4gram Review – Have The Sites That Have Been Shut Down Got What They Deserved?

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It’s often seen that websites that provide a service related to boosting your Instagram account are getting banned or taken down left and right.

Not that every single service deserves this, but in this case, it really seems that 4gram got what they deserved.

There are a couple of factors that should be taken into consideration when debating 4gram and the controversy that surrounds the whole story behind why they got banned/taken down.

Let me familiarize you with the whole story behind it, and tell you all about what happened to 4gram and their website. I’ll also tell you whether it was worth it or not to use their service while they existed, and what were the benefits of what they were offering to their customers.

Join me in this unusual story about one of the websites that got taken down in the midst of the banning controversy surrounding services that go against Instagram’s policy regarding the boosting of Instagram accounts.

Let’s go!

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What Happened To 4gram?

As you know, in 2012, Facebook bought Instagram. This meant a wide variety of changes, including a change regarding Instagram’s policy towards automation tools.

Until then, Instagram was a relatively young social media platform, and not many services for automation really existed, but when Facebook took over and when people started pouring onto Instagram, things changed.

With more people joining the platform, more people started making automation tools. 

The majority of them required you to pay for them, but a small fraction provided a free service in order to help you grow your Instagram account without any difficulties that might occur if you went with the organic way of doing things.

4gram was one of those free services, which was good in a sense. This meant that everyone who signed up with their Instagram account on their website had access to their growth tools.

A screenshot showing the former 4gram.net main page for logging in.

These tools weren’t the best, to say the least. Buggy and inefficient were the two most common ways to describe this service, but it was free at the end of the day – and that is all that mattered to some people.

Facebook started implementing its policy slowly and started getting some of these services taken down. In one of the “ban waves”, 4gram got deleted (taken down).

This is quite serious business since it was rare to see a service get taken down forcefully since the majority of 4gram-like services got taken down for rebranding purposes.

The fact that 4gram got deleted directly by Facebook’s doing means that they’ve done something quite bad.

Nobody actually knows the exact reason why this happened, but everybody knows that it must have been something serious.

It’s not a big deal for a company to go against Instagram’s policy against fake growth since every single company that provides this service actually goes against the rules, but for a service to get banned in this kind of way meant that there was something seriously wrong.

It seems that by getting 4gram shut down, Instagram did a favor for their users, since 4gram’s services weren’t all that good to begin with, as I’ve already mentioned earlier.

There’s no dilemma about this since everybody who used this service and people who read even a single 4gram Instagram review knew that the service was poor and not worth using in the long run.

So, that’s what happened to 4gram.

I hope I’ve clarified some things since most of the information surrounding this situation is still unknown or kept secret.

How Did It Work?

Some of you might be asking yourselves how does 4gram work, or how it worked (to be exact). Well, it’s hard to tell since there’s no digital trace of this service or the way that it operated.

A screenshot of an explanation of what 4gram is

The first thing you would see is the logging screen, which was suspicious by itself. When you see a company requiring your login information in order to provide you with their service, you know something’s wrong.

Why is that? Well, it’s because every single service regarding Instagram account growth can be done from the outside, and it does not require your login information (username and password).

What this means is that all the followers, likes, and views can be delivered to your Instagram account without giving access to your Instagram account to a third party.

It’s also quite interesting how many people actually used this service taking into consideration that you had to give up your login info.

The estimates show that, at one point, a couple of thousand people used this service without any consideration for their safety.

Anyways, when you gave them your login info, they gave you an opportunity to choose what service you wanted. Instagram followers were the most popular since people always had a tendency to take pride in their follower count.

After that, you’d receive a chunk of what you selected as your desired service. This is the sole reason for this service being rated so low.

It almost never delivered the whole service and always lacked the followers it promised. People knew that, but they still kept using it because it was free.

Besides that, the followers you received from using 4gram were quite low-quality. This was expected, but there are so many services that are free but provide their users with much higher quality followers than 4gram used to.

How To Do It Better?

Is there something that they could have done differently in order to stay in business and improve their service? Definitely.

First of all, the thing that made them get shut down must have been prevented. Regardless of what they’ve done to get banned by Facebook should have never been done.

The second thing that could have drastically improved their service is a system that does not require their users to give up their log-in information.

This is extremely unsafe and risky since they don’t have a safe way of storing that information which makes it easy to steal and misuse.

It would also be a good thing if they took a look at some options that would have helped them improve the quality of the service they used to provide.

For starters, they could have made the “ghost accounts” more believable in the sense that they could have made profile pictures for them and got them to a certain number of followers instead of leaving them without any pictures or followers.

This is the crucial point of my resentment towards the service 4gram used to provide. Besides the danger of compromising their user’s privacy, this is also quite pressing.

What Might Have Happened?

It’s all about speculations here since nobody really knows what really happened to 4gram and their website.

I know it means that we need to guess and not know the truth, but I can tell you some possible scenarios that might have led to this outcome.

First, they could have messed with the Instagram algorithm and got banned because of that. Anybody who tries to even touch that code could end up losing their business.

Another plausible scenario is that Instagram simply noticed that too many accounts are gaining followers from using 4gram and in order to shut down that wave of unnatural growth they ordered it to be shut down.

All of these scenarios have a certain possibility to them, but there’s no way of knowing why 4gram got shut down, to begin with.

The only way that the public could find out what actually happened is if someone who used to work in 4gram, or someone who works for Instagram came out and straight out told us some details surrounding this story.

The possibilities for this happening are slim to none, but never zero, so I recommend you keep your eyes open in case an explanation does reach the public eye, in which case it would be quite interesting to see the facts that stand behind 4gram getting banned.

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