Moonio Review – Your Instagram Collaboration Platform

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Are you one of the many brands looking for influencers in 2022? Or maybe you’re one of the content creators who’s trying to build up their collaboration portfolio or close their first Instagram collaboration?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, great! You’re interested in influencer marketing, an industry that’s grown to be worth $13.8B in just a few years’ time.

Now, an integral part of your influencer marketing campaign is finding the influencers who are going to partner with you. And while there are many ways to go about that, I want to introduce you to the newest, easiest, and most streamlined way to find influencers and close Instagram collaborations: Moonio.

What is Moonio?

Moonio is the first influencer marketing platform that combines the common influencer search process with the ability to publish your campaign and let content creators send proposals to you. Create your campaign in just a few clicks, and then you can choose how to find influencers: search for them and invite them to your campaign, sit back and get proposals from influencers who find your campaign, or take advantage of both methods at the same time.
Moonio also lets you manage your relationships with influencers and measure your results in the same place, making influencer management easy. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and say hello to your new favorite end-to-end influencer marketing platform. Best of all, you can start for free and upgrade as you scale your influencer marketing strategy.

How do brands use it?

To use Moonio, brands have to sign up and create an account. To do this, you just need an email address and an Instagram account. Moonio verifies your Instagram account to make sure that you are who you really say you are, so that the platform is safe for all users.

Next up, brands can complete their Moonio profile. This shows other brands and influencers a bit about your company. You can include: 

  • a profile and header pic
  • your location
  • some brief info
  • your key Instagram stats
  • And some tags that apply to your brand
Chicknchick, a Spanish restaurant, on Moonio.

Most importantly, once signed up, brands can publish opportunities. Opportunities are basically advertisements of your brand’s products, services, or experiences. 

An opportunity on Moonio from Cuddle Club.

Here, the brand details a few things:

  • The name of your opportunity (usually reflects the name of the product or service)
  • The location of the opportunity
  • The product value, in $
  • The opportunity category
  • A description of the opportunity and what the brand is looking for
  • A description of the brand’s ideal creator for this job
  • Whether or not the brand accepts fee requests

The last point refers to whether or not influencers can request a monetary fee in addition to the free product. This is up to the brands, so you decide if you’re willing to work fees into the collaboration or not. 

From here, you just have to wait for influencers’ proposals to arrive! Then you can use Moonio’s chat feature to negotiate the details, and approve influencers right on the platform.

How do content creators use it?

For content creators, the sign-up process is similar: you have to sign up and link your Instagram account so Moonio can verify it. But for content creators, there are a few requirements to join Moonio:

  • You must have a public instagram account
  • You need more than 3K followers
  • Your content is original and creative
  • You have a good engagement rate
  • And you are brand safe

If you meet those criteria, you can join Moonio and create your profile. 🙂 Here, you upload your stats from Instagram and Insights, so that brands can see a bit about your engagement rate and audience breakdown. You can also include a bio about yourself.

An influencer's profile on Moonio.

In addition, on your profile, brands can see which other brands you’ve already closed collaboration deals with. 

On Moonio, content creators make proposals to brands. Find an opportunity that you like—and where you fit the brand’s desired creator— and submit a proposal. 

When you make a proposal, you tell the brand how much content you’re willing to give them in exchange for their product or service. You can choose between posts/Reels or Stories. You can also include an intro message to the brand.

How to make a proposal on Moonio.

If the brand allows proposals with fees, you can also request a fee when you make your proposal. Just put in the amount of USD you want for your content.

From here, you can start negotiating with the brand directly on Moonio’s internal chat. Then, the brand can approve you directly on Moonio so you know that you’ve closed the collab!

Not sure yet? Other Influencer Marketing Tools

You want to collaborate with influencers, but you want to check their profiles before starting the negotiations, because you want to choose the right one. Don’t worry, I have you covered!

Here you can find a list with 5 of the best influencer marketing platforms to start in influencer marketing. You will be able to find the right influencer for your brand.


  • Pros: Heepsy has one of the best search engines of all the influencer marketing platforms. They have a lot of filters that allow you to find the right influencers for you in seconds. Tiktok influencers, youtubers, Instagram influencers, Twitch streamers, you will find what you were looking for. Plus their platform is super easy to use, so if you’re new to influencer marketing you’ll get started very quickly with their lead.
  • Cons: You can’t contact influencers inside their platform, so you’ll have to talk with the influencers by email or DM, however, not many platforms allow negotiation within their platforms. So it is not really a big deal.


  • Pros: TrendHERO is an influencer marketing platform on Instagram. Their prize is super low, even for the premium plan.
  • Cons: Their main problem is that they only have Instagram influencer data. Also, they take too long to load, and to download reports.

Aspire IQ

  • Pros: Aspire IQ, is an all-in-one solution, this means that you can search, analyze and run an influencer campaign within their platform. The only think you can’t do is contact the influencers inside the platform, you must do it outside. Its biggest advantage is that you can integrate shopify to your account, to manage sales, and to send products to the influencers.
  • Cons: The main disadvantage is the onboarding process, you have to onboard all the influencers that aren’t listed on their marketplace. This process takes a lot of time, and finding the Aspireiq login is hard.

Ninja Outreach

  • Pros: Ninja Outreach is a platform that allows you to contact influencers directly from their platform. Their templates are very nice and you can learn a lot about how to contact influencers.
  • Cons: As their outreach tool is super useful this does not happen with their discovery tool which is not as good as the other platforms. You miss out on some important data for analyzing influencer profiles.


  • Pros: Upfluence gives you the possibility to pay influencers within their platform, also, they have the possibility to send influencers your product for reviews, or as payment.
  • Cons: Their biggest disadvantage is that their search engine is often wrong, and even if you search for US influencers, there will be some Canadian influencers, or you add some other criteria, and the search engine will not give you results that match those criteria.


Moonio is a simple, free way for brands and influencers to network, chat, and close deals. But enough from me: sign up for free today to close your first Instagram collaboration on Moonio and see what it’s all about for yourself!

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