The Rock Instagram – Everything You Need To Know About Dwayne Johnson

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What has super bulging muscles, two adorable daughters, and an Instagram page that will go down in history? Why, it’s Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock, of course! The Rock’s Instagram isn’t just entertaining.

It’s a great place to look for anybody who wants to understand how to use their reputation to build a brand. The pro wrestler/actor/dad has a page that stands out thanks to its authentic voice and honesty. The Rock defies a lot of boundaries, and that’s really clear on his Instagram.

If you get overwhelmed by the thought of building an Instagram following, you’re not alone. Keep reading to look at some of The Rock’s best Instagram posts and see how he’s used his reputation to establish a (Rock) solid brand.

It’s The Rock. Of Course There are Workout Photos…

Although younger people may know him mostly as an actor, The Rock isn’t just called that for fun. Dwayne Johnson followed in his father’s footsteps and got his start as a pro wrestler. So you can’t expect The Rock’s Instagram to not be full of workout photos…


The Rock’s Instagram is some serious #fitspiration. He not only shows off his results, but exactly how hard he worked to get there.

The Rock at the gym on Instagram

The Rock is also a master at incorporating his fiteness posts with promos for his current projects. People who follow him for workout content will often see how he crosses the categories with his Underarmour campaign and shows off his muscles at the same time.

The Rock flexing at the gym

The Rock’s Instagram Shows What It’s Like to Be An Action Star

You probably know the Dwayne Johnson of the 21st century best from his roles in action films like Fast & Furious. Luckily, he shows off a ton of behind-the-scenes footage on his Instagram.

The Rock’s upcoming Furious spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw, is in the middle of production right now, and he takes to Instagram to show it off fairly frequently.

This still from a production shoot is exciting and perfectly captures an action star’s life, but it’s the caption that really gets us. The Rock’s Instagram always comes through with relevant, fun to read information about his activities.

Hobbs & Shaw preview

He’s also constantly showing off the feats he designs on his reality show, Titan Games. The videos are fun to watch, and they show us another side of the Rock.

Titan Games challenge

But the best part about The Rock’s Instagram is seeing what actually goes into being an action star, including the diet he follows. Eat an entire pizza, anyone?

The Rock eating a whole pizza

Regardless of how you feel about pineapple on pizza, The Rock’s Instagram is the perfect place to look to see how he shows off his action-star lifestyle.

The Rock’s Instagram Will Make Your Mouth Water

The Rock’s Instagram sure shows off a lot of workout photos. But something unexpected you’ll find are lots of pictures of his cheat meals. They get big.

Any millennial can relate to the experience of bingeing something on a laptop while pigging out. It’s good to know we can see the same thing on the Rock’s Instagram!

The Rock's insane sushi and sandwich meal

Can you eat this many cookies?

Giant cookie plate and movie night

How about sushi AND cookies?

The Rock's sushi dinner

The Rock’s Instagram shows some refreshing honesty about fitness and exactly what it’s like to be committed to keeping up a bodybuilder’s lifestyle. 

Self-Promo On The Rock’s Instagram

It’s rare to find a celebrity Instagram that truly understands the nuances of Instagram promotion. But The Rock’s Instagram knocks it out of the park.

He perfectly blends established parts of his personality, like his commitment to his workouts and commitment to his family, with spreading the word about his projects.

In this post from Sundance, The Rock makes light of himself – while showing off his muscles and promoting his upcoming film, Fighting With My Family. In one post, he’s killed three birds with one stone.

The Rock rips his shirt at Sundance

Something you’re guaranteed to see on The Rock’s Instagram is his love for his Samoan heritage. Whether he’s posting about Moana or pictures from his home in Hawaii, DJ clearly loves his culture. In this shot from the Hobbs & Shaw movie, he shows off his traditional Samoan tattoos and warrior stance in a touching shot.

On the set of Hobbs & Shaw with Roman Reigns

The Rock knows exactly what he’s about. He uses his down-to-earth personality to promote his latest projects in a way that’s totally authentic.

The Rock’s Instagram Shares the Spotlight With His Co-stars

Of course, behind every great actor and wrestler is a…..huge crew, personal trainer, movie executives, and of course, co-stars. The Rock’s Instagram is full of shoutouts to the people who help make him…well, the Rock!

DJ definitely knows that, and seizes any opportunity to show off the people he gets to work with. Here, he posts a sweet shoutout to his co-star Eiza Gonzalez.

On the set of Hobbs & Shaw with Eiza Gonzalez

When you’re The Rock and your movie makes it to Sunday, it’s okay to brag a little. Just make sure you keep it real with your costars like he does in this photo from the red carpet.

Fighting with my Family premiere at Sundance

He also took it upon himself to welcome Awkwafina to the cast of Jumanji 2.

The Rock promotes Awkwafina role in Jumanji

What you can see from these kinds of posts on The Rock’s Instagram is a humble heart that recognizes the work others do around him. That’s valuable in anybody.

Family Is A Big Part of The Rock’s Instagram

If you’ve ever wished The Rock were your dad, look away now. Things are about to get heart-meltingly sweet.

You might not have expected The Rock’s Instagram to make you cry, laugh, and go “awww” all in one sitting. But it absolutely does with posts about his family like this:

The Rock's daughter paints his face before work

You can see the joy and love in his smile in this Christmas photo with his two daughters. Now that’s a happy dad!

The Rock holding his daughters

How many of us have fantasized about buying our moms a house? When you’re The Rock, you can do exactly that. Her reaction is everything.

Surprising his mom with a house at Christmas

The Rock’s posts about his family give his followers some insight to what matters to him in the world. Always a fan of keeping it real, The Rock also keeps it sweet.

The Rock Is Honest About His Origins

As more and more people use their connections to get ahead in the industry, you don’t actually hear that many rags to riches stories about Hollywood celebrities these days. It would be easy to think that because the Rock’s dad was a pro wrestler, his life was easy and blessed. But The Rock’s Instagram will tell you exactly how he was doing before his big break.

The Rock isn’t afraid to talk about how far he’s come from his first days. He constantly shares tales about how much his situation has changed.

In a picture from a flight back to his Hawaii home, he shares that he was evicted from his apartment at 14. What a long way he’s come!

The Rock on a private plane to Hawaii

This kind of honesty is a direct contrast to his lifestyle. It inspires hope that even the worst situations can change.

In his Thanksgiving post, he remembers the time he and his family were too broke to afford a turkey. But he lets us know that all this “helps [him] live a better and more grateful life.”

Thanksgiving turkey in London

The Rock’s Instagram shows that he’s aware of how lucky he is. When he shares that with his followers, we can’t help but feel inspired too.

The Rock’s IG Shows His True Heart

The Rock is a unique celebrity. He’s inspiring, humble, and down-to-earth, all while being great at Instagram self-promo.

But his followers never feel like they’re being sold something. The Rock’s Instagram is full of his personality and the things he believes in.

His projects and posts are just another reflection of him.

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