MySocialFollowing Review – Assessing The Quality Of This Service Right Here

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Are all Instagram-growth tools legit? Of course not. So, how can you be sure of your choice?

By turning to reviews like this one, for example. Before you decide on any source, there are many factors you need to check. 

I am here to help make this job easier for you and anyone else who has any interest in Instagram-growth services. So today, I will pay special attention to an Instagram-growth tool called MySocialFollowing

You must have come across this company at least once, and now you want to double-check it. That’s completely understandable. 

There is one online source that is 100% verified and reliable, and that is Upleap. Feel free to check it out. And if you want to know more, just go to my review on it.

Let’s get back on track. 

Stay until the end of this MySocialFollowing review, and find out whether this tool suits your needs or not.

You can keep your options open with these alternatives:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Upleap4.6Check Price
Socialfollow4.3Check Price
Nitreo4.0 Check Price
KENJI4.0Check Price

MySocialFollowing – A Quick Look Into The Service

Before I go into detail about the positive and negative aspects of this Instagram-growth tool, I’d like to take this opportunity and emphasize the most important facts related to MySocialFollowing.

Deals with multiple platformsFollowers keep getting deleted
Average reviews on SitejabberPricy services
No sensitive information requiredPoor customer support

For someone who doesn’t have much time on their hands, this table will surely mean something. However, I advise you to dedicate yourself to this service in detail if you are really interested in using it.

What Does MySocialFollowing Offer?

Since the interest in buying likes, followers, and views on social media platforms has skyrocketed lately, many companies have decided to offer their potential customers the best possible deals.

MySocialFollowing has definitely done this part of the job by offering its interested customers a chance to boost engagement on multiple social media platforms.

In many cases, this has a positive effect on potential customers and keeps them on the site for longer (at least until they research every offer).

Here’s what it looks like when you enter the official site of MySocialFollowing.

A screenshot showing services that are available.

Although there is no specific section in which you can find out more about this source, the homepage says that this company has been on the internet for more than 10 years and that it has managed to help as many as 400,000 customers with its services.

This kind of success seems almost impossible and unrealistic. 

Of course, like any online company, MySocialFollowing claims that its services are guaranteed to help you. 

This company values every aspect, from credibility to the alleged superior support.

Guess I’ll have to be the judge of that today.

Instagram Package – In Detail

What interests both you and me is Instagram. How to get the desired number with MySocialFollowing? 

Let’s take a look at what the Instagram package offers.

A screenshot showing the instagram package

These are some of the most basic offers.

Some are more popular than others. Take Automatic Likes as an example. This specific offer has more disadvantages than advantages due to the automatic part. It’s pretty simple.

Automatic inflow goes against Instagram’s algorithm. 

On the other hand, there is one unusual offer. I’m referring to the Mixed Combo package where you can choose quantities from several different offers, based on which your price is calculated.

When I checked out this offer, I saw that Instagram followers are not included.

I find this strange since most customers tend to grow their accounts with follower numbers.

Buying Instagram Followers

It’s time to focus on the most popular offer, and that is Instagram followers. Before I start with the analysis, let’s look at what this offer includes.

A screenshot showing the follower offer

Prices Of Followers

As for the prices at which you can buy followers, they are not very budget-friendly. Currently, MySocialFollowing offers a discount, but without it, it would hardly be profitable to buy even the smallest offer.

Quality Of Followers

MySocialFollowing claims that its followers are real and active. Also, it advertises a lifetime guarantee, which ensures that your purchased followers will remain on the profile.


This turned out to be untrue. Followers purchased from MySocialFollowing were constantly disappearing after a while. This has a lot to do with the next component.

Delivery Of Followers

Delivery time depends on the number of followers you purchase. The higher the number, the longer the period after which they will be delivered.

The good thing about this is that MySocialFollowing offers gradual growth. However, followers are still disappearing.

Maybe this was the case because they were actually fake accounts from India or China. Who knows.

MySocialFollowing – Does It Work?

Some Instagram services can be extremely hard to manage. This can greatly affect your decision. So, how well does MySocialFollowing work?

Buying followers from this service is actually very easy. All you need to enter is your Instagram username and email address.

One huge advantage is that MySocialFollowing does not ask you for a password or other sensitive information. It also offers the option of paying via PayPal.

Poor Customer Service

No matter how easy MySocialFollowing is to manage, there is one aspect of this company that you can’t quite rely on.

It’s about customer support and its availability.

Remember how MySocialFollowing initially claimed to offer superior support? Apparently, it’s not true.

This company offers two ways of helping in case you have a problem. Either you can type in a question that interests you, or you can contact them by email.

This is not so comforting, especially if it is a burning issue.

Average Reviews

Although the prices are a little higher than expected, and the fact that customer support is not available every second, people on Sitejabber still have a decent opinion of this source.

Since you should never rely entirely on reviews on its homepage, some external sources are very helpful. Let’s take a look at  Sitejabber.

Out of 88 reviews, 63 are positive, which gives the impression that it is a legit company.

Here are a few examples of people that already had experience with this company.

A screenshot showing sitejabber reviews

MySocialFollowing – Scam? Final Thoughts

After going through this source in detail, you are surely doubtful about some things. One thing is certain, and that is that MySocialFollowing does not give the impression of a scam that is only after your money.

Since this is the end of the review, it’s time to decide if it’s worth buying something from this source or not.

It may not be a scam, but MySocialFollowing definitely needs to work on some aspects like:

  • quality of followers
  • availability of customer support
  • expensive prices

All in all, if this is not too much of a risk for you, feel free to opt for one of the offers on MySocialFollowing.

Whatever you do, I wish you good luck!

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