Automatically Publish to Instagram with Later

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Woohoo! You can now schedule and then automatically publish your posts directly to Instagram with Later. A long awaited feature that seemed to have been inevitable has just made Later better.

What This Means For You

Any SUEVU reader probably already knows what this means – you don’t need to deal with any pesky reminders to publish your posts (provided you’re a business profile). You can now publish your posts at a scheduled time directly through Later. For now, this only works with single photo posts and not carousel or video posts, but we’re sure this is on Later (and Instagram’s) roadmap.

The best part about Later is that they’ve gone against adding it to a paid-only plan (many other companies would have done so). Keeping it simple – Later made sure this feature is available to every business profile on their Forever Free Plan and up. Meaning you don’t need to spend big bucks to get things rolling on autopilot.

How It Works

The best way to explain it is through this infographic. Simply put, you’re required to have a business profile and want to schedule photo posts. To reiterate, personal profiles and videos will still have to go through the “old school” push notification way.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts (credit:


Why the Addition?

With Instagram adding new features to their API, Later have been the first team to integrate this into their platform. Whether this means others will follow suit, we’re not sure. And there are still a few limitations to using the Auto Publish feature, such as not being able to tag profiles or locations. Some kinks to iron out for sure, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out for free!

To learn more, Matt from Later wrote an article about their new auto publish feature.

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