Social Envy Shut Down – 5 Better Services To Use Now

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During its prime, Social Envy was a game-changer amongst Instagram automation services. Social Envy was one of the first tools of its kind offering organic follower growth. With Social Envy, you could grow your following organically with the help of a human account manager. This person would interact with your target audience and drive traffic to your Instagram profile.

social envy website home page
Social Envy’s Former Home Page. Photo Courtesy of WildFreeDesign

In addition to access to a human account manager, Social Envy’s main features included audience targeting and weekly reporting. Account managers used hashtags and advanced search technology to identify potential followers in your niche. They also sent out weekly reports so Social Envy users could monitor and analyze their social media growth.

Social Envy also offered advanced features like username, location, and gender targeting. The username targeting feature enabled users to target the audiences of popular accounts in their niches. This tool also allowed you to target potential followers by location and gender. Each of these features ensured that your account manager would only interact with accounts that were likely to follow you.

With so many great features included, it’s a shame that Social Envy is no longer available. But, if you’re interested in any of Social Envy’s top features, there are quite a few similar services on the market that have comparable offerings. In this article, we’ll give you the scoop on some of the top Social Envy alternatives. We’ll also discuss a few of the top theories regarding Social Envy’s shut down.

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Why Social Envy Shut Down

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably curious about the exact reason why Social Envy shut down. The exact cause of Social Envy’s untimely demise remains unverified, but there are a few theories that seem to make sense.

One of the most common reasons why services like this get shut down is due to breaching Instagram’s guidelines. Technically, most services that promise to grow your following are in violation of Instagram’s terms of use. This is because many of these services use bot accounts and spam to grow users’ accounts. Over the past few years, Instagram has worked hard to reduce spam across its platform.

Instagram automation services also tend to shut down after receiving multiple customer complaints. Although Social Envy was loved by many, this company has several negative reviews across the Internet. Past customers commonly complained of unauthorized charges after they had canceled their accounts. Former Social Envy customers also complained about the quality of the new followers they gained.

While these theories are quite plausible, the most likely reason for Social Envy’s shut down stems from its founders’ legal issues. The creators of Social Envy were recently sued by Facebook, Inc., Instagram’s parent company, for selling fake engagement and Instagram likes. Facebook, Inc. sent a cease and desist to Social Envy’s founders in February 2018, and the service became unavailable shortly thereafter. Social Envy was accused of misleading its users, creating fake profiles, and collecting user information.

facebook app logo on smartphone
Facebook, Inc. sued Social Envy’s Founders in early 2018. Photo courtesy of TechCrunch.

The Top Social Envy Alternatives

Although Social Envy is no longer available, you can still enjoy many of the features that it offered through other services. Several Instagram automation tools exist that offer effective functions like hashtag targeting, human account managers, and organic growth. Here are five of the best Social Envy alternatives of 2019:


instagram bot kenji

For fast organic Instagram growth with the help of artificial intelligence technology, Kenji is a great option. Here’s how this innovative social media automation tool compares to Social Envy:

Kenji’s Key Features

Unlike Social Envy, Kenji does not pair you with a human account manager. Instead, this Instagram growth tool utilizes artificial intelligence technology to help you gain new followers and more engagement. Although this sounds extremely technical, Kenji is very easy to set up and use. Once you sign up and set your audience targeting preference, the machine-learned Kenji bot does most of the work.

Like Social Envy, Kenji grows your Instagram following by interacting with users who appear to have an active interest in your niche. With Kenji, you can target potential followers based on the hashtags they use and their location. This tool also allows you to target the followers of your competitors or other similar accounts. Kenji also has a boosted HyperTarget feature that allows you to select accounts that you admire and target their followers. Whether you’re a small business, rising influencer, or a marketer at an agency, you should definitely give Kenji a try!

Kenji’s Pricing

Kenji is extremely inexpensive compared to Social Envy. This Instagram growth automation tool offers two inexpensive subscription options:

  • The Samurai Plan, $19 per month
  • The Shogun Plan, $29 per month

This tool also offers a three-day free trial that allows you to test out all of its capabilities risk-free!


instagram marketing service upleap

If you’re looking for a Social Envy alternative that’s run by humans, then Upleap is your best bet. Let’s take a look at how Upleap compares to Social Envy:

Upleap’s Key Features

Like Social Envy, Upleap offers organic Instagram growth with access to your very own human account manager. As an Upleap customer, you’ll know your account manager by name, and you’re also able to see their location. Instead of simply focusing on increasing your number of followers, Upleap’s account managers strive to target quality users. This enables you to grow your following faster and improve your account’s engagement rate.

Also similar to Social Envy, Upleap focuses on interacting with Instagram users who are likely to follow you and interact with your content. In order to achieve this, Upleap offers effective features like hashtag targeting, location targeting, and the ability to target your competitors’ followers.

Upleap’s Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Upleap offers a better value than Social Envy. Social Envy’s basic plan cost customers $15 a week, and its upgraded plan ran for $25 per week. This tool costs nearly half as much. Here are Upleap’s three affordable subscription options:

  • The Lite Plan, $39 per month
  • The Standard Plan, $69 per month
  • The Premium Plan, $99 per month

Each of these plans includes a personal account manager, hashtag targeting, and similar user targeting. Upleap’s upgraded plans include additional features like faster organic growth, the ability to view Instagram stories, location targeting, and premium support.

