5 Instagress Alternatives That Make Managing Instagram Easy

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It seems like a different Instagram automation tool shuts downs every day. If you were an avid Instagress user, then I’m sure you know that this tool no longer exists.

During the height of its popularity, Instagress helped thousands of users grow their Instagram accounts. Although Instagress’ most loyal customers will miss this social media automation tool, there are several excellent alternatives that you can try now.

In this article, I’ll give you the backstory on why Instagress no longer exists and let you in on some of the best Instagress alternatives. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

What Happened to Instagress?

There are several reasons why an Instagram automation tool might get shut down. It’s important to note that most of these tools violate Instagram’s terms of use.

Instagram dedicates itself to providing a space for human-to-human interactions which means they prefer their users to not use bots.

If you choose to use an Instagram bot to save time and help to increase your following, it’s important to use them sparingly.

One of the main reasons that tools like Instagress get shut down stems from users who use these services to spam others.

When used correctly, tools like Instagress can generate authentic interactions and engagement. Unfortunately, Instagram caught wind of users using Instagress, so they ordered the service to shut down.

Instagress also put itself at risk by using “Insta” as a part of its brand name. Instagram (Facebook, Inc.) has repeatedly urged third-party services to avoid using “Insta” and “Gram” in their brand names. It’s likely that Instagram took legal action against Instagress for copyright infringement.

The Best Instagress Alternatives

No matter what led to Instagress’ demise, this tool no longer exists. But, if you still want to use an automation tool to save time and grow your account, you have options.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best alternatives to Instagress. These tools are safe and easy to use.

Automation tools can be risky. However, you can use these tools without worrying too much about putting your account at risk.

1. Upleap

Upleap is one of the most effective and safe Instagram automation tools on the market. This tool goes beyond the usual methods of tools like Instagress by pairing you with a dedicated (human) account manager.

instagress alternative upleap

Let’s take a closer look at some of Upleap’s key features:

  • Dedicated Account Managers

Each Upleap subscription includes a dedicated human account manager. This person handles your automated interactions and helps you with growing your following.

You’ll be able to know your account manager’s name and location as well as more details about their social media marketing experience.

upleap account manager- instagress alternative
My Upleap Account Manager
  • Advanced Targeting

Rather than taking a broad approach to attracting new followers, your Upleap account manager targets users who are likely to interact with your account.

With Upleap, you’ll gain real followers who will engage with you and your brand. This tool allows you to target users based on the hashtags they use, their location, and the accounts they already follow.

  • Affordable Pricing

Considering the fact that your Upleap account includes a dedicated account manager, this service is pretty cheap.

Upleap offers three affordable plans:

  • The Lite Plan, $39 per month
  • The Standard Plan, $69 per month
  • The Premium Plan, $99 per month

You’ll have access to all of Upleap’s main features with each plan. The upgraded plans also come with extra perks like faster organic growth, the ability to view Instagram stories, and premium support.

Upleap offers a three-day free trial, so you can give it a try risk-free. It only takes a few minutes to set this tool up and no credit card details are required for the trial period.

2. Kenji

If you favor a more technological approach to social media automation, then you’ll definitely want to give this Instagress alternative a try.


With Kenji, you can experience fast Instagram growth with the help of machine-learned artificial intelligence technology.

Here are some of Kenji’s key features:

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology

Kenji isn’t your typical Instagram bot running off of a script. This tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to help you get more followers and increase your engagement rate.

The Kenji bot is machine-learned, and over time, it can mimic your behavior and predict the best accounts to interact with.

  • Target Your Audience

Rather than interacting with as many accounts as possible, Kenji targets users who already have an active interest in your niche.

You can target users based on the hashtags they use, the accounts they follow, and their location.

Kenji’s Dashboard
  • HyperTarget

Kenji’s HyperTarget function makes it easy to emulate the top accounts in your niche. With this feature, you can target the followers of your competitors.

Since your competitors most likely create content based on similar topics, their audience is more likely to take an interest in your feed.

This innovative feature helps you to target the right users and optimize Kenji’s interactions.

  • Easy Set-Up

Although the idea of training a bot to automate your Instagram growth sounds extremely technical, Kenji is easy to use and set up.

All you have to do is sign up and connect your Instagram account. Once you’re signed in, you can configure your targeting preferences, and Kenji takes over from there!

As a busy marketing professional, I love that Kenji works continuously and autonomously throughout the day.

  • Affordable Pricing

If you’re in the beginning stages of building your Instagram following, then you’ll love Kenji’s pricing. This tool is one of the most affordable Instagram bots on the market.

With Kenji, you can choose from two affordable plans:

  • The Samurai Plan, $19 per month
  • The Shogun Plan, $29 per month

The Samurai Plan includes cool features like unlimited hashtags, high-speed automation, location targeting, and the ability to blacklist certain users.

For an extra $10 a month, you can add on additional features like HyperTarget and negative keywords.

If you’re interested in giving Kenji a try, you can do so at no cost. Kenji offers a three-day free trial that doesn’t require any commitments or credit card information!

3. Riotly Social Media

This Instagress alternative helps influencers and bloggers find their target audience on Instagram.

riotly social media instagress alternative

Riotly Social Media is an Instagram marketing agency that works by interacting with your target audience on your behalf.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Targets Real Users

Riotly Social Media’s team interacts with users who have an active interest in your niche. With this tool, you can target users based on keywords and hashtags.

From there, the Riotly Social Media team will follow your target audience’s accounts and like their posts.

