Brazy Kicks Proxies Review – Is It Worth It? Learn Here

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Looking for a firsthand Brazy Kicks Proxies review? You’re in the right place!

I tested the service from top to bottom to provide you folks with detailed information.

I’ll cover the following topics:

  • What are the Brazy Kicks Proxies use cases?
  • What are Brazy Kicks Proxies’ best features?
  • Is Brazy Kicks Proxies worth the money?
  • What are the best Brazy Kicks Proxies alternatives?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter!

What Is Brazy Kicks Proxies?

Brazy Kicks Proxies is a popular sneaker proxy provider. 

A screenshot showing Brazy Kicks Proxies’s homepage

Their website looks pretty simple and doesn’t provide all the needed information. There’s no FAQ section, fancy dashboard, nor live customer support chat. 

They also lack a lot of features other premium proxy providers offer.

But despite all of that, people seem to trust them and buy their proxies. As a result, the company’s usually out of stock before any major release.

The company sells two types of proxies:

  • Residential (static)
  • Datacenter

Brazy Kicks doesn’t state the number of IPs or subnets. 

I also couldn’t quite figure where these IP addresses come from, as there’s not much information on their website.

All I know is that their datacenter proxies sit in 5 different locations:

  • Ashburn
  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Japan
  • UK

As for their residential addresses, you can only target the aforementioned countries within the US.

Also, their residential proxies don’t rotate and apparently come directly from ISPs.

Best Brazy Kicks Features

Brazy Kicks doesn’t have much to offer since it specializes in sneaker proxies.

Here are its main features:

  • City Targeting

The company offers city targeting for residential proxy packages in the US and UK.

  • Private IPs

Brazy Kicks owns the servers and provides 10GB/s private datacenter IPs with multiple subnets.

However, this still doesn’t mean the proxies will work for every site. These days many websites can easily detect and ban suspicious IPs.

The fact is that we don’t know where the company’s IPs come from since they don’t specify it on their website.

Just don’t expect too much, that’s all.

  • Proxy generator

Perhaps the greatest feature of Brazy Kicks is a proxy generator. 

With it, you can select the location and generate as many IP addresses as you need.

  • Both types of authentication

Brazy Kicks offers user/password and IP whitelisting for their data center plans. 

On the other hand, the residential plan only has a user/pass authentication method.

  • Static IPs

Since Brazy Kicks is a specialized sneaker proxy provider, it’s only logical it doesn’t offer rotating IPs.

That’s because you need the same IP throughout the entire checkout process.

At the same time, static IP means a fast and more stable network connection.

  • 24/7 customer support

Their customer support usually replies within a few minutes, even though there’s no live chat. 

You can contact them via: 

  • Twitter messages on their official Brazy Kicks account
  • Discord channel by using the #open-support-tickets-here

Pricing Of Brazy Kicks Proxies

Brazy Kicks Proxies are not that cheap, even if it seems like it at first glance.

Take a look:

A screenshot showing Brazy Kicks Proxies monthly residential plans

A screenshot showing Brazy Kicks Proxies monthly datacenter plans

A screenshot showing Brazy Kicks Proxies weekly datacenter plans

Brazy Kicks offers only one residential plan that costs $15 per GB of data. So, if you’re a person that needs a lot of traffic, this can cost you a lot on a monthly basis.

As for monthly data center proxies, the minimum order is 5 proxies, meaning that the minimum monthly commitment is $10.

It’s also important to mention that weekly proxies aren’t available right after the purchase. 

They activate them according to the time slot you’re buying. The proxies are valid for 5 days, even though they’re called weekly plans.

The biggest drawback?

Their weekly packages are usually all sold out before big sneaker releases, and they often don’t have them in stock.

To sum up – if you need a proxy provider that’s always available, I advise you to consider an alternative provider.

More affordable proxy providers: Proxyland

Brazy Kicks Proxies only make sense if you don’t use as much traffic or need them for a short period, such as one or two sneaker releases. 

Otherwise, they’re too expensive.

You can easily find cheaper proxy providers that have a lot to offer for a small price.

Proxyland is one of them, as it is 5 times less expensive than Brazy Kicks. That makes it more suitable for smaller businesses and individuals like me.

For the purpose of comparison, here’s what you get with Proxyland

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Helpful customer support
  • Quick setup
  • Straightforward dashboard
  • Discounts for bulk buying
  • Affordable packages ($29 for 10GB)
  • Pay-as-you-go option
  • Fast and reliable proxies
  • Over 100,000 residential IPs
  • Numerous locations worldwide

Brazy Kicks Proxies vs. Competitors

If Brazy Kicks is way out of your budget, or you need a proxy provider for other uses than just sneaker copping, check out the best alternatives below:

Proxy serviceRatingPrice
Proxyland4.8$2.9 per GB
Luminati4$17.5 per GB
Smartproxy3.4$15 per GB

Is Brazy Kicks Proxies Any Good?

Based on my experience and multiple user reviews I found online, I can say that Brazy Kicks is a legitimate company.


Your data is safe with them as their website is HTTPS secure, as well as their payment gateways.


Also, their customer support is quick to respond and eager to help with any problem you may encounter.


Even though their proxies are not of the best kind, they’re fast, and they usually always get the job done.


However, their exorbitant prices are a dealbreaker.

Why You Should Try Brazy Kicks Proxies


  • The company is one of the best options for sneaker copping.
  • Their proxies are fast.
  • You can generate as many addresses as you need.
  • They can be an affordable choice for a one-time purchase.

Why You Should NOT Try Brazy Kicks Proxies

  • The risk of subnet bans is high.
  • They’re not affordable in the long run.
  • They don’t provide rotating proxies.
  • They have a couple of basic features.
  • You can’t choose the proxy type (no HTTP or SOCKS proxies).
  • They have a limited number of locations.
  • They are not always available.
  • They are not suitable for bulk buying.

The Best Alternative To Brazy Kicks Proxies – 5 Times Cheaper

If you look on other review sites, you’ll see that Brazy Kicks Proxies has a good reputation when it comes to sneaker proxies.

Their proxies are fast, and the company doesn’t resell IPs – they own the servers, which is impressive.

However, they charge an awful lot for a few basic features. 

Not to mention they’re often out of stock.

Some services provide the same as Brazy Kicks or more, for far less money.

For example, Proxyland offers more features, has a broader usage, and it’s 5 times cheaper.

Proxyland has a large proxy pool with over 100,000 residential IP addresses, and it is available in more than 100 countries worldwide.

On top of that, Proxyland offers:

  • Pay-as-you-go option
  • Custom packages 
  • $2,9 per GB of usage
  • Huge discounts for bulk
  • Handy dashboard
  • Helpful customer support
  • Multiple different features

Go ahead and give it a try; you’ll thank me later!

Brazy Kicks Proxies: Final Score

Features: Brazy Kicks has a few fine features. ✅

Trustworthiness: Brazy Kicks is a legit company. ✅

Performance: They provide static IP, which means stable and fast connection. ✅

Flexibility: They’re not that flexible, and they don’t have a lot of options to choose from. ❌

Price: Expensive in the long run; suited for a one-time purchase. ❌

Accessibility for small businesses: Not the best option for small businesses. ❌

Affordability: Very expensive in the long run. ❌

In the end, would I recommend Brazy Kicks Proxies?

Not really.

Brazy Kicks is a great option for one-time sneaker copping. Anything more than that will cost you way too much.I’d advise you to go with proxy providers that offer a wider range of features and are affordable for everyone, like Proxyland.

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