Automatic Viral Review – A Bad Idea Always Ends Up In A Bad Way

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There’s a couple of ideas in the Instagram tool world that went horribly wrong. One of them is a concept of automatic likers which are designed for a specific purpose that I’ll explain later on in this article.

Automatic Viral is one of the companies that wanted to utilize a new idea and get a bit of money from exploiting something that was doomed from the beginning.

Not only that these ideas don’t work, but they’re quick to prove so as well. Nothing outside the conventional selling of followers, likes, or views has shown results in this branch of business.

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So, what are all of these failed projects I’m mentioning? Why did they fail? Why did Automatic Viral fail? Is it shut down?

Well, these are all valid questions, to which I can’t give valid answers at the same time. In order to find out the answers to all of these questions one by one, you’ll have to be a bit patient and dedicate a few minutes of your day to reading this article to the end.

Since I’ve established the outline of what I’m going to talk to you about, the only thing left to do is to jump straight into it.

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What Is Automatic Viral?

A better question would be “What WAS Automatic Viral?” since they don’t provide new users with their “service” anymore.

Why is that? Did Automatic Viral shut down for some reason? Well, it’s not quite clear since nobody from their marketing team went out into the public and clarified the situation to their users.

The only way I was able to find out about some details is from talking to people who were introduced to the situation from the very beginning.

Automatic Viral website is quite old, so they have been around for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of their service went up with time.

But I digress; Automatic Viral was a website that you would link with your Instagram account, and it would allow you to automatically receive likes on your new posts in order for you to go viral.

That moment was crucial in the marketing of this company and their service since conventional services that provide you with followers and likes didn’t give you a realistic opportunity of going viral or blowing up your latest post.

Does It Still Work?

It seems that when you enter their domain in your search bar, you’ll get a screen that notifies you that they don’t accept new users, but they do give you an option of logging in with an already existing account.

A screenshot showing the main page of

Does that mean that they still provide their service to already existing users? Well, I doubt it. Why? Because I’m convinced they don’t have any funds to put towards maintaining their, already poor, service.

It’s obvious that they had trouble providing their users with what they promised, and now that they have been shut down and banned by Instagram – it’s virtually impossible.

Is Automatic Viral still a scam then? I would say so since there is still a possibility of someone logging in onto their service and getting banned from Instagram without ever going viral.

The Explore page on Instagram doesn’t work the way people from Automatic Viral thought it did. Then how does it work?

Well in order for you to get to the Explore page on Instagram you’d have to be noticed in the sense of a number of people looking at your post, and not liking it.

Don’t get me wrong, likes do play a big role in it, but it’s not the only thing to take into the equation when making a plan that should get you to someone’s Explore page.

This is the exact reason why I told you that this was doomed from the beginning. These services were intended to go around the Instagram algorithm without ever caring if that is possible or not without flat out hacking the system that is in charge of the Explore page.

User Experience

Maybe the most important source of information for this kind of research is the experiences of other people that are using or have used the service in question, since these people don’t have a reason not to be as unbiased as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the comments of people who had the unpleasant chance to actually use the Automatic Viral service.

Let’s take a look at the first comment I’ve stumbled upon:

A picture of a negative comment on Trustpilot regarding Automatic Viral’s service.

As you can see, this person had a lot of bad things to say about the service in question. The fact that all likes that you receive through this service are from accounts that look like they’re freshly made is just a guarantee that you’ll get banned for sure by Instagram’s algorithm.

A picture of another negative comment regarding Automatic Viral’s service on Trustpilot.

This comment also mentions the usage of fake accounts to provide the service. This is a strong sign that this is most likely true.

In that case, I’d highly advise you to stay far away from this service since these accounts get you nothing but banned.

Automatic Viral Review – Summation

I think it’s quite clear that the biggest conclusion from this Automatic Viral review is that the smartest thing you can do is quickly search for an alternative.

None of these services that are specifically designed for you to get on the Explore page are rotten from the beginning since that’s impossible to do through non-organic ways.

In order for you to understand how bad this service is, let’s take a look at a pros and cons table that I’ve made:

Used to be semi-decentWon’t get you to the Explore page as promised
Uses empty accounts
Isn’t up for new users anymore
Owner unknown

If it wasn’t obvious until now, I think that now it’s crystal clear that this service should be avoided in any scenario. Even if you do have an old account registered on their website, I’d forget about it if I was in your shoes.

Actually, the only good thing that comes from this situation and from Automatic Viral alone is the fact that new people can’t register for their service, saving them the stress of trying to use it.

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