Risesocial Review – What Happened To This Instagram Growth Tool? The Full Truth

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We see it happen from time to time – Instagram growth service simply shut down for one reason or another. 

Usually, it’s because they violated Instagram’s (i.e., Facebook’s) rules. Although this is the most common cause, most of these gone services don’t publicly acknowledge the exact reason behind their demise, so we’re left with all kinds of speculations. 

The topic of today’s article is one such service called Risesocial. 

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should take a few moments out of your busy day to read about a failed Instagram growth tool. I’ll tell you why – it’s crucial to know all about these fiascos so you learn how to recognize the potential red flags and what to avoid in the future. 

Stay with me until the end as I’ll answer some burning questions like:

  • Is Risesocial legit?
  • Is Risesocial a scam? 
  • Why did Risesocial shut down?
  • What is the best alternative?

Are you ready for the juicy details? Let’s get into this Risesocial review stat!

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What Is Risesocial?

The correct way to phrase this question is “What WAS Risesocial?” 

As I already mentioned, this company is no more. I’m not sure of the precise date they ceased to exist, but when I checked online reviews, the latest one was written in 2019, so we can assume that’s when it went under. 

And here we are still talking about it. 

If you try to visit their former website risesocial.co, you’ll see that the domain is for sale. I searched the web archives for a glimpse of what the website used to look like:

A screenshot of the old Risesocial homepage taken from the web archives

As you can see, it looked pretty standard back in the day. This picture dates back to July 2019, which is around the same time when the last review was written.

So, what did Risesocial do that placed it on the long list of shut down services? 

The truth is we don’t really know. 

However, based on the comments from past Risesocial customers and other online reviews, it’s safe to assume this company’s MO flew in the face of Instagram’s rules. Most likely it employed bots and sold fake followers. 

The problem with this is that bots are strictly forbidden when it comes to anything Instagram-related. 

If you buy fake followers, either intentionally or unpurposely, Instagram has the right to remove them from your list of followers and to punish you the way they deem fit. If they just delete the followers, consider yourself warned (and lucky). You’ve avoided a ban or a block.

So, you can see why this social media giant would want to eliminate the services that sell fake followers. They pick them one by one, and once these scammers are gone, they’re gone for good. 

Plus, this is not the only wrong thing Risesocial did. It’s only one of many of their wrongdoings…

The Truth Exposed

Okay, it’s time to finally reveal what Risesocial did that’s so terrible. Let’s start with customer testimonials.

The only place I found Risesocial customer reviews is Trustpilot, and let me tell you, it doesn’t look pretty. 

The majority (90%) of reviews are extremely bad, while the other 10 percent are slightly better, but still pretty awful. 

Check out what this one customer says:

An image of a Risesocial review on Trustpilot

Apparently, Risesocial got this person locked out of their IG account. To tell you the truth, this is the first time I’m hearing of a growth service doing this. It leads me to believe Risesocial was some kind of a scam.
Further evidence that backs up this claim is the fact that Risesocial continued to charge even after cancellations:

A screenshot of a Risesocial review on Trustpilot

People had to literally change their credit cards because of this problem. 

Still not convinced it was a scam? 
Take a look at a comment that says Risesocial asked for their IG password and three days later, someone tried to log into their account from various locations. This person explains their experience in detail:

A screenshot of a Risesocial review on Trustpilot

To make matters worse, previous customers claim Risesocial didn’t care at all about their complaints. They often completely disregarded clients’ cries for help, which further proves this company was nothing but a shameless scam designed to take your money and private data. 

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer information I’ve delivered in the past few paragraphs, here’s a recap that rounds it up nicely:

They hacked their customers’ IG accounts. 

⛔ They charged people illegally. 

⛔ Some customers had to change credit cards. 

⛔ They asked for sensitive info like passwords.

⛔ They locked people out of their IG accounts. 

⛔ Every complaint was completely ignored.

Speaking as someone who has had their fair share of terrible experiences with these services, I can honestly say I’ve never been so shocked by the actions of a single company. 

Not to mention that the stories I’ve shared above are just a fraction of the whole story. If you have time and will to read more about the Risesocial scam, you can do so on Risesocial’s Trustpilot page

Is Risesocial Legit?

It’s more than obvious by now, but for the sake of a complete review, I’ll say it outright – Risesocial was NOT legit. 

The evidence is indisputable – this growth service was a blatant scam. Instagram did the right thing by shutting it down (if that’s what really happened).

There is only one word to describe a company that cheats, steals, ignores, hacks, and endangers their clients, and that word is SCAM.

Risesocial Review Summary

I wouldn’t blame you if everything you’ve learned so far was a lot to process, so here is a to-the-point table of all that’s wrong with this company. Normally, I’d call it a table of pros and cons, but can you call it that if there isn’t a single thing in the pro column?

Locked people out of their accounts
Asked for IG passwords
Charged after cancelations
Ignored customer complaints
Probably delivered fake followers
Gone for good

Final Word

After all we’ve discovered today about Risesocial, it’s not so surprising this company met its (fortunate) demise. 

I strongly believe Instagram is on the right path with shutting down fraudulent services. I say purge all the scammers from the market so trustworthy growth services have more place to thrive. 

Hopefully, my review leaves you informed enough for future reference. And if you need my honest recommendation, scroll up to the beginning of this review and check out the services I listed there. 

And don’t forget to stay safe!

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