Red Dirt Proxies Review – How Effective Are Its Proxies? The Truth

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Today, I’m going to talk about Red Dirt Proxies – its features, use cases, price ranges, and many more.

That’s right; you’ll get the full scoop. Everything you need to know before you try out the service lies in my thorough Red Dirt Proxies review.

Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter!

What Is Red Dirt Proxies?

Red Dirt Proxies is a well-known proxy provider that became very popular among sneakerheads.

They sell three types of proxies:

  • Datacenter proxies
  • Residential  proxies
  • ISP proxies

They also sell windows servers and Gmail accounts.

Their data centers sit in London, Virginia, and New York.

I couldn’t find the exact locations for their residential proxies or the information about the proxy pool size.

A screenshot showing Red Dirt proxies homepage

The company’s primary focus is on sneaker proxies, but you can also use their proxies for other use cases.

For example, they can help you with:

  • Web scraping and crawling
  • Social media automation
  • SEO analysis
  • Ad verification
  • Cybersecurity
  • Travel fare
  • Market research, etc.

Since their proxies are optimized for sneaker copping, people usually buy them for those purposes.

From what I was able to find out, many users on Reddit put in a good word for their sneaker proxies.

They say they’re lightning fast, and most of them were able to cook some limited-edition grails before anyone else. 

You can use Red Dirt Proxies on several different sneaker sites, such as:

  • Shopify
  • Footsites
  • Supreme
  • Yeezy Supply
  • Adidas
  • Nike SNKRS

However, the company doesn’t guarantee their proxies will work on those sites. 

Who wants to buy proxies that might get blocked?

Also, the fact that they’re sold out most of the time means they’re probably reselling some other company’s proxies. 

My guess is they get them in bulk and sell them right before major sneaker drops.

Best Red Dirt Proxies Features

Here’s the list of the main Red Dirt Proxies features:


Red Dirt Proxies doesn’t disclose the residential proxies’ exact locations, but you can get the information by contacting their customer support.

They have three data center locations:

  • Ashburn, Virginia
  • New York
  • London

As you can see, only the US and the UK are included.

Unlimited Bandwidth

For their data center proxies, they provide unlimited bandwidth. 

You’re paying per amount of proxies in the package.

That means that you can use as much data as you need, and they won’t charge it additionally.

As for residential proxies, you’re paying per amount of data (GB), and it expires at the end of the month.

Lightning Speed

As you already noticed, I mentioned they offer ISP proxies.

ISP proxies are a mixture of residential and datacenter proxies. 

They have the architecture of data centers, meaning they’re speedy. 

However, ISP proxies also have a security level of residential proxies since ISP networks support them.

Their speed is 10GBPS, and the average uptime is 99%.

Authentication method

Red Dirt Proxies offers only a user/password authentication method. There’s no IP authentication.

Some think of it as a downside, but I think it’s not a big deal since the latter method is not that flexible.

Both sticky and rotating sessions

They sell both sticky and rotating sessions for the residential plan.

That means you can use their residential proxies for many use cases, not just shopping. 

You can do market research, manage social media accounts or scrape through the web.

Proxy Tester

You can easily download the proxy tester from their website and test the IPs before using them.

24/7 Customer Support

Red Dirt doesn’t have a live chat, which is unfortunate.

You can get them via Discord.

Generate proxies

They claim they have millions of residential IPs, and you can allegedly generate thousands of them.

Red Dirt Proxies Pricing

Red Dirt Proxies offers different datacenter plans:

A screenshot of Red Dirt Proxies datacenter plans

A screenshot of Red dirt proxies datacenter proxies monthly Ashburn

A screenshot of Red dirt proxies residential monthly plan

Since they offer unlimited bandwidth for data center plans, you choose them according to the number of proxies you need.

Starter prices for datacenter plans vary from $30 or $50 and go up to a few hundred dollars. 

Now, for the limited features and the fact that they may not work, this is expensive.

Their residential plan also came as a shock to me. It starts at $19 per GB.

But since they don’t disclose which locations they offer and lack many handy features like city targeting or a dashboard, this is absurd.

More affordable proxy providers: Proxyland

Proxyland is an excellent alternative to Red Dirt Proxies.

Not only is the service 6 times cheaper than Red Dirt Proxies, but it also offers a lot more.

Proxyland provides:

  • 10GB for as little as $29
  • Proxy pool with millions of residential IPs
  • Discounts for bulk
  • Custom packages
  • 100+ countries worldwide
  • Sticky and rotating sessions
  • Quick setup
  • Handy dashboard
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Broad range of features and use cases
  • Pay as you go option

Red Dirt Proxies vs. Competitors

If you don’t like how Red Dirt Proxies sounds, check out the following list.

Proxy serviceRatingPrice
Proxyland4.8$2.9 per GB
Luminati4$17.5 per GB
Smartproxy3.4$15 per GB

Is Red Dirt Proxies Any Good?

Red Dirt Proxies is a legitimate company, and your safety is essential to them.


Their proxies are definitely not the best I’ve tried so far, but they’re swift, and they usually always get the job done.


However, I have to say their datacenter proxies are not so reliable, so you should probably avoid them altogether.


Nevertheless, their proxies cover different use cases, but they work best for sneaker copping.

Why You Should Try Red Dirt Proxies

  • You want to copp some grails.
  • You don’t require fancy features.
  • You’re willing to pay hefty monthly commitments.
  • You need a proxy provider for a shorter period, such as a few days.

Why You Should NOT Try Red Dirt Proxies

  • They lack many features.
  • They offer only a few locations.
  • Their proxies are mostly only for sneaker copping.
  • They’re expensive.
  • Not suited for solopreneurs.
  • Not suited for small or mid-sized companies.
  • Expensive monthly commitments.
  • You want to whitelist IPs.
  • You want an intuitive dashboard.
  • You want to target specific cities.

The Best Alternative To Red Dirt Proxies

Red Dirt Proxies’ packages are costly in the long run.

What’s more, they are limited in the number of features, use cases, and locations.

There are proxy providers that can offer everything you need for a small amount of money. 

Proxyland is one of them, as their services are top-notch and the prices are low.

You can get 10GB of data for $29.

They also offer:

  • Many useful features
  • Almost any use case you can think of
  • A huge proxy pool of residential IPs
  • More than 100+ countries worldwide
  • 99% uptime
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Fast and reliable proxies
  • Quick setup
  • Helpful customer support, etc.

Red Dirt Proxies: Overall Score

Here are the main points:

Speed: Their ISP proxies work very fast.  ✅

Trustworthiness: Red Dirt Proxies is a legitimate company.  ✅

Performance: There’s no downtime.  ✅

Features: Red Dirt Proxies hav basic features.  ❌

Price: They are costly. ❌

Accessibility for small businesses: Not suited for small companies or individuals.  ❌

Affordability: Their proxies are fine for one-time use, nothing more than that.  ❌

In the end, what do I think of Red Dirt Proxies? Should you try their services?

I’m leaning towards no. 

I mean, their proxies work just fine but they lack many features and cost an awful lot for an individual like me.

If you’re a sneakerhead who needs proxies for certain drops, then I’d say go for it. 

That is, if you manage to buy their proxies at all, since they’re sold out most of the time.

My advice would be to find an alternative for Red Dirt Proxies, like the one I talked about.

Proxyland covers many use cases and offers fresh and quality residential IPs. Go ahead and check them out to see what I’m talking about!

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