If you’re interested in giving Upleap a try, you can do it risk-free with their three-day free trial. It’s free to sign up and no credit card details are required! And, signing up for Upleap only takes a few minutes.


How Safe is JARVEE and Should You Use It - A Review

The next Social Envy alternative on our list, JARVEE, promises to perform the daily tasks of a full social media team. Let’s take a closer look at JARVEE and its features:

JARVEE’s Key Features

JARVEE is a versatile social media automation tool that can help you grow your following on multiple platforms. Although Instagram is the hottest social media platform at the moment, JARVEE is great for marketers who need growth on other sites. You can also connect JARVEE to other social media hubs like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

When it comes to Instagram, JARVEE enables users to automate tasks like following and unfollowing accounts, re-posting, and commenting. Like the other tools on our list, JARVEE also uses hashtag targeting to identify and interact with quality potential followers. JARVEE also offers additional time-saving features like post scheduling, auto-hashtagging, and content curation.

Although JARVEE is a decent social media tool, it does come with a couple of downsides. The biggest issue for me is the fact that JARVEE requires you to download software. This tool is also designed for Windows 7 or higher. If you’re a Mac user or you don’t want to download the software, I’d go with one of the other alternatives on this list. You can enjoy similar features without the hassle!

JARVEE’s Pricing

JARVEE offers three different pricing options for its social media automation services. The most affordable option is JARVEE’s Starter Package.

You can access this plan and its features for a monthly price of $29.95. This plan allows you to connect up to ten social media accounts. JARVEE also offers a Professional Package that costs $69.95 per month that allows you to connect up to 70 social media accounts. Finally, JARVEE’s top-tier option, the Premium Package costs $99.95 per month. With this plan, you can connect up to 150 social media accounts.

For Instagram automation alone, JARVEE isn’t my top pick, but it’s great to have if you need to connect multiple social media accounts across multiple platforms. If you’ll only be using your Social Envy alternative to market one or a few Instagram accounts, then I’d suggest going with one of the cheaper alternatives on the list.


How Safe is Kicksta and Should You Use It - A Review

Kicksta (formerly known as Kickstagram) is a Social Envy alternative that uses a four-step strategy for fast, organic Instagram growth. Let’s take a look at some of its key features and pricing options:

Kicksta’s Key Features

Kicksta uses a smart targeting algorithm and artificial intelligence technology to help your Instagram account gain real, organic followers. This tool also pairs you with a customer success manager who assists you with managing your account.

Like Social Envy, Kicksta targets potential followers by gauging their potential interest in your account. With this tool, you define between 10 and 40 target audiences based on your subscription. Kicksta promises to interact with up to 60,000 accounts on your behalf, and its targeting functions ensure that you’re able to make the most of this number.

Kicksta’s Pricing

Kicksta’s pricing is very comparable to Social Envy’s. This tool offers two subscription options: the Moderate Growth Plan and the Maximum Growth plan. The Moderate Growth plan costs $49 per month, and it includes features like smart filters, video onboarding, and up to ten target audiences.

Kicksta’s Maximum Growth Plan goes for $99 per month. This subscription option includes a variety of additional features like detailed targeting options, email and chat support and up to 40 target audiences.

Although Kicksta is great, if you have budget constraints, I’d suggest going with one of the cheaper alternatives on our list. They offer comparable features for a cheaper price!


Is Social Captain Safe to Use? Our Verdict

SocialCaptain has much more in common with Social Envy than its name. Here’s why it’s one of the best Social Envy alternatives:

SocialCaptain’s Key Features

SocialCaptain is an artificial intelligence powered Instagram bot that enables you to grow your following with ease. With SocialCaptain, you can configure your audience targeting settings and experience 100% hands-off Instagram growth. This Instagram bot has the ability to learn and pick up on human behavior which enables it to mimic human interactions.

Like the other tools on our list, SocialCaptain enables you to target potential followers based on the hashtags they use. This feature makes it easier to connect with Instagram users who already have an active interest in your niche. According to SocialCaptain’s website, this tool can increase your Instagram following by up to 85%.

SocialCaptain’s Pricing

SocialCaptain offers a few different pricing plans, but in my opinion, its Turbo Plan is the only one that’s really worth your time. At $99 per month, SocialCaptain’s Turbo Plan comes at a pretty high price. However, if you were already paying for Social Envy’s premium plan, then switching to SocialCaptain’s Turbo Plan won’t break the bank. With the Turbo Plan, you can enjoy features like SmartGrowth, A.I. optimization, and dedicated customer support.

A Final Word About Social Envy Alternatives

Although Social Envy’s shut down was difficult for many of its most loyal customers, there are plenty of alternatives available. Each of the Instagram growth tools on our list offers similar features and is a great replacement for Social Envy.

If you’re wondering which Social Envy alternative you should try, I’d suggest giving either Kenji’s or Upleap’s free trial a chance before splurging on one of the more expensive tools. This way, you can test out a comparable Instagram tool at no risk and no cost. These are also the cheapest choices on our list, so you can save a few bucks if you end up falling in love with one of them.

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