Share Instagram Stories From More Apps

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Recent changes made by Instagram mean you can share Instagram Stories from other apps that you have! The changes were rolled out stealthily by the team at Facebook. Social media has always been expressive of your ‘self’ – and Instagram perfectly captures that alongside Snapchat.

So, what does being able to share Instagram Stories mean for you, the user?

Share Instagram Stories With Spotify

Express yourself with music. Spotify is the undisputed king of the music streaming world, and you’d be hard-pressed if Instagram didn’t integrate it. The idea is simple: find a song you like, press the share Instagram Stories button, and the Instagram app opens up. It’s a unique integration you won’t find with other platforms. Have a look:

You don’t even need to connect your Instagram with Spotify, the app opens natively. For any privacy buff, this means your data isn’t shared with a third party. Great!

More roll-outs to Instagram were announced at F8, alongside Instagram Video Chat.

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