Appsally Review – Wouldn’t You Like To Know When To Avoid A Service?

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There are services that you should consider for daily use, there are some that you might use once or twice, and then there are some that you should avoid at any cost.

Unfortunately, this Appsally review will tell you why you’re probably going to put this service in the third category, and why that might be the smartest thing you can do.

My job is not to bash the services that care about their customers and that pay attention to what image they leave on the internet.

Unfortunately, it seems that Appsally checks out all of the boxes that some of you might call red flags.

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For the sake of your time, money, effort, and potentially your Instagram account, I’ve dug deep in search of the real reason why people tend to comment negatively on Appsally and their service.

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Those who are interested in finding out about all of these reasons and maybe find out how to spot a service that will bring more harm than good should keep reading and keep their eyes wide open.

Let’s jump straight in!

What Is Appsally?

Appsally is a company that provides its users with services related to Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and many more social media platforms all at once.

To me, this is the first red flag I see in a company. If they don’t specialize in one or two social media services, you know that something is most likely wrong.

Why is that? Well, let me explain.

Normally, a company would choose a social media platform or two to provide services for. It’s usually Instagram and Facebook or Twitter and Instagram.

This is because getting occupied with more than two or three means that the quality of service will most likely go down.

Not many companies have resources to dabble in more than the capacity I mentioned, and the moment where you open a website that offers you services in dozens of fields is the moment where you see the red flag.

When you choose what platform you need help with on Appsally’s website, you’ll then be met with a screen that offers you some different marketing goals.

A screenshot showing different marketing goals available on Appsally’s website.

When you choose that, then you’ll proceed to the screen where you’ll give them your, in this case, Instagram URL.

A screenshot showing the screen where you are required to enter your Instagram’s URL.

After that, you’ll enter some of your “interests” (whatever that might be). This step is completely unclear to me, and I still to this day don’t get its purpose.

The last step is the screen where you’ll enter how much money you’d like to spend on their service.

This is a regular step when we’re talking about the service that doesn’t have packages with fixed prices.

If you ask me, this whole process is dragged out for no good reason, and can be quite irritating for people that aren’t used to this kind of service.

This isn’t even the worst thing. The worst thing is that I had to refresh the whole website in order for it to even register what social media platform I picked!

The situation I described didn’t happen once or twice, but five to six times at least.

Knowing that a website of a company isn’t working properly is just an indicator that it’s probably the same deal with their service.

I’d like to repeat that this Appsally review isn’t here to degrade or bash them, but to give you an unbiased opinion based on facts and nothing more.

That’s why I’m telling you all of this instead of putting my personal opinions in the center. The things I’m talking about aren’t opinions, but facts and that’s what matters the most.

Is Appsally Legit?

Now that you know how this service works (or doesn’t work sometimes), it’s time to see what other people that have used it have to say about their success with it.

The first website I had in mind when I was doing my research is Scamadviser. The things I’ve found there are far from satisfying.

 A picture of the overall score for Appsally on Scamadviser.

I’ve never seen this bad of a rating for a website that provides services in this field of work.

This just tells you that with that number of reviews that it’s not just a few angry people that had a bad experience with it, but instead it’s probably the majority of people that got scammed into using Appsally and their services.

The legitness of this website and their services is completely disrupted by this fact, but that’s just half of the story.

Trustpilot is another reputable website that I trust very much. When I tried searching for Appsally reviews on there, I was met with quite a disturbing message.

A screenshot depicting a message that pops up when you try to search for Appsally on Trustpilot.

When you see this, it means that there’s something seriously wrong with the website you just searched for on there.

The majority of cases where this message shows up is when the company in question tried to buy fake positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Either that, or there has been a situation that would negatively influence Trustpilot which is even worse.

Both of these situations are another big red flag that shouldn’t be forgotten.

When you see something like this, I recommend you run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

Final Words

There’s a couple of situations where I recommend staying away from a specific company and the service they provide.

Even when being as unbiased as I possibly can, I can’t ignore all of the red flags that surround this company.

To help you better understand and not forget any of the red flags I just mentioned, I made a pros and cons table that sums up all of the things wrong with Appsally.

Take a look at it:

Too complicated to use
Offer services related to too many websites
Banned from Trustpilot
Have quite a negative rating on Scamadviser

Trust me when I say that the ban on Trustpilot and the overwhelmingly negative reviews on Scamadviser aren’t for nothing.

People that work for these websites know what they’re doing quite well and you should trust them more than any random review you read online.

That’s why I’m recommending you to stay as far away as possible from Appsally and find another solution that will meet your requirements and suit your needs related to you growing your Instagram (or other social media) account.

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