How to Get More Likes on Instagram: 5 Simple Steps

Discovering the best possible ways to get Instagram likes on the content that you’re producing can help to get more exposure followers, faster.

Getting more Instagram likes is a self-confidence booster for the majority of us (if we’re being completely honest here), but can also help to boost your business’s revenue if you’re using Instagram to drive traffic to your company.

Why Do Instagram Likes Matter? 

The more likes you get on your Instagram posts, the more likely you are to get free Instagram followers. In other words, that means you won’t have to spend a dime towards reaching your following goal.

Great content + tons of likes = more followers

Pretty simple equation, right?

Well, the tricky part is actually getting those Instagram likes.

That’s where we step in with our 5 simple steps on how to get more Instagram likes in.



How to Get More Likes on Instagram #1. Use Better Hashtags

Okay, so you’ve already read on a thousand other blogs to post great content to get better likes. You’re probably thinking ‘tell me something new!’

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

One of the best ways to get more Instagram likes is to use appropriate hashtags. But, what are appropriate hashtags?

  • Stop using the same hashtags. Keep your hashtags in a relevant niche, but using the same hashtags over and over again won’t keep you with a fresh, new audience looking at your content.
  • Use relevant hashtags. If you’re posting about your newest outfit, don’t use #Foodblogger as a hashtag on your post. Using tags for an irrelevant niche won’t help to be found by people that are interested in your niche’s content.
  • Place your hashtags in the right place. Take your top 2-3 most relevant hashtags and post them in your caption.

If you want to use more, post them in your comment section. It keeps your post looking clean and easy to read, which attracts likes!


How to Get More Likes on Instagram #2. Start Tagging Your Locations

Tagging the location of your post, whether it be the city that your business is located at or the wall mural you’re posing in front of, puts you on a literal map.

There are some people who look up specific locations to find local businesses, fun things to do, or just look at Insta-inspo from pictures that other people are posting.

It’s a super simple way to get a whole new audience looking at your pictures, with little effort.

  1. On your Instagram post, click on ‘Add Location’
  2. Look up the location you’re looking to tag
  3. Select the location you want to tag and post your pic!

This extra step literally takes two seconds and is a nearly effortless way to gain more likes on your Instagram posts, especially if you’re tagging popular areas.

How to Get More Instagram Likes #3. Try Out Instagram Applications

If you’re willing to invest a little bit of money into getting more likes on your Instagram pictures, you could invest in engagement bots.

To have an Instagram account that’s booming with engagement, you have:

  • Think of quality content to photograph
  • Photograph that content
  • Edit your pictures
  • Find the best time to post your content on Instagram
  • Tag brands/products/similar accounts in your post
  • Find the best hashtags to use
  • Like other Instagrammer’s content in your niche
  • Comment on other Instagrammer’s content
  • Respond to your follower’s comments
  • Engage with your audience/followers
  • Plan ahead for future content

Doing all of that takes a lot of work- no wonder why big brands hire people just to run their Instagram accounts!

Completing all of these tasks on a daily basis could literally take up half of your day.

But, if you want to be successful on Instagram, how can you manage your time better and still get all of the above tasks accomplished.

Well, that’s where engagement bots come in.

What Are Engagement Bots?

Also called Instagram bots, engagement bots allow Instagram users to automatize your Instagram tasks. This means that a bot will follow accounts, like posts in your niche, and leave comments on accounts.

Instagram bots do all of the hard work for you (you still have to post your own content), but they take care of the engagement and interaction work that comes with Instagram.

You can set up your engagement bot to like and comment on photos that use a specific hashtag. When setting up your Instagram bot, you can tell your bot what hashtags you want it to interact with.

Plus, engagement bots can follow accounts that are interested in your niche or follow back the accounts that followed you.

Instagram bots (or engagement bots, whatever you want to call them) can help you explode your brand’s growth.

There are even some Instagram bots out there that will unfollow the people that have stopped following you and recommend relevant hashtags for you to use in your niche.

Investing in an engagement bot is like paying a virtual assistant or a social media manager, only much cheaper.

Pros VS Cons of Instagram Bots

All of the above touched on all of the good things that engagement bots have to offer you as an Instagram user looking for more likes. But, keep in mind that nothing is perfect.

Instagram bots can’t read captions and only are commenting on people who are using a specific hashtag in their post.

While this isn’t the worst example of poorly placed Instagram bot comments that I’ve ever seen, this comment was left on my personal Instagram that announced the passing of my cat.

Not a great way to get traffic to your page if you aren’t careful about where your bots are leaving comments.

