3 of the Best Instagram Marketing Services to Use in 2020

Whether you run a Fortune 500 company or you’re a solopreneur, growing and maintaining a following on Instagram is a must for success in today’s business world.

Over 89% of Instagram users follow brands and businesses. This means that growth on this platform can significantly increase your bottom line.

By now, we all know that growth on Instagram requires posting consistently and engaging with other users. While these tactics seem pretty simple and straightforward, it can be a lot to keep up with if you have a busy schedule.

Finding the time to manage my Instagram account used to be a major challenge for me. However, things got much easier when I began to use Instagram marketing services.

There are several efficient tools available to help you manage your Instagram account and grow your following.

In this post, I’ll let you in on some of the best Instagram marketing services you should be using in 2020.

These tools are great for helping you to grow your following and keeping track of your posting schedule. Keep reading to learn more!

The Best Instagram Marketing Services

1. Upleap

This Instagram growth service is a great option for busy business owners.

Upleap makes growing your Instagram audience easier than ever by connecting you with a real, human account manager.

Your account manager engages with users in your niche to help you gain more likes, followers, and impressions. This tool can grow Instagram accounts for up to 300% faster!

instagram marketing service upleap

What I Love About Upleap

There’s a lot to love about Upleap! You can check out a review we did here.

The main highlight of this tool is the dedicated account manager. Since I use Upleap to grow my personal Instagram account, I appreciate the personal touch that the account manager adds. This is very important to me because I don’t want my interactions to seem inauthentic or impersonal.

In my opinion, Upleap is the best Instagram growth service for users who are looking to build a personal brand.

It’s important to note that using a third party growth service may violate Instagram’s user guidelines. Services like Upleap that help you grow gradually are less likely to trigger the platform’s detection tools.

Not only does this make your growth appear to be more organic, but it also reduces your risk of getting in trouble with Instagram.

Another great aspect of Upleap is the fact that using it saves you a lot of time! Once you go through the simple set up process, you can basically forget about it.

All you have to do is select at least four hashtags to target and choose three similar accounts to target users in your niche. Once you complete these steps, your account manager will take over and handle everything else.

Pricing & Plans

First of all, if you want to give Upleap a try, you can do it for free! This Instagram marketing service offers a 3-day free trial to all new users. Once you complete the free trial, you can choose from three affordable pricing plans:

  • Upleap’s Lite Plan

At just $39 per month, this is Upleap’s cheapest plan. With the Lite Plan, you’ll enjoy access to a dedicated Upleap account manager, and the user and hashtag targeting features. This version is more than sufficient for personal accounts and aspiring influencers.

  • Upleap’s Standard Plan

For $69 per month, you can enjoy Upleap’s Standard Plan. For just $30 more, you’ll gain access to additional features like faster organic growth and the ability to view Instagram stories. I’d suggest this plan for influencers on the rise and growing businesses.

  • Upleap’s Premium Plan

At $99 a month, this is Upleap’s top tier plan. Because I’m a huge fan of this service, this is the one that I chose. This plan offers the fastest growth and additional features like location targeting, keyword exclusion, and premium support.


If you prefer to have the assistance of artificial intelligence when it comes to growing your Instagram account, then KENJI.AI is a great choice.

By targeting the right followers, this Instagram bot helps you gain new followers and works to increase your account’s engagement rate.

Kenji includes a variety of features including smart targeting based on your niche and analytics that are easy to interpret.


What I Love About KENJI.AI

One of my favorite things about KENJI.AI is the fact that this service is machine learned. As you use this Instagram marketing service, it begins to pick up on your preferences and results. This allows Kenji to predict which accounts are the best to follow.

It can also predict which users are more likely to follow you based on your shared interests.

Another positive aspect of Kenji is its speed. This tool is a good choice if you’re looking to grow your following quickly.

Kenji works throughout all hours of the day to find and engage with your potential audience. What makes using Kenji even faster is the fact that it’s easy to set up and use. It only takes a few seconds to sign up and configure your preferences.

As a social media marketer who’s always on the go, I appreciate the fact that Kenji can be used on any device.

Many similar Instagram marketing services require you to download additional software that can only be used on a desktop computer (and usually only with a Windows OS!).

You can use Kenji via the website without needing to download anything.

Another thing I love about Kenji is the fact that it allows you to target users based on their locations.

I tend to use Kenji for my social media marketing client accounts, many of which are local businesses. This feature allows me to focus on targeting followers who can actually visit and shop with these local businesses instead of users who are thousands of miles away.

Pricing & Plans

Like Upleap, Kenji offers a free three-day trial. This allows you to give the service a try before purchasing a paid plan.

After you’ve completed the free trial, you can choose between either Kenji’s Samurai Plan or its Shogun Plan. Let’s explore the details of each plan:

  • Kenji’s Samurai Plan

With each of Kenji’s plans, you have the option of paying for your subscription either monthly or annually. Customers who pay on an annual basis can save 30% of the total yearly cost for this service.

Kenji’s Samurai Plan costs only $19 a month or $159 a year. When it comes to Instagram growth automation services that I recommend, Kenji is definitely the most affordable.

