Boostlikes Review – Finding Out If This Service Is Reliable

Hello, and welcome to yet another Instagram-growth service review!

If you have any doubts about a source that caught your attention, it is always advisable to turn to reviews like this one, for example.

After all, where else can you get an honest opinion? 

One verified and legit source that will help you skyrocket your numbers on Instagram is Upleap. If you are interested in how I reviewed its services, just click on my review here.

However, my focus today is on Boostlikes.

It is time to dedicate myself completely to this source and provide you (the reader) with a detailed and concise Boostlikes review. So, if you’re ready – go ahead and scroll down!

It doesn’t hurt to have more choices. That’s why I have prepared this table with possible alternatives:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Upleap4.6Check Price
Socialfollow4.3Check Price
Nitreo4.0 Check Price
KENJI4.0Check Price

Boostlikes 101

Boostlikes is an online social media company that helps its customers grow their number of followers, likes, comments, and subscribers on various platforms.

You can’t learn much about the history of Boostlikes, which is not so great. What you can conclude based on its homepage is that it deals with multiple social media networks.

You certainly don’t want to spend too much time on blocks of text about history and reputation, but some basic information would be great. For example:

How long has it been on the internet?

Where is it based?

Speaking of the homepage here’s what it looks like:

A screenshot showing the boostlikes homepage

Now that you’ve seen it, I will take this opportunity to comment on the aesthetics and layout of the site. I know most people don’t pay much attention to detail, but it’s social media we’re talking about – shouldn’t it be attention-grabbing?

From what I can see, it’s not ideal, to say the least. Some segments could use an update, such as the segment where Boostlikes compares its services to its competitors.

This is similar to onsite reviews that many companies opt for.

Neither is a good idea, and it is certainly not a true indicator of quality. Still, companies like to praise their services, and some of them overdo it.

Boostlikes – Instagram Package

Let’s move on to the topic of interest, which is Instagram Packages. It’s time to see what Boostlikes has to offer its customers. 

To make it easier for you to keep up, I’ll be answering the following questions.

  • What is the quality of services on Boostlikes?
  • Will the services cost me a small fortune?
  • Is my information safe with this company?

Let’s get started. With Boostlikes, you can:

  • Buy followers
  • Buy likes
  • Buy comments

In addition to these three options, Boostlikes has included Automatic Likes in its package. Let me save you the trouble by saying that you should just click on the dismiss button.

Automatic Likes are uploaded on your post all at once, which is basically a crime on Instagram. Anything that is automatic goes against Instagram’s policy, and it is not recommended.

It doesn’t matter where these Boostlikes come from. If they’re automatic, they’re bad for your Insta account. Remember this at all times!

That’s why I’m going to stick to one of the first three options, and that is Instagram followers.

Buying Followers From Boostlikes

It’s time to deal with a concrete example of purchasing a service from Boostlikes, and I’m going with Instagram followers.

Before I start commenting on this in detail, here’s what buying followers from Boostlikes looks like.

A screenshot showing buying followers from Boostlikes

You will agree with the fact that this is not the regular price layout you are used to. Boostlikes displays its price list in a slightly different way.

Namely, there is a poll you can drag. It shows the number of followers and the price at which you can buy them.

The smallest package includes 500, and the maximum one – 50,000 followers. This is a huge range, but let’s talk about money.

The prices at which Boostlikes sells its followers are not exactly cheap. The largest package of 50,000 can cost you a little over a thousand bucks. Are you willing to pay that much?

Their customer network is certainly wide, and it is made up of ordinary people who just want to boost their account with numbers, but also companies that target a higher number for the purpose of advertising.

From whatever way you look at it, even someone who doesn’t have anything special planned will have to think carefully before buying followers.

The next thing that should interest you is the quality you get. According to the information I managed to come across, past customers claim that the followers bought with Boostlikes are half-real, half-bots.

This is not so good when you think about it. What if most of the followers you buy disappear from your profile after a while?

Boostlikes offers a refill on lost quantity in case this happens. That’s comforting.

Another good thing about Boostlikes is that your followers will be drip-fed. If it was instant delivery, Instagram could easily shut you down your account due to inorganic growth.

How Does Boostlikes Work?

If you decide to buy something from Boostlikes, you won’t have much trouble with the purchase. It’s pretty simple.

On its homepage, Boostlikes explains the steps you need to take in order to make a purchase. Here’s what you need to do:

A screenshot showing how to make a purchase on boostlikes

The only thing you may not like regarding your purchase is that Boostlikes prefers credit card payments. Usually, customers make most of their online purchases via PayPal, and that’s a fact.

Where Are The Reviews?

It is very important not to base your decision only on the company’s homepage, but to turn to a couple of verified external sources as well. The best example of this is past customer reviews, of course.

However, when I set out to explore reviews on Boostlikes, it hit a brick wall. There was absolutely nothing that I could find about this service.
Neither Trustpilot nor Sitejabber have any reviews on Boostlikes – completely blank.

A screenshot showing the sitejabber website

This automatically makes you doubt the claims that Boostlikes makes on its homepage.

There, you were able to read strong claims regarding its services compared to other competitors as well as some reviews. Where did they come from then?

Is Boostlikes Legit? The Decision

I have covered all the aspects that are considered important regarding Boostlikes. Now is the time to bring this review to an end.

I will do this by placing the information I mentioned in a pros&cons table.

Easy to make a purchaseThere are no reviews off the site
Offers gradual growthPricy services
Doesn’t require your Instagram passwordThe site needs to be updated

Boostlikes offers some pretty good deals, but there are still certain aspects that are doubtful.

If this seems like a company you’d like to try, good luck with your purchase! If not, there will always be another one!

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