That isn’t to scare you off of using engagement bots, but maybe take some time to carefully think about what hashtags you’re suggesting your bot to start commenting on.

But, if you’re certain you can figure out a way around that awkward situation, bots are an amazing tool to have in your back pocket to help increase your Instagram likes and engagement!

Here are the top three best Instagram engagement bots to help you increase your Instagram likes:

How to Get More Instagram Likes #4. Host A Giveaway

Is your brand just starting up and looking to get a huge influx of traffic to your IG account?

Hosting a giveaway just may be the secret weapon you were looking for to get that huge influx of likes you wanted.

There are actually two main types of contests you can run on Instagram. They include:

  • Like to win
  • Repost or post to win

Like To Win Contests

Just for the sake of conversation, let’s say a bed and breakfast company was hosting a giveaway on their Instagram account. The grand prize winner would receive a free two-night stay at the bed and breakfast, as well as a complimentary breakfast.

All you had to do to enter was like a picture on the company’s Instagram, follow the said company, and tag a friend in the comment section. Effortless, right?

Running a like-to-win contest on your Instagram is a great incentive to get people to like your content, follow your page, and interact with any content you post after you announce your giveaway.

Entering a like-to-win contest is absolutely simple to do, which is why so many Instagram users participate in them. In order to get people to participate in your giveaway, try creating a caption like this:

‘Want the chance to win a giveaway? Like this post and follow our Instagram to enter into our (insert giveaway item)!’

It’ll take you longer to figure out what you want to give away than it will to set up the actual giveaway.

Not only will a like-to-win contest help get people excited about your brand (who doesn’t like the chance to win awesome prizes?), but it’ll also help you to build brand awareness and increase website or landing page traffic.

If you want your giveaway to increase a larger audience, asking your followers to tag their friends in the comment section can help you to reach an even larger audience! Try saying something along the lines of:

‘Feeling extra hungry? Like this post, follow our account, and tag a friend- you both could win a free lunch at XYZ restaurant!” Obviously, this example would work best if you had a restaurant, but you get the idea.

Every time one of your follower’s tags a friend in your post, that friend will get a notification and click on the post that their friend just tagged them in.

That friend will see your giveaway post, like your content, follow you, tag their friend… it’s an endless cycle of possibilities.

Post To Win Contests

Okay, but what if your brand or company leans more on the digital side of things- what can you do?

If you’re selling products online and don’t have a physical storefront, all of the ideas can still apply. Instead of giving away a two-night stay at a bed and breakfast, you could give away your best-selling product. Or pick five winners to receive your best-selling product if you really want to increase the hype surrounding your giveaway.

But, if you’re looking to build trust and brand awareness to new, try getting current customers to post a picture of them using your product and tagging your brand on Instagram.

Not only will this help to build trust, but it even may lead to sales conversion if you have a really sweet giveaway going on!

Best of all, you can use your follower’s submissions as content on your Instagram account, which is great to do if you’re in desperate need of fresh content to post.

Reposting your follower’s entries also helps to build extra hype around the giveaway, as well as building brand awareness for the product or the service that you’re offering.

Plus, people love having a chance to be featured on someone else’s page- it’s a win for both you and your followers!

Posting a giveaway doesn’t mean you’re going to start attracting thousands of Instagram likes within a day or two.

Plan out your giveaway or contest strategically will be what brings in more likes and followers.

Here’s a mini checklist to use on your first giveaway to increase your Instagram reach to get more likes:

  • Make your giveaway clearly themed
  • Choose an exciting prize
  • Create an entry method
  • Post at an appropriate time

How to Get More Instagram Likes #5. Interact More 

Instagram loves engagement, so they reward the accounts that are receiving a lot of engagement.

But, you need to engage on Instagram to get engagement reciprocated back on your account.

Our biggest tip here is: don’t waste time on accounts outside your niche. Only focus on interacting and engaging with those people who are posting or interacting within your niche, as they will truly care about the content you’re posting.

Instagram will help boost a post by putting it on the ‘Explore’ tab on Instagram, which will help boost your likes by exposing a specific post to accounts that are interested in your niche.

You can get these likes by:

  • Scrolling through your feed
  • Liking the content that you legitimately like
  • Write comments that are genuine, no emoji or a generic comment that could fit any person’s post. Make your comment seem real!

Spending time and engaging in the community filled with accounts that are interested in your niche will ultimately be the best way to boost your likes and engagement.


Follow along with these 5 simple steps on how to get more Instagram likes and over time, you will see a huge explosion in not only the average number of likes you’re getting on your posts but also in the number of followers you gain along the way.

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