Is Bigbangram a Safe Service? Our Review

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Instagram bots are controversial tools. One one hand, they help users to save time, gain more followers and increase their engagement rates. However, on the other hand, many of these services violate Instagram and Facebook’s terms of use. Whenever you decide to use one of these tools, it’s a good idea to make sure you use one that’s safe.

Today, I’ll be reviewing one of the most popular Instagram bots on the market–Bigbangram. This service offers quick and safe Instagram audience growth. It also promises to help you gain real followers and instant likes. Because these promises seem too good to be true, many Instagram users wonder: Is Bigbangram safe?

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Bigbangram, and tell you everything you need to know before signing up for this service. I’ll give you the rundown on Bigbangram’s key features, pricing, and sign up process. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using this Instagram growth service, and I’ll let you know whether or not it’s safe to use. If you’re interested in learning more about Bigbangram, keep reading!

About Bigbangram: The Basics


Bigbangram markets itself as fulfilling the job of six Instagram bot services in one. This tool allows you to manage your likes, direct messages, and comments. It can also follow and unfollow other accounts on your behalf. You can even schedule your content with this tool as well. This Instagram automation tool is geared towards Instagram users who want to grow their accounts quickly and safely. It also claims to be the best tool for gaining likes and new followers.

Bigbangram’s Key Features

BigBangram’s Dashboard (Photo Courtesy of Blogger With a Cause)

BigBangram includes a variety of interesting features that supposedly help your account to grow safely and quickly. Let’s discuss this tool’s key features in detail:

Auto Follow Bot

For this feature, BigBangram uses smart targeting filters to discover the accounts that are most likely to follow you. Then, this tool automatically follows those accounts in hopes that they will follow you back. BigBangram’s Auto Follow Bot gives you a hands-off way of trying the old “follow for follow” rule.

Auto Like Bot

With the Auto Like Bot, you can embark on a targeted liking campaign. You can choose to like posts from certain users or ones that use certain hashtags. This gives you an easy method for interacting with your followers as well as your potential audience. The hope is that users will check out your account, and return the engagement.

Auto Unfollow Bot

Similar to the Auto Follow Bot, the Auto Unfollow Bot gives you a hands-off way to control who your account follows. With this tool, you can unfollow up to 100 accounts with just one click. You can specify the number of people to unfollow. BigBangram also allows you to create lists so that you won’t accidentally unfollow your friends.

Auto Direct Messaging

With this feature, you can stay in touch with your followers by sending them automated messages including welcome messages, promotional messages, and messages regarding contests and giveaways. You can choose to send these messages to all or some of your audience.

Auto Commenting

With BigBangram’s auto commenting feature you can provide fast responses to any new comments or replies you receive. This tool collects your comments in an easy to find location so that you can organize your responses.

Daily Limits

With this feature, BigBangram promises that you’ll gain a minimum of 40-50 followers per day. This is a bold claim to make, but BigBangram assures its customers that its daily limits are time-tested. You can experiment with this setting and customize your personal limits using the tool’s dashboard.

Scheduled Posting

Most people who run Instagram accounts for brands and businesses rely heavily on scheduled posting. Having the ability to do this saves time and keeps your feed up to date. All you have to do is upload your content, set a date and time, and let the bot take care of the rest. BigBangram does not appear to be an official Instagram partner, so you can’t post videos directly with this tool.

Software Set Up

If you’re having trouble setting up a promotion via Instagram, Bigbangram will do it for you. They claim to be able to generate a click through rate of up to 40% for your promotions.

Free Proxy

For customers who use this service for three or more accounts on the same IP address, BigBangram offers free proxy set up. This will allow you to operate your accounts from multiple different IP addresses for free to avoid being penalized through Instagram.

Multiple Accounts

BigBangram gives you the option to add multiple accounts to its service. This is helpful for freelance social media marketers who run accounts for multiple businesses. It’s also great for businesses with multiple accounts for different subsidiaries or branches.

Getting Started With Bigbangram

Signing up for BigBangram was easy and fast. All you need to do is create an account, connect your Instagram profile, and adjust your settings. From there, the bot will handle pretty much everything else.

Bigbangram is currently offering a seven day free trial to its new users. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must create a new BigBangram account and purchase a one-month subscription. If you don’t want to spend the money for a one-month subscription to access the seven-day trial, you can try BigBangram for three days for $1.

Pricing & Plans

BigBangram’s pricing is very straightforward. You can choose from the $1 trial Account or the $15 monthly account. With the three-day trial account, you can test out all of the features except the free proxy feature.

For $15 a month, you can set up one account and access all of BigBangram’s features. In addition to the basic bot features, they also have quite a few options regarding setting up promotions. You can set up promotions based on your location, hashtags, competitor’s followers, or personal contact lists.

