Social10x Shut Down: Was This Source A Scam? Read Now

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Although there are way too many Instagram-growth services, a couple of them are just waiting for the moment they get shut down. In most cases, this happens because they turn out to be a complete scam. 

You and I are currently interested in Social10x. This is a source you have certainly come across at least once during your online search. Unfortunately, it has been shut down.

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Back to Social10x. We’re not going to let this one slide. Stay with me until the end of this review, and learn why this service has been shut down, and how to avoid red flags in the future.

Thankfully, there are many other options that are trustworthy. Some of them are in this table.

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Social10x Review – Brief Assessment

Since we already have a rough idea of this company and the way it operated, let me present a couple of key points related to Social10x.

Got shut down
Delivered fake followers
No free trial
Poor rating on Trustpilot

For some, this is more than enough information to leave the Social10x page immediately (which they should). However, you should stick around for some useful information.

If you do, you will have the opportunity to see what a failed service looks like firsthand.

Social10x – What Went Wrong?

There are a lot of things that went wrong and resulted in Social10x being shut down.

Once they disappear, the chances of such services returning and thriving are extremely low. Lots of companies do this, but often without success.

So, if you were wondering can Social10x increase your sales, let me stop you right there. This company is gone for a reason, and bringing it back will not help you or anyone else for that matter. 

Maybe someone didn’t have a chance to see what this service looked like when it was in its full glory.

For those people, here’s a glimpse of Social10x’s old homepage.

A screenshot showing the old homepage of social10x

The appearance of the site was pretty basic. This is what every other Instagram-growth service looks like now.

Social10x didn’t just deal with Instagram, but with several other social media platforms. Some would say more room for money, but it just turned out to be more room for error.

Social10 For Free?

You’ve had a chance to read about many companies of this type. A few of them use the opportunity to offer you a free trial.

Let’s say a couple of words about this, and see where we can fit in Social10x.

Offering a free trial is an opportunity for companies to prove to you that their services are reliable. This doesn’t have to include a huge number – like 100 followers, for example.

Bear in mind that not all free trials work as they should. I had the opportunity to come across multiple free trials that started charging for services upon their completion (without the customer’s consent).

Social10x has no free trial. 

If it had, perhaps a potential customer would realize much earlier that something was wrong.

Social10x – Buying Followers

Since there is no free trial on Social10x, it’s time to turn to Instagram packages and their prices. Specifically, I’m interested in what buying Instagram followers from this company looked like.

Let’s take a look at the follower offer.

A screenshot showing the folloer offer

We will focus on the following criteria:

  • quality
  • delivery period
  • price

Quality Of Followers

By some general standards, the quality of the followers you buy should at least be decent. What does this mean? It means that the followers on your profile should be real people from Instagram.

When advertising their followers, many companies claim that these profiles are high-quality. Almost every Instagram-growth tool guarantees that your bought followers will continue to interact with your feed.

Do they just put in a good word because this is a popular offer, or do they really mean it?

In the case of Social10x, the advertising part was a scam. This company sold fake Instagram followers. Customers only got Instagram bots that disappeared from their profile after a while.

Many services, including this one, tried to disguise this by forwarding hundreds of profiles from China, India, etc. Thankfully, it didn’t last long!

Delivery Period

This is a very important, if not a crucial factor in buying any offer, not just followers. 

Imagine choosing a minimum offer of 500 followers, and they all arrive at once?

This is not going to end well, and you will get a warning from Instagram’s policy team. As you already know, Instagram is strictly against automatic inflows, and that’s exactly what you signed up for.

Once you would buy followers from Social10x, they would arrive all at once and put you in danger of having your account banned. Do you really want this kind of danger? I doubt it.

Reliable Instagram-growth tools offer gradual growth, especially when it comes to larger numbers of followers. Since Social10x’s smallest offer contains 500 followers, the chances of this going unnoticed are almost non-existent.


When buying followers, be sure to check your budget first. Some companies don’t care about this, and they stick to premium pricing.

This can discourage many potential buyers, and force them to change their choices. However, cheap does not have to mean quality.

This is exactly the case with Social10x. Many of you surely thought that $6 was a great offer for 500 followers, but soon realized that it wasn’t such a good idea.

Let this be your warning for the future! Before you decide on a cheaper choice, double-check the quality of that same company.

Are there apps similar to Social10x?

After checking the three most important factors when buying followers, you are probably wondering if other services and apps work in such a way?

No doubt. There are more than you can list, but some of them are still not exposed. 

Guess you’ll have to keep reading my reviews if you want to find out more about that.

Social10x Reviews

Let’s conclude this topic with straightforward facts, such as reviews on other sites.

Mind you, many companies believe that their onsite reviews are true indicators of credibility.

Since Social10x didn’t have an enviable reputation from the start, let’s see if the reviews are any different.

A screenshot showing reviews on trustpilot

Nothing I didn’t expect. Trustpilot is flooded with negative reviews where past customers talk bad about this company.

Some even mention an ongoing lawsuit with Facebook. If that’s true, then you were lucky if you didn’t use its services. As I said, the experience of past customers can be a crucial factor, and this is a good example of that.

Social10x Scam – Conclusion

It was obvious from the start, but it certainly wasn’t a bad thing to go through the aspects of this company. Now you know all about one Instagram-related service that turned out to be a scam.
Anyways, let this be a lesson to all. Never rely on companies like Social10x!

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