Top 3 Massplanner Alternatives to Grow Your Instagram Followers

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If you’ve been reading Massplanner reviews and thinking of giving this tool a try, then you may be disappointed to learn that this service no longer exists. Before its untimely demise, Massplanner was one of the most popular social media automation tools on the market. This social media bot allowed users to grow and manage their accounts across multiple social media platforms. With Massplanner, you could manage your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram accounts.

If you depended on Massplanner to streamline your social media marketing, then you’ll be happy to learn that there are quite a few great alternatives to this now-defunct service. In this article, I’ll fill you in on Massplanner’s backstory and the real reason why Instagram requested it to shut down.

I’ll also give you the scoop on some of the best Massplanner alternatives that you can try out today! Keep reading to learn more!

What Social Media Marketers Loved About Massplanner

If you never got the chance to try Massplanner for yourself before its shut down, then you probably want to know why so many people loved this social media tool.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about using Massplanner was having the ability to perform automated tasks and save time. For busy marketers managing multiple accounts, Massplanner made it easier to keep up with the day to day social media tasks.

With Massplanner, you could interact with your audience by liking photos and leaving automated comments.

This function allowed you to gain the attention of users and inspire them to follow your account. Massplanner also allowed you to schedule your social media content in advance, to keep your accounts up to date.

Social media marketers who utilized multiple social media platforms also appreciated the fact that Massplanner allowed you to completely automate your activity across multiple sites.

Massplanner was compatible with Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr! Although most marketers stick to Instagram and Facebook for marketing these days, this was cool for those who wanted to grow on other platforms as well.

Those who raved about Massplanner appreciated the fact that it included plenty of cool features and was compatible with a variety of social media platforms.

Downsides to Massplanner

Although plenty of people raved about Massplanner, there were quite a few downsides to using this tool. The biggest one for most users was the fact that this tool required you to download additional software, and you could only use it on a computer. For busy business owners and marketers on the go, this was a major inconvenience.

Another downside to using Massplanner was the fact that its automated functions mimicked the behavior of a bot rather than a human. Although interacting with as many accounts as possible seems to be a fast track to Instagram growth, many Massplanner users’ activities came across as inauthentic.

If you examine Massplanner’s Facebook automation functions you can easily see how its interactions seemed inauthentic.

Using Massplanner, users could automate finding and joining public Facebook groups. While this was a cool option, many Massplanner users were kicked out of Facebook groups for spamming the posts with auto-comments.

The Real Reason Why Massplanner Shut Down

massplanner shut down

On May 15, 2017, Massplanner users received this email:

Hi guys,

We know how much you love MassPlanner and we appreciate your support all this time. Unfortunately, we have some sad news for you today. Due to a request from Instagram, we were forced to shut down our services. Your product will still work until your license expires, after which the Facebook and Instagram platforms will be removed.

We will still offer our full support through these troubled times, we are here if you have any questions.

Thank you for understanding,
The MassPlanner team

Massplanner’s shut down was unexpected and it left many of its most avid supporters wondering, “why?!”

If you know anything about social media automation tools, then it’s easy to understand what led to this social media automation tool’s untimely demise.

In recent years, Instagram (Facebook. Inc.) has developed strict guidelines to prevent spam and bot activity on its platform.

Most Instagram automation tools violate Instagram’s user guidelines. That’s why it’s so important to proceed with caution before signing up for tools like Massplanner. When you use automation tools too excessively, it makes Instagram less enjoyable for others, and it also puts your account at risk.

The best way to avoid this unfortunate outcome is by using Instagram bots sparingly and effectively. Massplanner users commonly exceeded the interaction limits set by social media algorithms, which drew attention to the tool.

In order to combat the misuse of services like Massplanner, Instagram has the right to request the owners to shut down the service. Unfortunately, this happened to Massplanner in May 2017.

Aside from the overuse of automated actions, another thing that likely triggered Massplanner’s demise is the fact that it is not an official Instagram partner.

While this isn’t as important for growth automation tools, Massplanner’s post scheduling function allowed users to post content without using Instagram’s API Platform. Instagram only allows 100% authentic, non-automated services to utilize its API Platform. Third-party apps that go around this almost always get shut down by Facebook, Inc.

The Top Massplanner Alternatives for Instagram

Now that you know a bit more about Massplanner and the reasons behind its shut down, you may be wondering about your other options. Although Massplanner’s features were useful, there are quite a few comparable tools that offer similar features.

There are also plenty of social media automation tools on the market that have even better features. Here are a few of our favorite Massplanner alternatives:


upleap - massplanner alternative

When it comes to the best Massplanner alternatives, Upleap definitely tops my list.

Instagram shuts down automation services that perform bot-like interactions. Upleap’s automated interactions more closely resemble authentic Instagram engagement. This triggers Instagram’s detection tools and leads to the shut down of several accounts and automation services.

Upleap reduces this risk by pairing each user with a dedicated human account manager. This is a real, social media enthusiast who will interact with your target audience on your behalf.

It allows for more authentic engagement because your interactions humans perform the interactions instead of bots. With Upleap, you can grow your account up to 300% faster and engage with real accounts.

How Upleap Works

Upleap goes beyond the typical mass follow/unfollow method for follower growth. Your Upleap account manager targets users who are likely to have an interest in your account.

From there, your account manager interacts with these users’ posts in order to draw attention to your account. By only targeting users with an active interest in your niche, Upleap helps you to gain real, engaged followers.

upleap - massplanner alternative
My Upleap Account Manager

Another reason why Upleap is such a great alternative to Massplanner is the fact that it’s easy to use and set up.

