great for users who would still like to manage their accounts manually from the Instagram app. Repeatedly surpassing Instagram’s interaction limits may trigger it’s detection tools. You can choose from four automation speeds:

  • Slow. On this speed, your account will only perform about 400 actions each day.
  • Normal. This speed allows your account to perform about 1,000 actions per day.
  • Fast. This speed will have your account performing around 2,000 actions per day. You should be careful with your manual interactions if you choose this speed.
  • Turbo. You can only access this setting with SocialCaptain’s Turbo plan. This setting automates your account at its maximum limit. This is another setting that you should be careful with.

It’s best to stick with the slow speed at first to avoid drawing attention to your account. You should gradually increase your speed over several days for slow, steady growth. SocialCaptain promises to never perform more actions than your rate limit allows.

Hashtag Targeting

Hashtag targeting is a basic feature that all Instagram growth tools should have. This feature allows you to target users who are using hashtags that are relevant to your niche. Hashtag targeting also allows you to connect with accounts that already have an active interest in your niche. With hashtag targeting, you can reach the users who are most likely to follow and engage with your account.

SocialCaptain’s Pricing Options

SocialCaptain offers flexible pricing plans for its Instagram automation service. You can begin using SocialCaptain with a free trial. The free trial doesn’t require a credit card when you sign up. You can cancel this service any time, and there aren’t any hidden fees. You’re able to choose from weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. Purchasing an annual plan gives you a 35% discount.

Here are the pricing options that SocialCaptain offers:

SocialCaptain’s 7 Day Plan

SocialCaptain’s 7 day plan costs $15 a week. With this plan, you’re promised real, targeted growth. You’ll enjoy features such as:

  • Smart Automation
  • Real-time Results
  • Live AnalyticsUnlimited Actions

SocialCaptain’s 30 Day Plan

This plan costs $39 per month. With this plan, you’re promised guaranteed growth and other features including:

  • Smart Automation
  • Real-Time Results and Live Analytics
  • Unlimited Actions

SocialCaptain’s Turbo Plan

SocialCaptain’s Turbo plan costs $99 per month. This is SocialCaptain’s premium plan. With the Turbo plan, SocialCaptain promises supercharged growth. They claim that you’ll gain ten times more followers and engagement with this plan. You’ll also enjoy a variety of features including:

  • The Turbo speed setting
  • SmartGrowth™
  • AI–Optimization
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • All the features included with the lower tiered plans
socialcaptain pricing options

SocialCaptain Review: The Pros

Let’s begin this review by discussing the positive aspects of SocialCaptain.
This application appears to be very transparent with its customers. They offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first 24 hours of upgrading your plan. Their support team is open and willing to help with your concerns.

This feature isn’t unique to SocialCaptain. However, I like the fact that this Instagram automation tool is powered by artificial intelligence. This tool enables your automated activity to come across as more natural and human-like. It uses machine learning algorithms that enable it to learn what works for your account the more you use the tool. The way the tool works improves over time.

I also like the fact that you can track your Instagram growth in real time. This tool works around the clock, and it’s nice to be able to monitor your account’s growth while you’re using it. You can access this data at any time. This is very helpful if you find that you need to make adjustments for better results.

I’m always a fan of automation tools that have advanced targeting capabilities. This is very important for gaining new followers who will actually engage with your account. I like being able to define my target audience. When you can do this, you won’t have to waste engagement on accounts that don’t share similar interests to yours. You can refine your target audience by filtering users by niche, hashtag use, and language. This tool also allows you to target your competitors’ followers.

The next positive aspect of SocialCaptain is its user-friendly interface. This tool’s dashboard is sleek and easy to navigate. Having such a sleek design makes it easier to use SocialCaptain’s feature and save time.

I also enjoyed SocialCaptain’s attentive customer support. Their customer service team is polite and easy to reach.

SocialCaptain Review: The Cons

Now that we’ve discussed SocialCaptain’s postive aspects, let’s get into its downsides.

Before we dive in, I must note the fact that I didn’t notice any major red flags with this Instagram automation tool. That’s not to say that this is an amazing tool, it’s just very similar to other automation tools that I’ve tried. In other words, it’s nothing special.

The biggest downside, in my opinion, is SocialCaptain’s pricing structure. SocialCaptain’s best features (like the SmartGrowth and AI–Optimization features) are only available on the Turbo plan. SocialCaptain is really only worth your time if you can afford this plan for $99 per month.

Although I think SocialCaptain offers some decent features, they aren’t that different from the features of other Instagram automation tools. SocialCaptain is on par with a few other tools, but it doesn’t stand out in any particular way.

You can easily find cheaper and similarly priced alternatives that also offer features like artificial intelligence, hashtag targeting, and customer support.

The Final Verdict: Should You Use SocialCaptain?

In my opinion, SocialCaptain is a cool Instagram automation tool, but I don’t think it’s worth using unless you can afford the Turbo plan. The other plans’ features are pretty basic and you can get them for cheaper with other Instagram automation tools. I didn’t have many cons for SocialCaptain, but there are no features to rave about. In comparison to other Instagram automation tools, SocialCaptain is just okay

Cheaper Alternatives to SocialCaptain

Since SocialCaptain is pretty basic in comparison to other Instagram automation tools, I thought I’d share a few alternatives that give you more for your money.


Upleap is a unique automation tool that connects you with a (human) account manager who will assist you with growing your account. Your account manager assists you with customizing your targets to best suit your niche. They will also interact with your target audience on your behalf.
Upleap has similar features to SocialCaptain.

With Upleap’s cheapest plan you can access features such as hashtag targeting and the ability to target similar users. You can enjoy these features and a human account manager for as low as $39 per month. Because of the human account manager, I feel that this is a better value that SocialCaptain’s 30-day plan.

Upleap offers a three-day free trial if you’d like to give it a try.


KENJI uses artificial intelligence to automate your account. Unlike with SocialCaptain, you can use KENJI’s AI features on its basic plan. This plan will only cost you $19 per month. KENJI only connects you with real accounts, so this tool can really increase your engagement rate. With Kenji, you’ll gain authentic followers who will enjoy interacting with your account.

In addition to KENJI’s artificial intelligence features, you’ll also enjoy a variety of other features with this tool. You’ll be able to target unlimited hashtags, high-speed automation, and location targeting with KENJI’s cheapest plan.

Their premium plan, which is only $29 per month, has a variety of features as well. You’ll enjoy additional features like hypertarget and negative keywords. So, with KENJI, you’ll enjoy more automation features for less money. This is a much better value than SocialCaptain’s $39 monthly plan. KENJI’s plans are comparable to SocialCaptain’s $99 Turbo plan.

KENJI offers a three-day free trial if you’d like to give it a try!

All in all, SocialCaptain is a cool automation tool, but there are definitely cheaper and similarly priced alternatives that give you more for your money

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