Poprey Review: Why Is This Not Legit? Find Out Now

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Let me guess – you are feeling skeptical about a couple of sources you came across during your search. That is completely understandable.

However, you shouldn’t stay in that state of mind for too long. Every source should be checked out, and one of the best ways to do that is by reading reviews. 

That’s why I am here to help. If you were hesitant about Poprey, you had a good reason for it. I managed to get to the bottom of things, and will get right to exposing everything about this company.

So, if you want to read about what I managed to uncover, don’t go anywhere! Stay until the end of this detailed and truthful review.

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What Is Poprey?

Honestly, Poprey doesn’t reveal much information about itself. Anyone who enters the site for the first time can only conclude that Poprey sells likes, followers, and views to numerous social media platforms. 

But other than that, there’s not much information about its groundwork.

The thing is, someone surely wants to know more about the company that they’re interested in. I mean, wouldn’t you? Poprey seems to lack basic background information.

And what about the appearance of the site? Rather dull.

The overall look of the site gives a pale impression, and that’s exactly how it’s designed. Everything is white, and it seems like the services are copied.

And since we’re talking about the services, here’s a glimpse of the platforms Poprey deals with.

A screenshot showing poprey services

Instagram Package: Analysis

Since we are here for a reason, and that reason is Instagram, it’s time to start with a complete analysis of Instagram packages.

Let’s begin by listing what you can buy within this particular package:

  • Instagram Likes
  • Instagram Auto-Likes
  • Instagram Views
  • Instagram Comments
  • Instagram Followers

At the very beginning, I would like to single out Auto-Likes as an offer you shouldn’t expect much from. Basically, any offer that has “auto” in it is vulnerable. This is because Instagram’s algorithm has a way of detecting such things.

Next, the Comment and Views offer. As for comments, they are no longer in demand, and are limited to a certain number of posts.

Getting your likes or comments removed from your posts just because Instagram figured out they were bought is not the most fitting choice.

On top of all that, Instagram views are only there to help you become visible in a way. Bear in mind that these views are not rewarding as you may have thought.

This leaves us with the offer most of you were excited about – Instagram Followers. And since all of Poprey’s offers look pretty much the same, I’m about to analyze this one.

Buying Followers From Poprey? 

Let’s start by discussing the prices. When you look at Poprey follower prices, they seem almost ridiculously cheap.

A screenshot showing the follower prices

But, hold on! Let me stop you from doing something reckless.

Cheap does not necessarily mean quality. Just because you won’t have to pay for 10 followers, doesn’t mean you should rush your decision.

On the contrary, take a moment and think about this. You may even remember an experience where you bought cheap followers, and in return, received nothing.

The most you can spend on Poprey is three hundred dollars, which is good. Some companies can charge a thousand dollars for their services.

That’s called premium pricing, and not everyone is willing to set aside that amount of money. 

The Quality You Get (Or Don’t)

Never leave the quality of what you buy to chance or feeling. When buying followers, this is one of the crucial factors.

Let’s see how Poprey handles the issue of quality.

A screenshot showing the quality of followers

With Poprey, as you can see for yourself from this example, the quality of what you get is not promising.

As with many other companies, here, you have a choice between normal and premium quality. However, what caught my eye were these two claims: 

“real-looking” and “no guarantee”

Here you have an example of two red flags, and it doesn’t get more obvious than this.

From this bad advertising, you can conclude that these are extremely low-quality profiles, with no interaction whatsoever. Also, there is no guarantee. So, if they drop, there’s nothing you can do about it.

The premium choice is no better. The difference is that, here, delivery starts instantly, and they offer a 30-day guarantee.

Even though there are merely two things that make the premium package look more appealing, this is still not a reason to take a chance and buy it.

The prices you have seen on the homepage are related to the normal package, so if you happen to choose the premium one, you can expect a considerable rise. I’m talking about $30 higher.

Poprey seems to think that their follower quality is bold and desirable, when in fact, it’s just wrong.

The only aspect that can be considered good is that Poprey offers the option to pay via PayPal. This way, at least your credit card information won’t be jeopardized.

But don’t let that distract you from seeing the bigger picture.

All in all, there is not much hope for these followers, so you should start searching for a Poprey alternative. (Maybe some that I already mentioned earlier)

Free Trial: Not Very Optimistic

Some companies offer larger or some smaller packages that you can try out before you decide to actually buy something.

A screenshot showing the free trial option

Poprey has decided to offer its potential customers 25 followers for free. I mean, this seems almost meaningless. Still, it can be a strong indicator of whether to continue with the purchase or simply back out.

From what I’ve been able to collect, Poprey’s free trial failed to do its job. It failed to deliver about 10 followers, and the quality is extremely low – just like what we just saw in the offer.

It is very important that, before you go and buy something, you check if the company offers a free trial. This will surely help in making the decision.

Even if it turns out that the free trial is not working (as it is the case with this company), at least you know what’s your next step.

Referral Program: A Warning

The referral program within the Poprey company offers you a discount on purchased quantities. This is done by advertising, so the more friends you recommend this to, the bigger the discount you get.

Here are the steps you are required to take if you choose to try this.

A screenshot showing the referral option

If I were you, I wouldn’t go for it.

If we have learned anything from previous statements, it is that the quality is low, there is no guarantee, and Instagram can very easily remove the followers that you recommended to others.

This can create a problem for both you and the person who listened to your advice.

What People Have To Say

It’s time to look at one very important part of every review, and that is what other people have to say about this company.

If we choose to believe Poprey, we will only come across short 5-starred reviews on their homepage.

A screenshot showing homepage reviews

Usually, companies that choose to post comments from previous customers select ones that are lengthy. With posts like that, you can easily start to question their integrity. 

Reviews on Poprey’s homepage are nothing like that. On the contrary, they are short and don’t give off a positive vibe.

Nevertheless, this should by no means be your only source. It would be best if you always turned to other verified sites as well.

Here, the course of the story changes.
All Poprey hashtags that are not related to their homepage have a negative context, and there’s probably a good reason for that. Let’s see what customers on Trustpilot have to say.

A screenshot showing trustpilot reviews

As I thought, 56% of past customers on Trustpilot had a really bad experience with Poprey. And they were not shy to turn it into words.

They mostly complained about what we had already mentioned together. Their reviews were about followers that were dropping, low-quality profiles, failing to deliver services, etc.

Is Poprey Legit? Summing Up

Since Poprey has built quite the reputation, let’s put together the facts that marked this company and decide what to do next.

/Low-quality followers.
/Free trial not working.
/Negative reviews on Trustpilot.
/No information about the company.

It’s a good thing that you decided to stay until the end of this review. Poprey seems to be just another scam, and my honest advice would be to skip this one immediately!

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