Massplanner required you to download additional software to use its tools. It also wasn’t compatible with Mac OS, which is a favorite amongst digital marketers. In order to use Massplanner with an Apple computer, you had to download a remote Windows proxy.

This was a very time-consuming task. You can use Upleap directly from your web browser with any machine or operating system.

With plans starting at $39 a month, Upleap is slightly pricier than Massplanner was, but you definitely get more bang for your buck.

It offers a variety of features including access to a dedicated account manager and advanced targeting features.

If you select one of Upleap’s upgraded plans, then you can enjoy additional features. The higher-tiered plans offer things like faster organic growth, the ability to view Instagram stories, and the ability to exclude keywords. Upleap also offers premium customer support.

If you’re interested in giving Upleap a try, you should sign up for their free three-day trial. The trial gives you full access to Upleap’s key features, and it’s 100% risk-free!


kenji - massplanner alternative

Another great alternative to Massplanner is Kenji. This Instagram bot uses machine-learned artificial intelligence. With this tool, you can increase your followers, likes, and engagement rate! If you were a fan of Massplanner’s wide variety of features, then Kenji is sure to meet your social media automation needs.

How Kenji Works

Kenji’s Instagram growth services don’t include a dedicated human account manager like Upleap. But, this tool has the ability to closely mimic human behavior.

Over time, Kenji gets better and better at predicting which accounts to interact with. It also works diligently throughout the day and night in order to maximize your Instagram marketing efforts. This tool’s smart targeting features allow you to identify your target audience based on their location, the hashtags they use, and more. You can also select negative keywords and blacklist users.

Kenji is super easy to set up and use. Although this Instagram automation tool uses advanced technology, you don’t have to be technologically savvy to set it up. Kenji doesn’t require you to download any additional software for your computer.

To get started, simply sign up, connect your Instagram account, and customize your targeting settings. You can use Kenji from any device and any web browser.

Kenji’s plans start out at just $19 a month! It’s definitely one of the most affordable advanced Instagram bots on the market. If Kenji’s features sound good to you, then you should take advantage of their three-day free trial! You don’t have to put in any credit card information to test it out, so it’s basically risk-free!


later - massplanner alternative

If Massplanner’s post scheduling feature was your go-to, then is a great alternative to test out. This post scheduling tool is partnered with Instagram, so you won’t have to worry about breaking any rules (and putting your account at risk). You also don’t have to worry about Instagram shutting this service down.

How Later Works

Later is great for social media marketers who value the aesthetic of a cohesive feed. This social media automation tool allows you to create visual content calendars and schedule your Instagram posts well in advance.

You can edit and plan your feed using Later’s drag and drop feature and schedule your content to post directly to Instagram. With Later, you can also repost high-quality content from other users in your niche.

Another thing that makes Later a better post scheduling tool than Massplanner, is the fact that you can optimize your posts to suit your brand’s goals. You can also integrate Later with This allows you to make your feed more shoppable, share your online content, and add multiple links to each post.

Later is also much more affordable than Massplanner. Everyone can use this tool for free, and you also have the option to select upgraded plans with more features. With the free version, you can add one social media account per platform.

You can schedule up to 30 Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts, and Pinterest posts. For Twitter, you can schedule up to 50 posts. The paid plans range in price from $9-$49 per month. Upgraded plans offer additional features like the ability to add more profiles and schedule more posts.

Bonus alternative – Best in class for professionals:

Nitreo Massplanner Alternative

While Nitreo can only manage Instagram, it does it very well. It may not have all the features of Massplanner, but there are several advantages to Nitreo. It feels like a more modern app, because it is more modern. It’s made with the latest tech and employs AI and machine learning so it does most of the heavy lifting for you.

How Nitreo Works

Nitreo runs on a secure server. It logs into your Instagram account and automates all of the “daily chores”. It does follow/unfollow, it engages with posts, likes, and even stories.

Nitreo really shines when it comes to targeting. When you set up your account you enter a few relevant hashtags, choose a category, and enter similar Instagram accounts. Nitreo then analyzes your data and starts the automation based on your previous posts and chosen criteria.

I mentioned targeting. Nitreo is very good at figuring out what followers to go after, but if that’s not enough for you, it offers you some advanced features like targeting by location, gender, account type (business or personal), and even account activity. You can choose to follow only active accounts who post regularly and have more than 300 followers, for example.

Automation, advanced targeting, and machine learning back end are all the reasons why Nitreo is becoming the gold standard of Instagram growth apps used by some of the most successful influencers and social media agencies in the world.

There is a catch. While Nitreo is not expensive, it doesn’t offer a free trial. You get a robust guarantee and if you are serious about Instagram growth, it’s worth the money for sure.

Check out how Nitreo compares to Massplanner here.



Although Massplanner will be missed by many social media marketers, there are quite a few tools that you can use to fulfill your needs. If you decide to give Upleap, Kenji, or Later a try, you might find that you like them even better than Massplanner.

No matter which social media automation tool you choose to test out, it’s important to remember to use them wisely and authentically.

Unless the automation tool you use partners with a reputable social media site, using them poses a risk to your account. When you choose social media automation tools that either mimic human behavior you can limit your risk of having your account flagged or banned.

Upleap and Kenji are both very safe to use, and they offer risk-free three-day free trials! There’s no reason not to give one of these tools a try!

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