Notify Proxies Review – Is It A Quality Service? Discover The Truth

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Notify Proxies is not exactly the new kid on the block; yet, I tested its proxies only recently. 

So, today, I’m going to share my experience with the service in a detailed Notify Proxies review.

How good are its proxies? What about its features and prices? 

Stay with me until the end of the article to find out answers to these and many more!

What Is Notify Proxies?

Notify Proxies is a well-known proxy provider founded in 2017.

A screenshot showing Notify Proxies homepage

The company offers three types of proxies:

  • Residential proxies
  • Datacenter proxies
  • ISP proxies

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the number of IPs they have in their offer because the company doesn’t disclose its proxy pool’s size.

Anyways, if you’re not familiar with ISP proxies, they’re essentially the mix of residential and datacenter proxies.

What it means is that ISP proxies have the architecture of datacenter proxies, and they’re supported by an ISP (Internet Service Providers) as well.

Because of this, these proxies have lightning speeds and are secure and reliable at the same time.

Now, there are a few use cases where you will need residential proxies with datacenter proxies’ speed:

  • Shopping for limited-edition items
  • Sneaker copping
  • Fast private browsing
  • Web scraping at high speed

You can also use them for other use cases for which you would typically use datacenter or residential proxies:

  • SEO and SERP analysis
  • Travel fare and aggregation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Market research
  • Social media automation
  • Ad verification and similar

However, since ISP proxies are usually much more expensive than other proxy types, it doesn’t make any economic sense to use them until you need them for specific use cases.

Best Notify Proxies Features

The main Notify Proxies features are:


Notify Proxies provides multiple different countries for residential proxies:

  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • China
  • Australia
  • Singapore

They also state how there’s ‘more,’ but they don’t say which ones on their website.

As for datacenter and ISP proxies, they have servers in two locations:

  • Ashburn, Virginia
  • New York

The great thing about Notify Proxies is that the company owns all of its data center servers. 


Notify Proxies offers unlimited bandwidth for datacenter plans since you’re paying per amount of proxies in the package.

However, the data expires after 30 days.

On the other hand, they offer two types of packages for residential proxies:

  • No expiration plan
  • 30-day plan

With no expiration plan, your data won’t expire until you use all of it. 


If there’s one thing I appreciate about Notify Proxies, it’s that they’re honest.

On their website, they say how they don’t guarantee 100% uptime or functionality, which is fair.

Their servers run at 10GBPS, and they say how maximum speed will depend on locations and current Virginia server speeds.

Authentication method

They offer user/password method for data center plans, whereas, for residential plans, they offer only IP whitelisting.

Proxy Generating

They don’t offer unlimited proxy generation. You can generate up to 1000 IPs.

Customer Support

Notify Proxies doesn’t have a live chat, but you can contact them via Twitter by sending them a message or email.

They also have a Discord, but you have to contact their support to get an invite to their channel. 

There, they provide discount codes, announce the dates of restockings, etc.


After the purchase, you’ll receive an email with your IPs within a few minutes.

You can use them instantly!


Their dashboard is simple and easy to use. 

With the residential dashboard, you can:

  • Monitor your data usage
  • Authorize IPs
  • Choose a proxy type
  • Choose location
  • Choose the number of proxies you want to create

Notify Proxies Pricing

Notify Proxies’ prices are equivalent to some of the other premium providers:

A screenshot of Notify Proxies datacenter plans

A screenshot of Notify Proxies residential plan

Their ISP plans are currently out of stock, as well as their datacenter plans.

For their datacenter proxies, they offer packages with 10, 25, 50, and 100 proxies. 

For residential plans, you can choose between 1-3 GB of data for no expiration packages and 1-10 GB of data for a 30-day plan.

I have to say that both prices for datacenter plans and residential plans are steep.

The price per proxy for the datacenter plan is almost $1,5, and for the ISP plan is almost $5.

Not to mention exorbitant prices for residential plans, where 1 GB of data costs $20-22!

I consider that to be very expensive, especially when their features are basic.

More affordable proxy providers: Proxyland

The best alternative for Notify Proxies is Proxyland.

Can you believe they’re 7 times cheaper than Notify Proxies and have the same features?

Proxyland offers:

  • 1 GB of data for $2,9
  • More than 10 million residential IPs
  • Custom packages
  • Sticky and rotating sessions
  • More than 100 countries worldwide
  • Huge discounts for bulk
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Helpful customer support
  • A wide range of features
  • Pay as you go option
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Many use cases

Notify Proxies vs. Competitors

If so far you don’t like how Notify Proxies sounds, check out the list I made below.

Proxy serviceRatingPrice
Proxyland4.8$2.9 per GB
Luminati4$17.5 per GB
Smartproxy3.4$15 per GB

Is Notify Proxies Any Good?

Notify Proxies are honest with their customers, and they’re serious about your safety.


They do offer quality services, and with them, your success is guaranteed.


But you would think that they offer fancy features considering their extravagant price tags.


However, that’s not the case. 


The company lacks many features and has many limitations.

Why You Should Try Notify Proxies

  • Their proxies are lightning fast.
  • They own their datacenter servers.
  • Their ISP proxies work very well.

Why You Should NOT Try Notify Proxies

  • They have only basic features.
  • They only offer a few locations.
  • They’re too expensive.
  • Not suited for individuals or smaller businesses.
  • They’re expensive.
  • They’re often out of stock.
  • They don’t offer any refunds.
  • You have to pay huge monthly commitments.

The Best Alternative To Notify Proxies

Since I’m a solopreneur who can’t afford Notify Proxies, I found an even better but cheaper solution – Proxyland

Proxyland’s services are of the highest quality, and everyone can afford them.

1 GB of data costs only $2,9, and they have a vast residential proxy pool!

You can also have:

  • Handy features
  • 99% uptime
  • Ability to target almost any country or city
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Fast network connection
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Around the clock customer support, and many more

Notify Proxies: Overall Score

My final thoughts on Notify Proxies are:

Speed: They have high-speed ISP and datacenter proxies.  ✅

Trustworthiness: Notify Proxies is a legitimate company.  ✅

Performance: Their proxies work fine.  ✅

Features: Notify Proxies offers a few basic features.  ❌

Price: They’re costly. ❌

Accessibility for small businesses: Not suited for individuals and small companies.  ❌

Affordability: Only larger corporations can afford it.  ❌

You’re probably wondering right now – Should I use Notify Proxies?

Well, if you’re not limited on the budget, and you’re willing to spend a fortune on proxies, then go ahead.

But just know you can have the same quality and even better features with some other proxy provider such as Proxyland.

Proxyland is a service that everyone can afford, and you can use its proxies for multiple different use case scenarios.

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