YoViral Review: What Happened To This Service? Read Now

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Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up with everything that is happening on the Internet. Here, nothing is permanent, and becoming yesterday’s news is almost inevitable.

The same goes for Instagram-growth tools. Still, you must know at least something about them since you’re reading this review. 

Let me guess. You’re interested in YoViral, or should I say ViralRace?

You have probably seen companies rebranding in order to avoid a downturn. It’s a common process, and Instagram-growth tools do it all the time.

Someone who is not used to change and wants a stable Instagram-growth service should go straight to Upleap. This is a verified source that will help you boost your engagement in no time. For more information on this, you can scan through this review.

Anyway, I advise you to stay until the end of this YoViral review. I’m going to figure out what happened to this service, and whether you should consider using it in the future.

Stick around for some interesting information!

Let me steal five more seconds and recommend a couple more alternatives. You won’t regret checking them out as well!

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Socialfollow4.3Check Price
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KENJI4.0Check Price

YoViral: What Happened?

Someone who knows YoViral from before will tell you that this is your basic Instagram-growth tool. Its purpose is to help you boost engagement and improve your account in terms of numbers.

However, if you tried to access the YoViral site, you will come across something like this:

A screenshot showing the old yoviral homepage

Has YoViral shut down?

This was probably the first thing that came to mind, but it’s not the case here. YoViral has decided to leave its old domain and build a new image. Plainly speaking, this company rebranded.

However, this kind of display can make you think it’s a scam. And I don’t blame you. It seemed pretty suspicious at first.

Reading something like “server misconfiguration” will surely raise a few questions. 

Personally, I don’t have a concrete answer to why YoViral decided to make this move, but I’m willing to find out more about it. 

From now on, I’ll be referring to this service as ViralRace, since it’s pretty much a copycat of YoViral.

ViralRace: The Basics

First, there is not much information about ViralRace. All that I could find out is that this new company is supposed to be “the most trusted source of Instagram engagement.”

What can I buy here?

ViralRace offers its customers the following packages:

Instagram Views

This is one of the newer features that Instagram has decided to introduce, but it is not that important to customers compared to some other packages. There is a self-evident reason behind this, and it has to do with visible numbers.

Most customers who opt for one of these packages prefer real numbers in terms of likes, followers, and even comments.

Instagram Likes

People will always want to buy likes, and this is one of those offers that will always be in demand.

However, buying them is half the trouble. The other half is the quality you get, and whether these likes will stay on your post for more than a week. That’s why you should avoid buying auto likes. Thankfully, ViralRace doesn’t offer this package.

Instagram Followers

Now, this is what I’m talking about!

Instagram followers are still one of the most desired offers. This is because most customers hope for real followers, that is, accounts that will continue to interact with their posts.

This is what buying Instagram followers means, right?

How Does ViralRace Work?

Buying something on ViralRace is not rocket science. Their site is pretty easy to use, and the advantage is that it doesn’t require you to type in your Instagram password.

Let me remind you that this request is, in most cases, a sign of scam!

Basically, all you have to do is:

  1. Choose a package
  2. Enter your username and billing details.
  3. Watch the numbers on your account as they start coming in.

Customer Support: Inquiries & Complaints

Let’s say you want to inquire a little more about a package or have a problem with your order. You need to contact someone ASAP. Well, customer support here is not as fast as you need it to be.

ViralRace offers email contact and an encouraging message like “We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” I’m afraid that this is not enough, especially in this line of work.

The fact that such delays can discourage a lot of customers is undeniable.

Instagram Followers Package: Specifications

Since I am mostly interested in the follower package, I will make this my central issue.

As for ViralRace, this package is not much different from the ones on other Instagram-growth tools. Let’s take a closer look:

A screenshot showing the follower package

ViralRace claims that its followers are safe, secure, and most importantly, real people that will engage with you in the future. This certainly sounds like a perfect offer, but let’s stay realistic.

What ViralRace also emphasizes within the follower offer is high retention rate. With this, it wants to confirm the previous claims.

Also, ViralRace does not offer its services at unreasonable prices. This particular price range is very attainable, and we all know that this is a deal-breaker for most customers.

What many will not like, however, is that ViralRace allows purchases only by using credit cards. You can’t rely on PayPal, so leaving your private information becomes a concern.

Finally, once you have decided on one of the packages, it is time to wait for your followers to arrive.

ViralRace advertises fast delivery, but it doesn’t mention instant flow, which is a good thing. It says that your followers will reach your profile in a couple of hours or days – depending on the number you buy. 

People Rating ViralRace

It’s time to take a break from my comments, and take a moment to look at what other people have to say about ViralRace.

Let’s start with the reviews that ViralRace posted on its homepage. Hate to break it to you, but what are the chances that 4.75 is a realistic rating of this service?

If you relied only on homepage reviews, you would have the opportunity to read the following comments:

A screenshot showing homepage reviews

Just to be clear. You shouldn’t rely only on reviews you come across on the homepage. It doesn’t have to be that way, but comments like this are usually written by the employees themselves.

It’s no secret.
Now, it is time to turn to a trustworthy source. Let’s see what people on Trustpilot have to say about ViralRace.

A screenshot showing trustpilot reviews

As I thought. The comments you read a moment ago were just a hoax. Here, you can read what people actually think.

Positive reviews do exist, but they are hard to spot.

Is ViralRace Legit? Conclusion

It’s time to decide whether this source is worth using or not. A small pros&cons table will help us with this.

Reasonably-priced servicesRebranded without a reason
Organic growthSlow customer support
Easy to usePoor rating on Trustpilot
No PayPal option

Although ViralRace, ex YoViral, has some tempting aspects, we just can’t ignore its drawbacks. 

It is up to you whether you are willing to work around these imperfections. If you are not willing to risk it, I advise you to stick around for another review!

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