With the Samurai Plan, you can target an unlimited number of hashtags. You can also target users by location and blacklist users. Kenji’s Samurai plan grows your account at high speed.

  • Kenji’s Shogun Plan

For Kenji’s Shogun Plan, you’ll only pay $29 per month. If you decide to go with the annual plan, then you’ll pay $243 for the whole year.

The cool thing about Kenji’s upgraded plan is that it’s cheaper than the basic plans that other Instagram bot services offer. If you’re interested in trying Kenji, then you might as well go with this plan.

The Shogun Plan offers similar features to the Samurai Plan. You’ll enjoy unlimited hashtags, location targeting, and the ability to blacklist other users.

In addition to these great features, you’ll also have access to Kenji’s HyperTarget tool. This feature enables you to select successful accounts in your niche and target their followers. From there, Kenji will optimize your targeting strategy for greater success.

Kenji’s Shogun Plan also allows you to identify negative keywords that are irrelevant to your account. Lastly, with this plan, you’ll experience growth at maximum speed.

3. Later.com

This Instagram marketing service allows you to visually plan and schedule your Instagram content. This tool is a major time-saver!

With Later, you’ll have a visual content calendar. This feature includes a drag-and-drop function that allows you to view and adjust your feed before your posts go live.

Later is also an official Instagram partner that uses the platform’s Graph API so you don’t have to worry about being penalized for using this tool.

You can also use Later to schedule posts for your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest profiles.

instagram marketing service later

What I Love About Later

Unlike other Instagram scheduling tools that I’ve tried, Later organizes your scheduled posts in the form of a content calendar rather than a list.

This enables you to see what your feed will look like once your content has gone live. As someone who cares about the overall aesthetic of my Instagram feed, this tool is a game changer!

I also love that Later allows you to post directly to Instagram instead of sending you a reminder to post manually at a specified time.

Because I’m always on the go, I have trouble keeping up with scheduling tools that don’t post automatically to Instagram. Later’s status as an official Instagram partner helps a lot with its functionality, especially in this area.

Another great thing about Later is that you can import images and videos from a variety of sources. You can upload content from your phone or your desktop computer. Later also allows you to import media from online storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

I also appreciate the fact that with Later, you can repost content from other users with ease. This is useful for businesses who want to share photos that customers have posted with their products or at their physical locations.

It’s also great for sharing content for fellow accounts within your niche. This feature is great if you want to collaborate with or promote members of your Instagram engagement groups.

Pricing & Plans

Later offers multiple pricing plans to meet the needs of several types of Instagram users. The options include the Free Plan, the Plus Plan, the Premium Plan, the Starter Plan, and the Brand Plan. Let’s discuss the details of each plan:

  • Later’s Free Plan

If you’re interested in trying Later, but don’t want to invest money for it, then you’re in luck. This tool has a Free Plan that includes a variety of great features.

You can connect 1 account per platform and import an unlimited amount of media. This plan also allows you to schedule:

  • 30 Instagram posts at a time
  • 50 Twitter posts at a time
  • 30 Facebook posts at a time
  • 30 Pinterest posts at a time

This is definitely a great option if you’ll be managing content for your personal Instagram account.

  • Later’s Plus Plan

At only $9 per month, Later’s Plus Plan is pretty affordable. If you choose to pay on a yearly basis you’ll save $2.50 of this monthly cost.

Like the Free Plan, you can only connect one account per platform with the Plus Plan. This plan is great for social media managers who work within an organization and only need to schedule posts for one account. It’s also great for influencers who post often.

This plan allows you to import unlimited media, schedule videos and stories, and view analytics for Instagram and Pinterest. You can also tag locations and users.

The number of posts that you can schedule at once is quite a bit higher than the Free Plan. You’re allowed to schedule:

  • 100 Instagram posts
  • Unlimited Twitter posts
  • 100 Facebook posts
  • 100 Pinterest posts
  • Later’s Premium Plan

This plan allows you to connect two profiles per platform and share the account with 2 users. The Premium Plan is priced at $19 per month or $192 for the year.

With this plan, you’ll enjoy the same features at the Plus Plan as well as additional features like hashtag suggestions, conversations, contributors, scheduling optimization, and unlimited groups. You can schedule:

  • 250 Instagram posts at a time
  • An unlimited number of Twitter posts
  • 250 Facebook posts
  • 250 Pinterest posts
  • Later’s Starter and Brand Plans

These plans offer the same features as the Premium Plan. The only differences are the prices, the number of social profiles you can connect, and the number of posts you can schedule at once.

The Starter Plan costs $29 per month or $288 yearly. The Brand Plan costs $49 per month or $492 yearly.

With each of these plans, you can post an unlimited number of posts across all compatible platforms. The Starter Plan allows you to connect up to three social profiles per platform while the Brand Plan allows you to connect five profiles per platform.

Final Thoughts on The Best Instagram Marketing Services

Upleap, Kenji, and Later are definitely my favorite Instagram marketing services of 2019 and I strongly recommend them if you’re serious about growing your Instagram account in 2020.

Each of these tools is affordable and comes with a variety of time-saving features. You should check them out!

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