According to the founder of BigBangRam, this service follows a buy more, pay less rule. They claim that if you pay:

  • $45 then $50 will be posted to your BigBangram account balance
  • $85 then $100 will be posted to your BigBangram account balance
  • $270 then $350 will be posted to your BigBangram account balance

Overall, this is one of the most affordable Instagram bot services that I have come across.

Bigbangram: The Pros

Before we dive into whether or not BigBangram is a safe service, I want to share some pros and cons of using this tool. I’ll start with BigBangram’s positive aspects.


The best thing about this tool is the fact that you can use it to complete several automated tasks. I like the fact that you can do so much with just one tool. BigBangram allows you to engage with your audience, schedule posts, and keep track of your promotions in one convenient location. Their dashboard is well-designed, so it’s easy to configure your settings and keep track of your account’s growth.


I also appreciate the fact that you can adjust your activity levels with this tool. This is a plus because you can ensure that your automation isn’t too overzealous. Maintaining a seemingly normal level of activity and engagement will reduce your account’s chances of being suspended or disabled. Using an Instagram bot is always risky, but with this service, you can at least attempt to minimize this risk.

No Additional Downloads

Another great thing about BigBangram is the fact that you can use this service online in your web browser. It doesn’t require any additional software downloads or set up. BigBangram can be used with any operating system. All you have to do to get started is sign up, link your Instagram account, and configure your settings. The easy setup process is great for those who are not as technologically savvy. It also saves a lot of time!

Secure Site

If you’re concerned about the safety of your data while using BigBangram, then you’ll be happy to know that their site has an HTTPS certificate. This means that the data you input will be protected and less vulnerable to security breaches and hackers.

Bigbangram: The Cons

Although I enjoy testing out several of BigBangram’s features, there are a few downsides to using this tool that you should be aware of.

BigBangram Has Not Been Approved By Instagram

The biggest issue that I had with this tool is the fact that BigBangram is not an official Instagram Partner. You will be hardpressed to find an Instagram bot that is approved by Instagram, but there are several other scheduling tools that are. This is important because tools that are partnered with Instagram are safer and easier to use with the platform. Such tools also tend to use Instagram’s Graph API. Occasionally users experience blocks or glitches while using tools that aren’t partnered with Instagram.

While this fact alone does not make using BigBangram unsafe, there are plenty of safer alternatives that are similarly priced. For example, is an Instagram post scheduler that you can use for free. Its upgraded Plus Plan is only $9 per month (and you can get it for $7.50 per month if you pay annually!). Later’s Premium Plan is only $19 if you pay on a monthly basis. Later is a cheaper alternative depending on which plan you choose, and you can enjoy the added security of working with an Instagram partner. is an instagram partner

The Use of “Gram” In Its Name

This issue doesn’t affect BigBangram’s functions or the results that you can achieve with this tool. However, it does make this service a bit more vulnerable to being shut down by Instagram. Instagram has made it known that it does not approve of third-party services uses “Gram” or “Insta” within their brand names. At any moment, Instagram can take legal action against BigBangram. If this affects the service’s ability to operate, you will lose your analytics, settings, and money.

BigBangram Is Only Compatible With Instagram

If your online marketing strategy is focused solely on Instagram, then this won’t be a problem for you. However, I market through multiple online channels including other social media platforms. I also tend to do a lot of cross-posting. For me, this means that I need an Instagram scheduler that will allow me to schedule content for multiple platforms at once.

If you’re a social media marketer with similar needs, then I wouldn’t suggest BigBangram as your scheduling tool. Although its features are easy to use and understand, you can only use this automation service for Instagram. If you’re looking for a tool that also allows you to schedule content for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, then I suggest checking out

No 24/7 Support

While using BigBangram, I found all the assistance I needed via the blog and FAQ page. However, if you’re someone who prefers personalized, on-demand support, then you should be aware that BigBangram’s support team isn’t available 24/7. This can be inconvenient if you don’t live in a time zone that is compatible with BigBangram’s customer service hours. For the most part, I didn’t experience any technical issues with this tool, but customer support is nice to have just in case.

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The Final Word: Is Bigbangram a Safe Service?

The main question I sought to answer while testing out BigBangram is whether or not the service is safe. In my opinion, BigBangram is basically a safe service. Using BigBangram does involve some risk, but this risk exists with most Instagram tools. Since most of these types of services go against Instagram’s user guidelines, you should always approach them with caution. You can make using BigBangram safer by lowering your activity levels and reducing your automated engagement.

Although BigBangram seems to be a safe service, it’s not at the top of my list of recommendations. There are quite a few more affordable services that you can use to schedule posts and grow your Instagram account.

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