Instaboostgram Review – The Reason People Stopped Using This Old App

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There are a lot of services that come and go, get rebooted, and rebranded, but people forget about the majority of them.

Instaboostgram is one of those that got taken down and that doesn’t exist anymore, but it’s one of those that are not forgotten.

Even though it was a couple of months ago from the present day that this service got deleted, people still talk and speculate about what happened to Instaboostgram.

It’s quite confusing to see an app that has so many decent reviews on Sitejabber and Trustpilot get taken down without any explanation.

If you show interest in finding some services that have more than decent reviews on said websites, but won’t disappear as Instaboostgram did, I suggest you check out Upleap. Some of you might be skeptical when it comes to new apps, but to remove all doubts and suspicions you should check out my detailed review on Upleap.

Not to be rude to people from Instaboostgram, but it seems that time ran over them and that the consequences are evident. Keep in mind that this Instaboostgram review isn’t made to bash this website and its service, but to give you an unbiased opinion on it.

I heard from multiple sources that the number of users that were regulars on their website dropped dramatically, which is an indicator itself.

You can check out some of the active services that still provide their users with quite a decent service right here:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Upleap4.6Check Price
Socialfollow4.3Check Price
Nitreo4.0 Check Price
KENJI4.0Check Price

Without further ado, let’s see what led to the things that were bound to happen, and what took down the Instaboostgram service that was active for so long.

How Does Instaboostgram Work?

Since it got shut down, a better question would be “how DID Instaboostgram work?”. The sad truth is that this service isn’t much different from the other companies in this field.

The only thing that separated them from some other companies providing Instagram services in the form of followers and likes is that they provided services for other websites such as YouTube or Spotify.

Not that these services were on a different level from ones that were available for Instagram, but it was just not common to see a website offering these services alongside each other.

But I digress – let’s take a look at how Instaboostgram really used to work.

It was really nothing special in the sense that it worked almost the same as all of the other services providing Instagram followers, likes, and automatic likes. You had to sign up, pick out the package, and pay for it.

They guaranteed you that your followers or likes would be delivered in the span of 24 to 48 hours from the moment your payment went through.

Some people showed concerns regarding this segment, and they’ve voiced them.

A screenshot showing a comment regarding the delivery time on Sitejabber.

This might not be an indicator of bad service, but these kinds of questions aren’t posed for no reason.

You see, for a service to work properly, it needs to check some boxes. Everyone has different criteria, but these are mine:

  • The promised service needs to be delivered.
  • The delivered service mustn’t be different from the promised one.
  • The follower count shouldn’t drop over time.

It seems that they lack in the delivery department as well as when we talk about dropping followers.

A good company should be able to keep track of how their service is doing, and not wait for the customer to complain.

I have found an example of this on Sitejabber, and it looks something like this:

A screenshot of a comment and a reply regarding a refill of followers bought over the Instaboostgram website.

You can see a customer filing a complaint in order to bring their problem to the company’s attention. It’s not that horrible if this happens, but I’d rather see the company taking care of the refills without their customers complaining about it.

Automatic refills are something that is common sense, but also something that should be implemented without any problems in the regular business of a company in this field.

Things That Should Never Happen

Things that I’ve mentioned until now are some things that even if they do happen, it’s not the end of the world.

But, besides these things, there are some scenarios that should never come to life and should never happen to anyone, regardless of if you’ve spent your money on a service or not.

One particular comment really caught my eye because of the sheer foulness of what I’ve read in the said comment. Here’s a screenshot of it:

A screenshot of a negative comment regarding the customer support service on the Instaboostgram website.

When you see a comment like this, it should be enough for you to go as far away as possible from a company that lets its employees treat their customers like this.

Not to mention that customer support services should serve as a place for customers to file their complaints, and seek help for problems they’ve encountered while using a specific service.

This comment literally depicts the complete opposite from that, which is unacceptable. This kind of behavior not only gives off a bad impression of the HR department, but of the whole company behind Instaboostgram.

A screenshot depicting a comment about Instaboostgram’s refilling followers on Trustpilot.

This is another unfortunate example of a scenario that should never happen. If a company requires you to email them every few days to get a refill, that’s a red flag.

As I’ve mentioned before, automatic refills are a must if a company wants to be recognized as a serious one.

To require your users to manually notify you of your service not working as it should is just unacceptable.

A company’s responsibility is to take care of the problem since the customer has paid for a full service, and not for half or a quarter of the service that was promised in the beginning.

A picture of another bad comment regarding an unauthorized transaction from Instaboostgram’s website.

This is probably the worst of the worst scenarios. This person didn’t even use their service, and they tried to charge them $50.

I’ve never heard of something like this happening, and if that’s true, it’s horrifying. The fact that this is my first time hearing about a scenario like this doesn’t mean it’s not true.

On the contrary, I always tend to believe the people who wrote these reviews since they don’t have a valid reason to lie or make up these stories.

This isn’t a matter of good or bad service or poor customer support, this can mark the whole website as a scamming operation.

Your credit card info is some of the most valued information regarding your bank account, and the only way to stop scamming websites from getting to your money is if your bank notifies you of a potential scamming transaction.

For the people who don’t have that option, I’d highly recommend you stay far away from the websites you hear similar things about.

Why Are They Shut Down?

I can only speculate what’s the real reason why this website got shut down. But, if you take into consideration what people have been saying about this service, it doesn’t really matter what’s the reasoning behind them getting shut down.

It can be the poor customer support, or the fact that they got sued for something. This is not a rare occurrence since people take legal action when threatened, and when that happens, it all goes down real quick.

It also might have been the unauthorized transactions. Where there’s one, there’s a hundred more. It’s not impossible to imagine this website doing that for years or months at least.

If I had to bet, I’d say that’s what cost them their business since it’s the most illegal thing they’ve done by far.

Instaboostgram Review – To Sum Up

I’m convinced that it’s more than obvious that you should keep yourself as far as possible from this website if they decide to rebrand or reload their domain.

To put into perspective all the things I’ve said, I made a pros and cons table that will illustrate all the balance between those two, which is the most important thing when picking out a service that you want to use for your Instagram.

Bad customer support service
They don’t deliver the followers
Refills aren’t automatic
People got threats from them
They scammed people for money

As you can see, there’s not one advantage regarding this website or their service. It’s not a secret that it’s not the only website with this bad of a rating since it’s much more simple to make a bad service than a good one.

My final decision is to tell you to be on the lookout for the rebranding of this website, and if that really happens, to stay as far away as possible and not ever consider using their service.

This is not only because of the poor service but because of the possibility of your credit card details being compromised.

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