These interactions get you noticed by users who may not have otherwise come across your account. Riotly claims that these interactions yield a 30% to 50% follow back rate.

If you sign up for their Ultimate or Elite plan, then you’ll enjoy continuous user targeting optimization. This means that over time, Riotly will optimize your targeting preference to maximize your efforts.

  • Phone & Email Support

Another cool feature that comes with this Instagress alternative is phone and email support. With Riotly’s Starter and Growth plans, you can contact the support team via email with any questions that you may have about using this service.

If you select the Ultimate or Elite plan, then you’ll also be able to reach the customer support team by phone.

  • Monthly Auto-Renew

With Riotly, you won’t have to worry about renewing your subscription every month. This service renews automatically, so you won’t have to worry about any interruptions of your social media automation efforts.

  • Auto Direct Messaging

You can access Riotly Social Media’s auto direct messaging feature by signing up for the Elite Plan. It can also be added to their other plans for an additional $70 per month.

This feature allows you to send direct messages to users you’d like to target. You can also send automated direct messages to users who engage with your posts.

  • Easy Pricing Structure

Like the other Instagress alternatives we’ve mentioned, Riotly Social Media has a pretty straightforward pricing structure.

This automation service offers four monthly plans:

  • The Starter Plan, $50 per month
  • The Growth Plan, $70 per month
  • The Ultimate Plan, $120 per month
  • The Elite Plan, $180 per month

Riotly Social Media is currently offering a six-day free trial if you’d like to give it a try!

4. Instato

This Instagress alternative allows you to grow your social media network with authentic followers.

instato instagress alternative

Let’s check out some of Instato’s key features:

  • Complete Automation

With Instato, you can automate your interactions with other Instagram users. This tool lets you auto-follow and auto unfollow other accounts.

You can also leave automated comments and send auto DMs to your new and existing followers. This tool also lets you plan out your content and schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time.

Instato lets you put your Instagram growth on autopilot so you can focus on other business tasks.

  • Audience Targeting

Instato helps you target your ideal audience based on a couple of key factors. You can target Instagram users that use hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

If you’re a local business that wants to use Instagram to attract new customers, you can choose to target users in your city.

  • Comparable Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Instato is comparable to other affordable tools of its kind. Instato offers a three-day free trial, and then you can choose from one of their affordable plans:

  • The Personal Plan, $29.95 a month
  • The Team Plan, $49.95 a month
  • The Agency Plan, $99.95 a month

Each plan comes equipped with Instato’s main features. If you need to automate multiple Instagram accounts, then you can do so with one of the upgraded plans.

The Team Plan allows you to automate up to five accounts. With the Agency Plan, you can automate up to fifteen accounts.


This versatile Instagress alternative performs the daily tasks of a full social media marketing team.


Here are some of JARVEE’s key features:

  • Compatible With Multiple Platforms

If you want to automate your growth on other social media platforms aside from Instagram, JARVEE is the tool for you.

With JARVEE, you can fully automate your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. If you’re a busy marketing managing multiple accounts across multiple platforms, JARVEE will make your daily life much easier.

  • Complete Automation

With JARVEE, users can automate a variety of tasks. You can follow and unfollow accounts and leave automated comments.

JARVEE also allows you to re-post content from other accounts in your niche. You can also save time with JARVEE by scheduling your content ahead of time and curating content.

  • Hashtag Targeting

Like other great Instagress alternatives on our list, JARVEE uses hashtag targeting to find your ideal audience.

With this function, JARVEE finds and interacts with accounts that use hashtags related to your niche. This helps you to get discovered by the accounts that are most likely to follow you back and interact with your account.

An Important Note About JARVEE

JARVEE is a great social media automation tool. However, I’d suggest going with one of the other Instagress alternatives on our list if you’re not a Windows user.

This tool requires you to download additional software. The software is designed for Windows 7 or higher. So, if you’re using Mac OS, you’ll have to download a remote server.

JARVEE’s features are cool, but you can enjoy the same options without the hassle with services like Kenji and Upleap.

  • Affordable Pricing

Depending on your budget, JARVEE is pretty affordable. This service offers three pricing options:

  • The Starter Package, $29.95 a month
  • The Professional Package, $69.95 a month
  • The Premium Package, $99.95 a month

BONUS: Best Ingress alternative for professionals – Nitreo.com

One of the more complete and fully-featured Instagress alternatives. Nitreo is an automation and growth tool for Instagram with a plethora of standard and advanced features.

Nitreo Instagress Alternative

Here are some of Nitreo’s key features:

  • Fully hosted

Unlike JARVEE or some other Instagram bots, Nitreo is a hosted service that doesn’t require you to have your computer always on.

  • Smart automation

Nitreo will automate your entire Instagram flow. It will follow and unfollow accounts, but it goes a step further. It uses smart hashtags and advanced targeting to reach out to the exact group of Instagram users you want as followers. The best part is, it’s smart targeting actually does a lot of optimization for you, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time setting it up.

  • Advanced targeting

You can target accounts by several important parameters and really get into the nitty-gritty if you want. Set the location, gender, white-list or black-list accounts and even choose to exclude business accounts.

  • Affordable Pricing

Nitreo doesn’t offer free trier or even free trial, but it does offer a growth guarantee. Also, the plans are not expensive and you get great value for your money.

Nitreo Plans start at $29 per month

Final Words On The Best Alternatives to Instagress

If you’re looking for the best Instagress alternative, any of the services on our list will meet your needs. It’s a good idea to test out a few free trials before making your final decision.

All of the alternatives on this list are safe, effective, and affordable!

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